Understanding Engagement: Why Engaging on Social is Important


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Brief slide deck for presentation at Chester County Internet & Social Media Meetup on Sept 13, 2012.

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Understanding Engagement: Why Engaging on Social is Important

  1. 1. Understanding EngagementWhy Social is About Engaging Your CustomersSept 13, 2012
  2. 2. What Engagement Is & Is Not• Numbers DO NOT Drive Engagement!• Numbers in social media DO NOT equal engagement!• Relationships return engagement to you. To your brand. Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  3. 3. Be SMARTMore detail at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART_criteria Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  4. 4. Measuring Social• Status Measurements – These are non-contextual Engagement & measurement such as Activism • Number of followers, friends, retweets, Likes, views, photos shared, comments, etc.• Engagement & Activism Measurements – Contextual measurements that speak to how engaged your community is, how will it is to take Status Measurement action, and your influence on the community. – These lead to intended action! Image courtesy of Jeff the Trojan, CC license Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  5. 5. Engagement you CAN measure• Participation – Likes, comments, shares, Engagement @mentions, use of widgets and activism• Degree of Authority – authoritative sites measurements linking to your URLs, talking to your are used to gauge content, org, campaign the strength of the community,• Influence – size of your user base and its potential subscribed to your content, #RT per post, for ROE. traffic to website from social sites• Sentiment – how do people “feel” about you/your brand, % change Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  6. 6. It is possible to measure the level of engagementEngagement Measurement Total number who engage in some way with your organization’s social media spaces or within it/total number of people in the same social space 9,750 on Facebook & Twitter combined 1,200 people engage with either site per month 1,200/9,750 = 12% engagementActivism Measurement Total number who took action from your social spaces that you ASKED them to take / Total number of people within those spaces. 240 people on FB/Twitter completed a survey on your site 9,750 who follow you on those spaces 240/9,750 = 2.5% are willing to take action for your organization Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  7. 7. What Engages People• People are most likely to engage with branded content on social media that contains pictures (44%), status updates (40%) and videos (37%) – Performics, July 2012• FRIENDS! One third of respondents are most likely to respond to brand offers when they have been reposted by a friend, while 27% will do so on the brand’s page, 26% will do so from the newsfeed and 20% will do so from a social ad.• Other factors that contribute to higher engagement: – Launch Creative Incentives, fun promotions, sweeps, games, etc. – Post highly sharable content – images work well! – Build a tight community – one where fans interact with each other, brands need to respond! – Be a little crazy or quirky (i.e. HUMAN) Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  8. 8. Facebook Engagement• Be transparent! Be clear who you are, be human. People can sniff our honesty – or dishonesty.• Post Photos – pictures say a thousand words, fun to share• Use Post targeting (new in FB) – Ex. Gender, age, education, geo• Understand EdgeRank to succeed! – Affinity – Weight – Time Decay Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  9. 9. Facebook Megaphone Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  10. 10. Twitter EngagementTweets with 1 or 2 #hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than those with 3+.Tweets containing less than 100 characters receive 17% higher engagement.– Buddy Media, June 2012Ask questions! But to get the FULL benefit you should answer theirquestions, share knowledge, participate. DO NOT just broadcast!Promote others – RT something nice said about you/brand, share their blog,etc.Tweet content again – Twitter moves fast. Ok tooccassional tweet out same/similar message.Connect with people. Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  11. 11. Remembering ROE of Social Media Actions Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  12. 12. SHOCKING SOCIAL STATS…• In any given week, less than 0.5% of Facebook fans engage with the brand they are fans of. – Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, 5/31/2012• The average Facebook post only reaches about 17% of its fans. Edgerank Checker: study of 4,000 pages• When a brand posts on Facebook twice a day, those posts only receive 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post that a single post receives – Track Social, 6/18/2012 Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  13. 13. Great FREE Tools for Marketers• FactBrowser.com – stats, figures, etc• IFTTT.com - automation of social networks• HootSuite.com• EdgeKick.com – see some cool stats on FB engagement• What are YOUR favs? (share on LinkedIn group at http://linkd.in/ChescoLI) Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  14. 14. Connect with ChescoIM• Facebook: Facebook.com/ChescoIM• LinkedIn Group: http://linkd.in/ChescoLI• Twitter: @ChescoMarketing• Meetup: http://bit.ly/ChescoIM Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM
  15. 15. Thank YouJeff TincherSocial Media ConsultantTwitter: @JeffTincherLinkedIn: http://bit.ly/TinchLI Twitter Hashtag #ChescoIM