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Pablo diego


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Pablo diego

  1. 1. LEONARDO DA VINCIDiego Redolar&Pablo Abad
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: Who was Leonardoda Vinci?• Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was an italian renaissancepainter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician,engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer,botanist, and writer.
  3. 3. • Mona Lisa
  4. 4. What time period did Leonardo davinci live in?• Leonardo da vinci was born in Vinci, Republic of Florence one15th of April in 1452. This day was the present day in Italy.• They lived 67 years because they died one 2nd of may of 1519in Amboise, Kingdom of France.• He lived in the Renassaince.
  5. 5. Human body by Leonardo
  6. 6. What were Leonardo da Vincicontributons and their impact?• He developed pictural composition to achieve a more naturallook as well as stability. He was an inquisitive and inventivescholar and scientist: he studied human and animal anatomy,the flight of birds, waves, motions in the air. He inventedmore terrible weapons… Leonardo da Vincis contributions toart show not only in his early works and masterpieces, butalso in his many writings.
  7. 7. Anatomy research: What was theknowledge about human anatomy until thetime of Leonardo?And during da Vinci time?• This tradition leads him to compare the microcosm of thebody and the macrocosm of the world. These analogiesextend to comparisons between arteries in the body andunderground rivers in the earth; the flow of blood to thehead, with circulation of water to the summits of mountains;or blood when a vein bursts in the nose and water rushing outof a burst vein of the earth.
  8. 8. What methods used da Vinci to make his anatomystudies?First he dissected the human corpses of criminals understrict discretion, then he became a successful artist andhe was given permission to dissect human corpses atthe Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova
  9. 9. What conclusion did Leonardo get from hisanatomical studies?He did many drawings of human anatomy, bones, musclesand tendons, heart and vascular system, thereproductivesystem and other internal organs, and graphics on theactionof the eye. He also made the first drawing of a fetus.
  10. 10. Why the Leonardo drawings have not beenexposed until recently?Because he gave his drawings to Francesco Melzi and Leonardosaid to himthat the drawings should not be found. WhenLeonardo died,Francesco hid them and in the 19th century thedrawings werefound.
  11. 11. 3.ANATOMICAL DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO: Acomparison with nowadays knowledge.