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This is a presentation about the movie Fireproof.

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  1. 1. To examine the use of film: 1. To explore and assess the different components in family functioning. 2. To assess characteristics of family relationships as well as Psychosocial Tasks and Developmental Stages. 3. To incorporate movies as learning experiences in the practice of family therapy for ourselves and our families.
  2. 2.  Husband and wife having different goals and drifting apart due to consistent bashing. They had this pre-trial separation since Catherine filed for a divorce and was just pondering when to submit it. During that time, Caleb consulted his father and sought advice about his married life. His father gave him the “Love Day 40 Day Challenge and this is where Caleb experienced a new realization which brought him to wanting to save his marriage and make it work.
  3. 3.  Capt. Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) knows how to manage a crisis. Everyday, he directs a team of brave firefighters as they answer calls for help. At the same time, he doesn’t realize the danger his own marriage is facing. In a desperate attempt to win back his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea), Caleb goes to his father for some expert advice. To be able to save his marriage, Caleb agreed to undergo the “40-Day Love Dare” which he hesitantly followed at first but eventually helped him win back Catherine’s heart again.
  4. 4. 1. BOUNDARIES (Caleb and Catherine) - Disengagement – there is already lack of intimacy, self-disclosure and sense of belongingness. - Scenarios in the Movie: - As Caleb said (gym scene and even to his dad): “… I don’t feel respected at my own home.” -Catherine and Caleb have different work shifts and because of this they are not eating together and it even came to the point that they are no longer sharing bedroom (pre- separation trial). - The sharing of Catherine with her girlfriends also show discontent with her marriage with Caleb.
  5. 5. 1. BOUNDARIES (Caleb and his Mother) - Lack of intimacy -Caleb does not even see his mother as an authority figure. -He is a lot closer to his dad that is why his father even wrote the 40 day Love Dare so his son would read it. 2. Power – both Caleb and Catherine are struggling for power. Both of them would like to be the more powerful person in the relationship.
  6. 6. 3. Alignment -Both Caleb and Catherine are not working towards a common goal.  As simple as Catherine’s desire to have a better lawn, more shelves (for Caleb these are mere preferences)  Caleb is saving up for his boat and 1/3 of his previous salary went to boat savings that is why Catherine had to work full-time to be able to help with her Mother’s hospital needs
  7. 7. 4. Triangulation Issue -In a way, due to the marital issues, the Father of Caleb was drawn to their marital set-up since he served as the sounding board of Caleb and source of Caleb’s expert advice in his marriage. - Caleb’s father in a way was recruited to reduce pressure and stress.
  8. 8. 5. Family Emotion Regulation - Caleb -ability to monitor own and others’ feelings - At first, Caleb found it difficult to control his porno addiction. - In a way, while following the Love Dare 40 Day Challenge Caleb was learning to regulate his emotions bit by bit like not saying negative things to Catherine or following the daily instructions despite his internal struggles and hesitations and even after experiencing rejection after rejection from Catherine.
  9. 9. 5. Family Emotion Regulation – (Catherine) - During the pre-trial separation, Catherine was more open in welcoming a new relationship with Gavin or Dr. Keller. Eventhough it was not sexual in nature, she was emotionally falling for him. - In a way, she was not able to regulate her emotions since they were not officially nor legally divorced yet.
  10. 10. 6. Individual Differences CALEB  into pornographic films (addicted)  he was so dedicated and consumed with his work that he overlooked his marriage which is about to go up in smoke CATHERINE  still very much attached to her mom and dad. She still sees them every week (considering their culture) as compared as to Caleb who just tends to call his father whenever he is in distress.  she has this overwhelming adoration with her father that is why during the flashback she mentioned she wanted to marry her dad as opposed to Caleb who is not that close to his mother.
  11. 11. 7. Family Development stages of marital and family life cycle Caleb and Catherine were in their 7th year of marriage and there is what we call the “7th Year Itch.”
  12. 12. 1.Rule – random – anybody decides Caleb decides for himself as well as Catherine (not as a couple) 2. Focus – individual desires over family (random) 3. Affection – covert (closed) 4. Goal – random –both of them have different goals; not aligned
  13. 13. 5. Ambiguity – closed – not tolerated Differences in goals and personalities/interests became source of conflict 6. Conflict – not tolerated (closed) Source of constant bashing and discontentment in the relationship which led to the filing of the divorce
  14. 14. 7. Decision-making Individualistic (random) -both Caleb and Catherine go on with their own decisions (1/3 salary for his boat and Catherine decided to work full time for the things she wants to improve in their house as well as to help her parents. 8. Information Processing – random (carry over effect of differences in goals, focus and decision-making) 9. Communication – restrictive (closed) “If you just communicate with me properly, perhaps I can prepare something for you.” 10. In a crisis – (random) lacks sufficient consistency
  15. 15.  The marital system is in conflict as compared to the parental subsystem.  Parental Subsystem – Catherine is in good terms with her father and mother and Caleb is in good terms with his father but not as much as with his mother.
  16. 16.  Marital Identity  Caleb and Catherine are not sharing the same marital identity.  They appeared to be more concerned with the “I” than the “We.”  Catherine –already removed her wedding ring  Caleb – boat and his devotion to his work  Catherine –worked full time for a better lawn, more shelves and help her mother’s hospital needs (bed and wheelchair).  Sexual Identity The couple afterall the bashing and their pre-trial separation did not share one bedroom  They appeared to forget to build a relationship that is fun and interesting.  Before the 40 Day Love Dare, their marriage was not a zone of safety and nurturance.  Caleb: “… I don’t feel respected in my very own home.”