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For real estate agents: How to effectively create a niche working with real estate investors and how to successfully cater to this unique type of consumer. Also includes information on using the free tools from T-ReX Global to market to the real estate investor community.

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Working With Real Estate Investors

  1. 1. Working with Real Estate Investors by: Tina Merritt of and Niman Singh of
  2. 2. Why Work with Real Estate Investors? Investors are purchasing more now than ever, and agents who are not marketing to them are missing out on some prosperous opportunities...
  3. 3. Why are Investors Buying? Current housing conditions have turned the market into an investors' playground, and WSJ reports that half of the buyers in some markets are investors who purchase SFHs, Townhomes and Condos. More investors are purchasing foreclosures now than ever before, and agents who are not marketing to investors are missing out on some prosperous opportunities.
  4. 4. Why are Investors Buying? As of March 1, Fannie started allowing investors to hold up to 10 mortgages and get Fannie Mae backed loans. The limit had been previously reduced to 4 mortgages. There will be an increase in activity from investors who had been halted by the 4 property limit, and it's certainly a good time to market to them.
  5. 5. How Many Investors are Out There? Investors account for at least 22% of the market, and 75% of their purchases are single family homes, condos and townhouses.
  6. 6. Add Value to the Service You Provide To retain clients, gain referrals, and increase recurring business - you need to do something special to set yourself apart from your competition. There are many different ways to ADD VALUE to the service you provide for your clients, and providing resources is one of them.
  7. 7. Owning rental property is tough, and real estate investors have a lot of pain points - like finding a handyman and other good resources. One easy way to ADD VALUE to your services is by helping solve these pain points. You can stand out from other real estate professionals by learning about your clients' wants, identifying their obstacles and pain points - and then pointing them in the direction of resources that can help. ADD VALUE to your services by educating yourself, becoming more knowledgeable for your clients, and by exhibiting a "how can I help" mentality that will keep clients coming back to you.
  8. 8. Be Known in the Areas You Want to Serve
  9. 9. Create a Tab for Investors on Your Website and/or Blog
  10. 10. Develop Relationships to Last a Lifetime
  11. 11. Educate Clients to Make Good Decisions
  12. 12. Follow Clients Wherever They Go
  13. 13. Get Referrals from the Right Places
  14. 14. Host Seminars for Clients and Prospects
  15. 15. Investors are Abundant
  16. 16. Know Your Area Better Than Anyone
  17. 17. Look for Opportunities
  18. 18. Newsletters w/ Valuable, Local Info.
  19. 19. Never Do Any of These Things...
  20. 20. Organize Resources Clients Will Value
  21. 21. Patience Leads to Lasting Relationships
  22. 22. Quickness Matters
  23. 23. Reach Out and Touch Someone....
  24. 24. Storytelling Sells In order to be a great storyteller, you must be able to add interesting people and places, curiosity, drama, and humor to your tales.
  25. 25. Time is Money
  26. 26. Utilize Your Network
  27. 27. Visit Your Clients
  28. 28. Where to Find Properties? • MLS • Paper & online classifieds • Auctions • Advertise to sellers • Word of mouth, networking • Meetups for Investors
  29. 29. Become an Expert in Your Trade • Subscribe to and read real estate investment news daily • Take a real estate investment course at a local college or university • Study the economics of your market and be familiar with trends and statistical data • Comment and add valuable insight on real estate investment websites and blogs
  30. 30. Offer Value with T-ReX Global!
  31. 31. Here is the web address to sign up for the FREE webinar: Remember....T-ReX Global costs YOU nothing and adds VALUE to your services while also increasing your business!
  32. 32. Sign Up for Your FREE Account! • Go to: • Enter your personal branding information • Print out your investor flyers • Post a free ad for investors on using your branded link • Insert a tab just for investors on your website and include the free tools from T-ReX Global • Need help? Contact:
  33. 33. Thank you for attending our webinar! Please visit our website: Wolkia – Helping Real Estate Embrace Technology