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Jorge pablo


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Este trabajo ha sido realizado por un alumno del IES FRancés de Aranda de Teruel dentro del proyecto LEONARDO DA... JUEGO, desarrollado junto con el IES Salvador VIctoria de Monral del Campo en el curso 2012/2013

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Jorge pablo

  1. 1. Jorge CalvéPablo Lorente
  2. 2.  Leonardo was a virtuoso from the ItalianRenassaince. Da Vinci studied almost everyfield of the knowledge.
  3. 3.  He lived from 1452 to 1519. Hewas born in Tuscany
  4. 4.  He became a master of topographicanatomy, drawing many muscles, tendons andother visible anatomical features.
  5. 5.  BeforeLeonardo, anatomy’sknowledge was veryscarce. By Leonardo’s timethere were fewadvances, and theywere based on animaldissectionsThis is a picture of Leonardo’sanatomy
  6. 6.  Leonardo made over 200 pages of drawings andmany pages of notes compiled in a treatise onanatomy. Then these papers were left to hisheir, Francesco Melzi, and he published them.How did Leonardo expandknowledge of anatomy?
  7. 7.  Leonardo drew a lot of paintings thanks to thedissections of bodies. Leonardo also studied the mechanical functions ofthe skeleton and the muscular forces that areapplied to it, so he knew how the body worked.
  8. 8. Anatomical comparison
  9. 9. Anatomical comparison