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Brief Profile of LAHS


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This is a brief Profile about the School I own.

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Brief Profile of LAHS

  1. 1. Little Angels High School Gwalior, M.P. India GWALIOR
  2. 2. MRS . TINA OLYAI *Director Little Angels High School Gwalior ( First ISO Certified School of MP) *Reg. Dire. WCTQEE (World Council for Total Quality & Excellence in Edu. ) *Facilitator Students Quality Control Circles Of India ( SQCC ) MEMBER * International Forum for Child Welfare ( IFCW ) * Quality Circle Forum of India ( QCFI ) * International Womens Forum ( IWF ) * Independent School Forum of India ( ISFI ) * Asian Indian Women Forum ( AIWF ) * Council for Global Education ( CGE )USA * Executive Partner with Global Network of Religions for Children ( GNRC ) * American Society for Quality ( ASQ ) * Women Entrepreneurs of India ( WEI ) * National Principals Association ( NPA ) AWARDS & HONOUR* Awarded `Most Popular Personality Amongst Educational Heads* Awarded `Lady of the Month` by Dainik Bhaskar .* Selected Amongst the Top 15 Achievers of the State by Times Of India.* Featured in the Coffee Table Book ` TRAILBLAZERS of Madhya Pradesh` by Times of India.* Honoured as Outstanding Educationist of Gwalior By Dainik Bhaskar on International Womans Day.* Received Several Awards for Papers Presented at different Educational Forums (1)
  3. 3. * Received Best School in Gwalior Award Twice in a Row.* Received International Status Award in the field of Education .* Featured as Top 15 Powered Persons of Madhya Pradesh by Zee TV.* Awarded By The Chief Minister Of Madhya Pradesh for Being Amongst the Top 20 Leading Business Visionaries of 2010.* Featured in the Coffee Table Book by ZEE TV 24 Ghante as Top 15 Powered Persons of Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh.LAUNCHED*Launched the FIRST BLIND STUDENTS QUALITY CIRCLE IN ASIA Sept . 07* Instrumental in Launching India Ethics Campaign at LAHS ( First time in M.P.)* Launched Junior Youth Empowerment Program at LAHS ( First time in M.P. )* Launched the GNRC program at LAHS ( First Time in M.P. )COLLABORATION* Collaborating with External Affairs Dept. of NSA of India in many joint ventures to eradicate Violence Amongst Women & Children.* Collaborating with IFCW on issues related with under privileged children.* Collaborating with GNRC India in India Ethics Campaign.PUBLICATIONS* Paper on Value Education for Indian Schools & Role of Education printed in the NCERT National Curriculum for Indian Schools.* Paper on Illumined Seers & Leaders printed in the Indian Council of Philosiphical Research Book.* Paper on Excellence in Education printed in MSQCC Journal .* Paper on Millenium Dev. in Value Education published in IFW Journal.* Paper on Prevention of School Bullying by Early Intervention & Prevention published in Research Manual of IFWPERSONAL STRENGTHS* Willingness and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously,* Set priorities, and can work both independently and in a team .* Exceptional interpersonal skills, counseling and analytical capabilities.* Uncompromised integrity; A strategic and Innovative Thinker;* Encouraging and happy at the success of the team.* Ability to achieve maximum efficiency amongst staff and students .* Determined to empower students to excel in every field .* Strong Believer in the Kaizen Theory of Continuos Improvement.
  4. 4. RECOMMENDATIONS · “It is my immense pleasure to recommend Tina. I have known Tina for many years through my role with the World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE) where Tina is a Regional Director. She is a dedicated and devoted educationists and co-founder of Little Angel High School at Gwalior with her husband. Under her leadership the school has earned international reputation by receiving several prestigious awards. Tina is very enthusiastic and committed to quality and excellence in education for the future generation. Tina has a wealth of knowledge about international cultures, very humane, gentle and fun to talk with. March 18 , 2010 Syed Ali, Professor Johns Hopkins University Advisor, World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education · Ms. Tina Olyai founded one of the best schools Little Angels High School in Gwalior M.P. of which she is the founder director. The history of Quality Movement in academics shall register Ms. Tina among the pioneers in Students Quality Circles. She rose to position of Regional Director World Council For Total Quality & Excellence in Education (WCTQEE).This charming quality lady created the history of compassion flavoured with empathy and laced withtangible creative support to blind students when she constituted Asias first Quality Circle of blindstudents QC" Divya Jyoti". Ms Tina to me is pride of human race and a gift of God to humanity. I aminspired by her philosophy that enunciates," A child is a blank cheque payable to Humanity"April 20, 2010Pc Bihari, Executive Director, World Council for Total Quality & Excellence in Education · “Tina is an inspirational teacher, school principal and an organiser, who is playing a key role in developing the World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education.”April 3, 2010Richard Ennals, Professor, Kingston University · “Tina is a quality-focused expert and leader on the way of training peace-oriented leaders of future. Her commitment to quality and especially her kind style on the way of supporting her teams of ICT Seagulls Project created a great appreciation in me. I am proud of collaborating with her and also being a DOST.”March 25, 2010Hayal Koksal (Ph.D.), Founding President, The Association for Continuous Improvement (SürekliGelisim Dernegi / Sü Ge Der) · “She is compassionate about her staff, passionate about her work and professional and honest about her dealings. She is as caring about her school as her family.”February 25, 2010Dr Jawahar Surisetti, Director, Ashoka Education Foundation · “Delightful individual who inspires her colleagues and students alike. Full of vigour and ideas, she is greatly respected in the society for her commitment to work. I have not come across many school leaders like her: relaxed yet in control of herself and the school; growing but modest and honest to the core.”July 21, 2010Amar Nath Dar, Ex- Principal The Scindia School Gwalior
  5. 5. · “Mrs. Tina Olyai is a gem of a person .She is vibrant, knowledgeable and a perfectionist. A good team leader who leads from the front. She posses the best entrepreneurial spirit . A multifaceted person who also excels for social causes. A widely read woman and also has traveled across the globe with rich experience in different areas.”March 17, 2010Sandeep Behera, Unit head, Dainik Bhaskar · “Tina is a dynamic Educational Professional with a Vision. Her amiable disposition, pleasing personality and missionary zeal make her a very special person. She has astute wisdom and is a good human being. Her positive attitude, desire to lead from the front and her Faith in God and love for mankind are her remarkable traits. I wish her success in her mission and may The Little Angels High School, Gwalior keep growing.”March 6, 2010Prof Bhushan Lal Handoo, Educational Consultant & Dean Of Schools., Darshan EducationFoundation, Delhi, India. · “Tina is an excellent innovator who single-handedly brought up an educational enterprise to national prominence. Her inspired performance has a lot to do with her public relations and management skills that shows in her detailed supervision and delegation of work. Professionally, she has built an international network and is abreast of the latest developments in education.”March 1, 2010Vasudevan Nair, Principal/Consultant, Brilliant Stars Education Society · “I was fortunate to have presented a seminar at Tina Olyais school Little Angels High School Gwalior. Her earnest desire to support students and do meaningful work make her mentor in the truest sense of the word. Her endeavors of establishing higher standards of conduct in her students is laudable.”September 28, 2010Surabhi Dewra, Founder, MeraCareerGuide.Com
  6. 6. A Fortified City GwaliorLittle Angels High School is situated in Gwalior which is a historic andpicturesque city of India, known for its palatial building, swervingmountains, and a tall, winding fortress which was hailed by Babar, the firstMughal Emperor of India as “The Queen of Indian Fortresses”. LittleAngels High School is situated in the lap of a green plateau and is almost 5kilometres away from the downtown Gwalior, thus making it a peacefulabode for concentrated education of children. Gwalior itself has remainedas one of the reputed centres of spiritual education in ancient India and theplace of the Vedic sage named Galav. It is also a famous Gharana (House)of Indian music and the home of Tansen, the music maestro of medievalIndia. In modern times, Gwalior has evolved as a dynamic hub of reputededucational institutions of North India.The following websites contain further comprehensive details.,
  7. 7. An Abode of Holistic EducationLAHS takes education in itscompleteness. It does not onlyfocus on physical and materialeducation of different sciencesand arts but also incorporatessystemic and well-integratedmoral-spiritual education. Wemould children into morallyupright citizens of tomorrow whowill make their contribution tothe advancement of humansociety because this is the main purpose for which a child is sent in this worldby our loving Creator. Evolution is the nature of this transient world and anattribute of the human soul. Everything is expanding and so are we. LittleAngels High School believes in the messianic words of Bahaullah theProphet Founder of the Bahai Faith from whom it derives inspiration that "Allhuman beings have been created to carry forward an ever-advancingcivilization."The creation of a peaceful global society that fosters both individual andcollective well-being is at the heart of the Baháí vision of the future and this iswhat guides our vision and process of growth. In order to translate this visioninto a coherent and viable strategy for the future, the foundations of LittleAngels School were laid as back as in 1990 with Playgroup and primaryclasses, and with a handful of students and teachers. Today it has developedinto a High School and one of the most sought after educational institution ofGwalior. Today, the school has strength of nearly 2400 students (includingjunior section) and a teaching fraternity of 130 ( including junior section) well-trained & qualified teachers.
  8. 8. Our Vision"We are dedicated to mould children into world citizens of tomorrowequipped with state-of-the-art knowledge, moral attributes, spiritualinsight, dedication and love for the human kind through application oflatest educational tools and personality development programmers infrequent collaboration with like-minded institutions. With internationalteaching standards, a team motivated to perform, and continuous strivingtowards excellence, we wish to provide an environment that leads towholesome unfolding of a students potentials.
  9. 9. Our MissionLittle Angels High School aspires of being an institution where all the staffare trained to perform efficiently, where the organizational structure isclear and made up of many departments working together harmoniously,where authorities, responsibilities and accountabilities are well defined,where responsibilities are based on capabilities, where performance isevaluated regularly and all are encouraged to improve, where staff useconsultation to solve problems at the appropriate level, where policies areclearly documented and reviewed regularly, where information circulatesefficiently, and where good character, unity, punctuality, justice, honesty,truthfulness, dedication, collaboration and spirit of service are core valuesupheld by all.
  10. 10. AffiliationsLittle Angels High School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (10+2), NewDelhi, and is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified school of Madhya Pradesh. LAHS is also a member of IFCW,QCFI, ISFI & WFO. In addition, the Little Angels High School is collaborating with a number of otherorganizations, such as: Council for Global Education, World for World Organization (WFWO), WorldWildlife Fund (WWF), Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), World Council for TotalQuality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE) and EDEXCEL.
  11. 11. Academic Excellence Academic excellence is something we earnestly focus on and consistently encourage. The School has an Achievers Club for students. Those securing excellent results become a member of Achievers Club, are awarded prizes and their excellence is celebrated. The purpose is to motivate children to excel and taste the delight of confidence when they do academically well. Till now scoresof batches of our students have passed X & XII CBSE Board Exams with100% success and a number of students have obtained cent per cent marks inindividual subjects and topped the city on regular basis.
  12. 12. Class XII CBSE Board Achievers 2010-11 (Overall Position Holders)Subject % NameScience 93 Sonica SinghCommerce 92.8 Nikita BakhshiCommerce 92.6 Vijaya ChappariaCommerce 91.2 Shivalika TrikhaCommerce 91.2 Surbhi Gupta Subject Wise Toppers (XII)Subject % Name Maths 99 Anshay Agarwal Biology 98 Sonica Singh Accountancy 97 Nikita Bakshi Business Studies 97 Varun Agarwal Computer Science 96 Aditya Agarwal Physics 95 Sonica Singh Physics 95 Naman Khandelwal Economics 95 Neha Bhatia Economics 95 Nikita Bakshi Economics 95 Vijaya Chhaparia Economics 95 Vinisha Agarwal Economics 95 Shivalika Trikha Economics 94 Swapnila Shukla Economics 93 Sonica Singh Economics 91 Neha Rohira
  13. 13. Overall toppers X Std. CBSE with full 10 CGPA Aayush R. Sinha Ajinkya Patankar Ankit Chaurasia Anoushka Sahai Dishant Ahuja Kanchan Khetan Krati Jain Mansi Jain Pranjli Choudhary Rishabh Birla Rohan Sapra Satyarth Gupta Shubham Choudhary Sparsh Jain Tanu Sharma EduComp Smart ClassesA digital initiative pioneered by Educomp . Smart class is surely transforming the way theteachers teach and the students learn in school these day. Its a new age technologymovement that is fast becoming an imperative for schools. We are certain that very soon itwill be introduced in every class and every progressive school in India. Over the last fewdecades, everything has changed in our lives with the all pervasive intervention oftechnology.After introducing Educomp smart classes at the school it has improved teachereffectiveness and productivity in class. It has brought about abstract and difficultcurriculum concepts to life inside classrooms, made learning an enjoyable experience forstudents, improved academic performance of students. It has also enabled teachers toinstantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.
  14. 14. Overall Development of StudentsLAHS has been a member of the old guard of some most active and vibrantscholastic Facilities of India and abroad designed to expose the children towider horizons of knowledge and talent explosion. LAHS students haveparticipated in a number of national and international events such asMODEL WORLD PARLIAMENT, MACFAIR INTERNATIONAL,INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CIRCLE, NATIONAL SCIENCEOLYMPIAD, MATHS OLYMPIAD, ALL ASIA BOURNVITA QUIZCONTEST, NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH CONTEST, GEOFESTINTERNATIONAL, NATIONAL DEBATES, CYBER OLYMPIAD,SCIENCE OLYMPIADS, MATHS OLYMPIADS, ROBOTICS,TECHNATHALON, CELESTA, REFLECTIONS, CBSE SPORTSCLUSTER MEETS, etc. In all these events, they emerged as winners andtriumphant champions. At the ICSQCC, the Quality Circle of the Studentsof LAHS was awarded the BEST QUALITY CIRCLE OF STUDENTS. Thestudents bagged the BEST COUNTRY PROFILE AWARD for representingLIBYA in the Indian Model United Nations (INMUN) 2011.
  15. 15. Quality Circle AccomplishmentsLAHS is the only school in the State of Madhya Pradesh to have its own StudentsQuality Circles running smoothly in the school. QC REARVIEW S.No Problem Date of Place Competition Awards Selected Presentation 1. Problem of carrying 15th -18th Dec. Lucknow 2nd ICSQCC JURAN heavy school bags ’99 2. Reluctance of Mauritius 3rd ICSQCC ISHIKAWA parents to send 30th – 1st Aug. students on ’00 educational excursions 3. Chaotic condition 16th - 19th Dec. Lucknow 6th ICSQCC DEMING when school gets ’03 over QC REARVIEW S.No Problem Date of Place Competition Awards Selected Presentation 11. Lack of traffic nd th 2 – 5 Dec .‘09 Lucknow 12th ICSQCC ISHIKAWA awareness amongst students. 12. Less emphasis on extra curricular activities for personality development.
  16. 16. QC REARVIEWS.No Problem Date of Place Competition Awards Selected Presentation 8. Stress amongst 26th – 29th Aug. Turkey 11th ICSQCC ISHIKAWA students in ’08 academics 9. Lack of 15th -20th Mauritius 4th NCQCE ISHIKAWA Environmental Sept.’08 Consciousness Amongst Students10. Problems June 2009 Istanbul ICT Seagulls CHAMPION Faced by Visually 2009 CASE STUDY Challenged Students in Studies QC REARVIEW S.No Problem Date of Place Competition Awards Selected Presentation 4. Inefficient 17th – 19th Dec Dhaka 7th ICSQCC DEMING Transport System ’04 5. Indiscipline 2nd -6th Dec. Lucknow 8th ICSQCC JURAN amongst the ’05 students 6. Indiscipline 24th – 27th Aug 3rd NCQCE DEMING amongst the ‘07 Mauritius students 7. Lack of 27th Nov – 2nd Lucknow 10th ICSQCC JURAN environmental Dec ‘07 consciousness amongst students
  17. 17. LAMUN ( Little Angels Model United Nations )In a world of strife and starvation,anger and intolerance are theenemies of understanding.Prejudice is a burden thatconfuses the past, threatens thefuture and renders the presentinaccessible. What the UnitedNations does is to unburdenglobal nations of this enmity,prejudices and hatred so that manis not condemned to make warand we may live in peace. The objective of the Little Angels Model United Nations (LAMUN) is to seek through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the innumerable global issues that plague all countries. Candidates (students) representing different member nations participate in open discussions; in the process developing insight into various international agendas and reasons for conflicts, their cause and effect and devise a viable vision to resolve them inan amicable manner, with tolerance and cooperation - the very quintessence of thePreamble to the Charter of the United Nations.
  18. 18. FacultyTeachers are the very foundation on which the entire edifice of a great schoolrests. They are like divine gardeners who trim the unwanted shoots andfoster the growth of the tender plants named children. Regular motivationand training of teachers is an ongoing phenomenon at LAHS.These include sending the teachers to attend important seminars andsymposiums all over India and abroad and arranging for them special in-house training in language skills, computer, problem solving, spiritualempowerment by experts in the specific fields from time to time.An internal motivational bulletin The Mentor is published every month tokeep teachers focused on their role and bring out their hidden potentials.LAHS teachers are widely travelled professionals who have visited NASASpace Station and have seen the spectrum of life in Turkey, Malaysia,Mauritius, Nepal, USA, UK and visited many other countries.
  19. 19. Junior Youth Empowerment ProgramFor Little Angels High School, moral training of children is a serious concern. To thiseffect, a special junior youth program is destined to go a long way. Junior youth differ fromsmall children in many ways with their special mental and intellectual needs. The main aimof the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEP) is to empower the young studentsto understand the purpose of life and to become conscious participants in the process oftheir own growth and development and offer a worthwhile contribution to theadvancement of human civilization - a noble goal for which each individual has been sentupon this earth.To attain this goal, LAHS Junior Youth Empowerment Program focuses on certainobjectives, such as enhancing the language skills and the power of expression of childrenof middle school level, to prepare young students to approach the investigation of physical,social and spiritual reality in a scientific manner. It is an interactive program for junioryouth which uses open methods to engage our adolescents in a conscious effort to explorethe truth and analyze the constructive and destructive forces operating in society and torecognize the influence these forces exert on their thoughts and actions, sharpening theirspiritual perception, enhancing their powers of expression and reinforcing moralstructures that will serve them throughout their lives. There is a full-fledged dedicatedfaculty assisting children in this process of empowerment.
  20. 20. Career Counselling Providing education to a child does not simply mean minting him or her into a graduate and then leaving them alone on the pathway of life. Students need the right guidance for choosing a befitting career matching with their aptitude and caliber. Little Angels High School has a dedicated full time counselor along with a state-of- the-art Psychology Lab unique and one of its kind in the entire State. What is important is that this state-of-the-art Psychology Lab does not only help thestudents analyze their mental inclinations and areas of interest but also identify theirpsycho-moral strong or weak points by conducting numerous psycho metric tests for thestudents on a regular basis.In addition, the school regularly invitesveteran professionals and alumni from all thewalks of life to conduct interactive sessionwith the students in which they can have in-depth understanding about a certain career.
  21. 21. Sports Sports are an integral part of holistic education. We cannot imagine the lives of our children without games and sports. Children do not only enjoy sports but they even learn the most valuable lessons of life, such as courage, patience, tolerance, team spirit and discipline. At LAHS, games and sports occupy an important place in students lives. We are proud that we have one of the best and most well-furnished Sports Wing in Gwalior with copious play grounds for outdoor games and ample spaces for indoor games of all sorts. LAHS sports facilities incorporate all major sports and physical Facilities such asFOOTBALL, HOCKEY, CRICKET, BASKETBALL,KHO-KHO, TENNIS, TABLE TENNIS, JUDO, TAEKWONDO,YOGA, THROW BALL, ATHLETICS, CHESS,CARROM, SWIMMIMG, etc.Our students participate in the CBSE WEST ZONE &CBSE NATIONALS every year and have brought backlots of laurels to the school. LAHS students have stoodas winners in hosts of NATIONAL and STATE levelsports and bagged several Gold, Silver and Bronzemedals and many Overall Championships over theyears.There are regular sports classes for the entire school. Ina sense, sports comprise a part of compulsoryeducation at LAHS. LAHS has a full-fledged Sports Department with the most talented coaches and faculties specialized in their respective games. A specific feature is our Morning coaching program conducted throughout the year by the specialized coaches and LAHS sports teachers. This specialized training facility is free of cost for our selected students who are picked up from home by school buses early in the morning and brought to school for exclusive training.There are 12 dedicated Sports teachers at our school -- allvery well qualified and specialized in respective Games.
  22. 22. Social Services Projects “Every human is born to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization”, said Bahaullah, the Founder of Bahai Faith. The same ideology has since long been maintained in our Vedic culture which emphasizes that “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” (Let each soul be happy). Serving people and making them happy is not just a blank ideology for us. We translate it through our acts of kindness. The aspects of Social Service Projects are well integrated with our Junior Youth Empowerment Program (JYEP) because we believe that good knowledge is useless without good action.The spiritual empowerment our children gain at theschool campus is further implemented into activeinvolvement with these children with special needswho require a helping hand and, above all, true lovefrom all of us. Our students collaborate with anumber of humanitarian organizations. To name afew of them, they have a good rapport with ATMAJYOTI, a hostel for visually challenged girls. LAHSchildren help them in many ways including writingtheir examination papers as these visuallychallenged girls cannot do so on their own.. Ourstudents also extend a helping hand to AMARJYOTI children who are physically challenged andROSHNI, the rehabilitation centre for people withcerebral palsy. LAHS students frequently visit these institutions to mix up with these boys and girls with special needs, distribute sweets and fruit, spend their quality time with them, play with them and do many things to make them feel that they are useful members of our human society who can contribute to its upliftment. These associations have created a sense of value in the hearts of these children. Many of these physically challenged children set up their stalls every year at LAHS and sell out handicrafts made by hand. This effort has improved their self-esteem and also contributed to their economic advancement.
  23. 23. Saving the Ecology This small but beautiful world the Earth is the only home where humankind lives...the only peaceful lap of our common Mother. Yet, this mother is now trapped in the claws of the cruel giants who are depleting its resources and scorching its face with global warming. LAHS children contribute their humble mite in saving the earth for the future generation. LAHS has a vibrant Eco Club of students actively exerting value-oriented efforts for a safer atmosphere by tree-planting campaign and creating awareness towards the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).LAHS declared itself a completely POLYBAG FREE ZONE more than 10 years ago when most schools did noteven think about the hazardous impacts of polythene.Little Angels High School pays its homage to Nature by spending a considerable budget on its beautiful gardensone of the Best Gardens in Gwalior having received Excellence Awards from Dainik Bhaskar for three yearsconsecutively.
  24. 24. Educational Excursions According to a well-known proverb: “Knowledge without travel is like a boat on dry land”. Our mind becomes static and confined by seeing the same people daily and following the same lifestyle with each sunrise. When we visit new places and meet new people, it casts an abiding impact on our minds. A physical journey promotes a mental journey into novel thoughts and nascent ideas.Educational excursions have, therefore, been an intrinsic element of LAHS education. Every year inDecember, when most of India is enjoying pleasant winter inviting people to bask in its golden sunlight, oursneakers go on board to places of endless charmslike the students in the famous book of HermannHesse Narcissus and Goldmund.LAHS students excursion trips have measured thenooks and corners of India. Ask them any placefrom the northern tip of India such as Jammu &Kashmir to the utmost south at Kanyakumari, andfrom Kolkata in east to Goa in west, and they willtell you all about their culture and cuisine,languages and traditions, religions and beliefs,everything.Our children have visited a number ofinternational venues as well, such as KennedySpace Centre and NASA in America, and arewidely travelled young citizens who have been exposed to the vibrant ambiences of Mauritius, Nepal, Turkey,U.K., and a number of other countries. In this way, they have been able to realize the Vedic vision of“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, reiterated by Bahaullah that: “This earth is but one country and mankind itscitizens”.
  25. 25. InfrastructureA school is not just a brick-n-wall structure made up of class rooms. Life is added to education byproviding children state-of-the-art facilities which include:ComputersThe Computer Wing also includes separate Multimedia Library with scores of educational CDs. AtLAHS, computer-literacy is almost an essential aspect of educational empowerment and all teachersand students have access to computers which are networked and internet-equipped. There is a goodcomputer-student ratio to enable this access to each and all. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.LibraryLAHS has a vast library with a wide range of books on literature, science, geography, history, fiction, generalknowledge, etc. LAHS Library has been the proud recipient of the BEST LIBRARY NATIONAL AWARD in the past.A separate section in the library for teachers is an added facility.
  26. 26. Laboratories The School has well-equipped Laboratories for all disciplines of Science .Music LAHS has a full-fledged Art, Dance, and Music section not only with the most capable andtrained maestros in these fields to train students but also some of the finest and most modern andstate of the art instruments including a whole range of orchestra and an open air theatre whichbuzzes with activities all the year round. Art
  27. 27. DanceConclusionLittle Angels believes that we all are in a continuous process of learning. Thepast leads to the present and the present to the future. Thus, we believe inlearning from the past lessons, optimizing the present opportunities andkeeping a constant vision of an optimistic and evolutionary future. We are on acontinuous journey to excellence and this journey never ends. For details, visit: