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Lms And Lcms


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Lms And Lcms

  1. 1. Fachbereich für Erziehungswissenschaften LMS Wintersemester 2008 / 2009 and Seminar: elearnig or learning? LCMS group: The ships group: LMS and LCMS 1. LMS 1.1 Example LMS 2. LCMS 2.1 Example LCMS 3. sources
  2. 2. LMS and LCMS 1. LMS Learning Management System
  3. 3. Software for: delivering LMS and tracking and LCMS managing training is… So LMS is… … the technical root of the complex webbased eLearning infrastructure …webserver installed software, that supports initialization and use of learning contents admini- including tools for coorperated and admini- strative tasks
  4. 4. LMS in simple words: and LCMS software that supports a learning person to administrate the learning process useful for students and pupils but also helpful for adult education or business communication logging in to a learning platform with name and password, which than provides different services
  5. 5. LMS and LCMS Motto: quot;Anytime, any place, any pace access to administrationquot; learning content and administration Based on: …a variety of development platforms open- …free and open-source models
  6. 6. Functions I: LMS and LCMS communication- using internet as communication-platform: learners and teachers can keep contact on chatrooms, known sources as chatrooms, forums or whiteboards independent of time and space administrating general learning process as a whole or in parts: calender, calender, administrating groupwork, groupwork, university calender announcements, presentations,documents,...
  7. 7. Functions II: LMS and LCMS especially administrating courses through easy way of assigning documents, problems or contents to those systematic flow of information mentioned most important task: connect all upper tasks to one available tool for learners facilitates plenty of things in a learning process, organized information flow, simplyfies computer-based computer- learning and covers administrative tasks
  8. 8. where is LMS used: LMS and LCMS schools and universities next to other educational establishments companies: …handles information flood through internet/email more easily and organized …participants work on only one platform -> problem solving much easier
  9. 9. Example: LMS LMS and LCMS Moodle over 24 million users Popular in schools and universities all over the world a constructivist and a social constructivist approach to education
  10. 10. LMS and LCMS 2. LCMS Learning Content Management System - a further development of the LMS specialised in content- the management of elearning content-
  11. 11. LMS and The LCMS enables: LCMS creating, storing, reusing and managing elearning content managing the process of creating, editing, storing and delivering elearning content The LCMS provides: virtual space for student interaction tools to deliver content
  12. 12. LMS Components of an LCMS and LCMS content authoring system administration tools to manage the authorization of content, users and user groups centralized repository dynamic delivery interface to make content visible for users
  13. 13. LMS and When using an LCMS? LCMS for creating and managing a large amount of elearning content for reusing elearning content several times for using elearning content from different locations and by different persons for sharing elearning content with various users
  14. 14. LMS - LCMS LMS and LCMS
  15. 15. LMS and LCMS Example: LCMS Atutor online course management, continuing professional development for teachers, career development, and academic research modules add extra functionality to ATutor Try the demo
  16. 16. LMS Example: Blog and LCMS Also a blog can be used as a learning management unit http://newmediaocw newmediaocw.
  17. 17. LMS and LCMS Sources: Sources: www.wikipedia. www.e-teaching. .e www.opensourcecms.