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Talent attraction – passive sourcing


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Talent Attraction and Talent Management is part of HR strategies and the key recruitment tool for companies. Most candidates are Passive. The question is how to Connect with them and how companies can Care about them. It is like Coaching! You must start to ask questions like: What is your dream? What is your Passion and What can we do for you. It all starts with YOU:-)
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Talent attraction – passive sourcing

  1. 1. Talent Management – Passive Candidate Attraction Tina Persson, My HeadHunter&CareerCoach My HeadHunter&CareerCoach @TinaPersson1Tina Persson1 Tina Persson
  2. 2. Talent Attraction – The Fight!  Differentiation - Candidates today can consider to work for a wider spectrum of companies  Building a Relationship – Temporary workforce (consultant, freelancer)  Branding – Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)  Workforce Planning – HR must be strongly integrated with Sales&Marketing Tina Persson, MyHeadHunter&CareerCoach
  3. 3. Social Recruiting – Human & Social Management….  LinkedIn – 10.000.000  Facebook – 18.000.000  Twitter – 8.000.000 Facts about where US candidates found their recent job!  Connect  Communicate  Care Social Media Platforms Tina Persson MY HeadHunter&CareerCoach Talent ManagerSocial Job Hunting
  4. 4. Talent Attraction – Trends last 2-4 years  Social Networks – Strongly increased > 70%  Company Web Page and Job Boards – Small decrease  Social Networks – increased >70%  Word of Mouth - decreased  Time to Recruite  Manager Satisfaction  Recruiting Quality Tina Persson My HeadHiunter&CareerCoach Sourcing Measure Quality? Talent Brand
  5. 5. Talent Attraction – Top 1 Priority for Companies  Professionals within IT, Engineering and Life Science (>50% of companies)  Build a RARE candidate pools Tina Persson MyHeadHunter&CarerCoach Sourcing Connect, Communicate and Care
  6. 6. Talent Attraction – Global Fight is about Competition  Brand  Retention  Social Media Strategy  Proactive Work Tina Persson My HeadHunter&CarerCoach YOU need a Plan
  7. 7. Talent Attraction – Passive Candidates  Less than 50% of Nordic Companies have a strategy for Passive Candidates (Globally ~65%) Tina Persson My HeadHunter&CareerCoach Proactive TB Top TS US UK GE Sca CA
  8. 8. Talent Attraction – Social Recruiting  Social Networks has grown >70% the last 4 years (This is just the beginning) Tina Persson MyHeadHunter&CareerCoach Companies taking care of their TB and Social Media Strategy – less dependent on Staffing Companies
  9. 9. Talent Attraction - Future  Social Media Networking is here to STAY  Companies must understand candidate passion and behaviour for future Job Match  Take care of Temporary Workforce – They Talk!  Stay up-to-date with New tools! Tina Persson My HeadHunter&CareeCoach
  10. 10. Thanks for your Attention! Tina Persson My HeadHunter&CarerCoach