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Carmen belen sonia


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Este trabajo ha sido realizado por un alumno del IES FRancés de Aranda de Teruel dentro del proyecto LEONARDO DA... JUEGO, desarrollado junto con el IES Salvador VIctoria de Monral del Campo en el curso 2012/2013

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Carmen belen sonia

  1. 1. Made by:Carmen Hinojosa, Belén Montón andSonia Pons
  2. 2. 1.Leonardo da Vinci2.Period3.Contributions4.Knowledge about the body5. How did Leonardo expand knowledge and understanding ofhuman anatomy?6.Methods used7.Conclusions8. Why nothing was known about the drawings ofLeonardo until recently?9. Anatomical drawings of Leonardo: a comparisonwith nowadays knowledge
  3. 3. Leonardo da Vinci• Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian Renaissanceman, he was a painter, sculptor, architect,musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor,anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanistand writer. He was one of the greatestrenaissance men.• His complete name is: Leonardo di ser Pieroda Vinci
  4. 4. Period• Leonardo live in the Renaissance• Born: 15 April (1452, Florence)• Died: 2 May (1519, France)
  5. 5. Contributions• He made discoveries about the anatomicalmodels and he also made some projects ofmusical instruments. He painted somedrawings like the Gioconda and he wrotesome books too.• His researches were very important forscience.
  6. 6. Knowledge about the body• People of the Middle Ages didn’t knowanything about the inside of the human body,and when Leonardo appeared, they started tolearn about the main organs and arteries ofthe body.
  7. 7. How did Leonardo expandknowledge and understanding ofhuman anatomy?• He expand his knowledge because he had a lotof apprentices and because he wrote all hisdiscoveries in books.
  8. 8. Methods used• He dissected corpses and he started toexperiment about the main capillaries,arteries and organs.
  9. 9. Conclusions• Our main organs are joined by arteries. Hethought that there were only arteries and theveins didn’t exist.
  10. 10. • Because one of his apprentices sold them toan Italian painter, and the painter saved themall together.Why didn´t we know anythingabout the drawings of Leonardountil recently?
  11. 11. Anatomical drawings of Leonardo: acomparison with nowadays knowledge