Media evelauation thriller


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Media evelauation thriller

  1. 1. What technology has taught me during theconstruction of the thriller!!
  2. 2. IMAC This is a picture of me using the imac at schoolDuring the construction of our thriller we learnt how to use differenttypes of technology. We used this to make our thriller as interestingand as realistic as possible.One of the main pieces of technology that we used was the imac.The imac was the most common piece of technology that we used.This was because the imac had all the programs that we needed toedit and make our thriller. image of This is an the imac that we have been using that has all the programs on in that we used to construct are thriller.
  3. 3. Mobygratis.comWe downloaded three different tracks from mobygratis to use atdifferent tracks from mobygratis to use at different stages for ourthriller. When going on this site, we had the chance to choose from aselection of tracks that would be suitable for our thriller. We had allagreed on the tracks we wanted for our thriller once we done this werequested a license and once this has been approved we was able toadd the music to our thriller we done this by downloading it to thetimeline on final cut express. This is the website moybgratis which we used to download music for our thriller.
  4. 4. BloggerBlogger was the website which we used to post everything that wehave learnt the process of what makes a thriller. I used Blogger as adiary and wrote all the things we done. Every time we learntsomething new we had to update it on to our blogs to show the examthe process of contraction our thriller, to improve on our grades weadded photos, films ect to show different types of technology. Wealso analyzed films, thriller openings, music, mise en scene,characters, setting and the audience and wrote this on our blogs tomake it more interesting. This is a screen shot of my blog this is what I used to chart my progress of my thriller coursework.
  5. 5. You tubeWe also used you tube when researching thrillers and up loading arepriminarlary task/and our thriller then we then transferred it onto ourblogs. We also used you tube to analyze thriller openings and paststudents work and we learnt a lot to help us with our own thriller. This is what we put our thriller onto so other people can see our thriller and see if they liked it.
  6. 6. Live typeDuring the making of our thriller we also used live type for the titlesand the names of the people in our thriller were made using this. Weused live type to make our thriller ident as well and make it realisticlike a real film company. The font that we used throughout the wholethriller was “cracked”. This is the program that we used to make the tiles that would go onto our film.
  7. 7. CameraThe camera which we used to film was Canon Md101. thishelped us film all the different parts of our thriller which weneeded. We used different types of shots in our film likelong, short shots, close up and mid shot. These images are from the camera that we used to film are thriller below is us filming and the camera is filming me getting killed.
  8. 8. Surverymonkey.comWe used to get audience research. before filming we asked aboutthe target audience. We compose a questionnaire for them to fill out on surveymonkey and below are the results. We asked them the following questions aboutthrillers:Are you a male or female?Do you enjoy thrillers?What is the best aspect of a thriller?How many times do you go to the cinema in a month?Where do you watch films from?How old are you?What are your favorite thriller films? This is the website we used to put our questionnaire onto it and this is the audience feed back that we received.
  9. 9. Final cut expressWe also used final cut express to edit our thriller. This was importantbecause it helped us to make our thriller by being able to uploadit, and the pieces that we filmed and be able to addtransitions, effects and music on to the timeline . This was animportant piece of technology used in making our thriller. To use thiswe had to upload our video from the camera, add effects andtransition. By using this we have learnt that we are able to adddifferent effects to a thriller and make it look realistic and real. This is the program that we used on the imac that we used to edit our thriller and bring all the part of the film together.
  10. 10. Google.comWe use google to look up different types of thrillers andwe use this to look into different websites that would helpus with constructing our thriller for example the musicsites and the thriller openings.
  11. 11. Mobile phones We used mobile phones to take pictures of the location that we were going to be filming are thriller at and the actors and actresses to show the examiner. We took the photos and uploaded them on our blogs to show this. We used mobile phones to send pictures over of the location of our thriller and so we would know where we are meeting each otherto film. Above is the location of our thriller and we took this picture with our phones.
  12. 12. Bluetooth We used Bluetooth to transfer the images and photos from our phones to the imac’s so we can upload them onto our blogs without any problems.This is what we used to send photosfrom our phone to other phones in ourgroup we also used this to send workform the imacs to our phone and emailsto put on our blogs.