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Presentation at CloudArena - on Cloud Security

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  • This is an iPhone App that has been built with Fingal Bring Bank dataIt displays all Bring BanksIt allows filtering on the type of recyclable material – glass, cans or textilesIt displays information about the selected Bring BankIt also identifies the nearest Bring Bank to your location and will provide directions to Bring Banks
  • Cloud Security - Cloud Arena - Tim Willoughby

    1. 1. My name is TimI explain technology…
    2. 2. to people who don’t understand it…
    3. 3. people who thinkthey do understand it…
    4. 4. people who despise it…
    5. 5. and people who worship it.
    6. 6. …that help people understand howtechnology might help their Organisation…
    7. 7. I live here... According to Google Streetmaps 8
    8. 8. In Technical Terms •I’m a Webservice – •Sitting between the Technical Teams and the Business Teams, translating and relating between them.. •With Plenty of SOAP and REST....Turn that noise off, can’t you see I’m busy…keep your silly ideas to yourself - I’ve got ajob to do!
    9. 9. I live in Naas…• NAAS – Network as a Service• Used to be a Nice place to shop!
    10. 10. Can Cloud Computing transform Government?
    11. 11. Not all Clouds are good!
    12. 12. Open Government?“If people don’t know what you’re doing, theydon’t know what you’re doing wrong”“Jim Hacker”Open Government (I980)
    13. 13. Cloud is forcing ChangeWith or Without the Owners / Shareholders
    14. 14. So far ICT has not fundamentally changed government • 1990s: lCT expected to make government more transparent, efficient and user oriented • 2005+: disillusion as bureaucracy still in existence • Can Cloud Help?Jane E. Fountain – Gov 1.0 – Just Replicating the Silos on the Internet
    15. 15. Goverment dont always Understand What the people Want?
    16. 16. What governments often Deliver
    17. 17. Why have we not done so well? It is unfortunate that the first 3 letters of eGovernment are…
    18. 18. Security is changing• Security has to be appropriate• Security has to be measured• Can have things so secure that they are unusable.
    19. 19. CIO Priorities…Source: “ Gartner Scenario: The Current State and Future Directions of the IT Industry”
    20. 20. What is Cloud• Vendors – Whatever you want / Need it to be…• Its too Vague –• Talking about Cloud Security – when Cloud is defined as everything you ever wished for…
    21. 21. Moving to the Cloud?1. Leaving your apartment! 2. Moving your Data
    22. 22. Barriers Psychological Barriers  Platform Lock-In, Dependence, Governance Security  Compliance  Costs Application Architecture  How do we design applications lo take advantage of the cloud?  Grow and shnnk on-demand (scalability)  Data affinity  Portability  Efficiency  Performance  Fault-tolerance and self-healing
    23. 23. Positives Scale Cost  CAPEX  OPEX Advance Architecture  Agility  Cost - Clouds are renowned for being dirt cheap for storage and burst-y processing.  Elasticity - Growth and shrinkage
    24. 24. Negatives Security & Privacy  . Conflicts with international laws? Where is my Data - Is it safe? For Whom and at what level? Regulatory compliance: Interoperability Lack of control Standardisation SLA ( Model T Ford)
    25. 25. Dark Cloud? Letter from CSSO
    26. 26. Challenges Organisational barriers (Silo mentality) Reliability (service outage) Definition of SLAs (Service Level Agreement) Service management, Monitoring Customisation / Integration with other applications
    27. 27. If you are going to do it..1. Understand the options and technologies2. Have a look at what you do..3. If its complex inside the firewall…Rationalize infrastructure & applications4. leverage SOA for applications, appropriate standards, governance5. Identify the costs per user - Compare costs with internal hosting.6. Start with Open Data… no arguments here….
    28. 28. …We have come a long way...
    29. 29. Understanding the Adoption Curve
    30. 30. Pilot for Success
    31. 31. Watch for
    32. 32. Identity• Still not fixed in the Enterprise…• Or on the Internet..
    33. 33. Legal• Cross Border data Transfer, etc
    34. 34. why is Crowd and Cloud sourcing important? Crowd Source – Group Collaboration is more powerful than individual achievement
    35. 35. Typical Individual effortmany hours, one map
    36. 36. OpenStreetMap, 2012200,000 contributors, one map
    38. 38. What has Cloud ever done for us? Apart from Scale, Speed, Agility, Low Cost, Enterprise Mapping, Open Data, Standards, Google, API’s, Open Street Maps, Map Servers,GIS - More than just Location, Spatial Analysis and wider adoption now possible 49
    39. 39. Mashup
    40. 40. Why this is so compelling: It’s a disruptive technology • Does it meet enterprise needs • Easy to control • SLA / Support • Good enough for startups and SME • “Cheap” compute • Pilot and trial…Source: upcoming research, Cloud Computing: Not Ready For The Enterprise...Yet.
    41. 41. In how many years…
    42. 42. Cloud Computing Challenges 1) Scalability 2) Availability End User3) Maintenance 4) Cost 5) Security
    43. 43. Mind the Gap…TechnologyStuff Our Stuff
    44. 44. G Cloud – UK… • Distributed Cloud • Work like a Network • Everyone • Can See • Can Play • Can Add Value (Within Limits) • Shared Data Centres • App Store • Issues – • Support • Code Base • Open Source Push • My View – 3 Models • Car Boot Sale • Charity Shop • Department Store
    45. 45. Smart CitiesGartner: “networked sensors in everything we own will form anew Web (the Internet of Things). But it will only be of value ifthe ‘terabyte torrent’ of data it generates could be collected,analysed and interpreted” … and .. just because we can….
    46. 46. Smart Local Government?
    47. 47. Confusion or Hype• Public Cloud• Private Cloud• Hybrid Cloud• IAAS• PAAS• NAAS• SAAS• Etc AAS
    48. 48. Sharing!
    49. 49. BIG DATA? Massive network of services: water, sewage, drains … Need to know asset location for planning and maintenance Many databases, varying accuracy and provenance Context  Ongoing street openings p.a.  Safety!
    50. 50. Its all about where..
    51. 51. GISGeographic Information System • We have come a long way
    52. 52. Or WizardsGIS is nowMainstream
    53. 53. Future use of Cloud!
    54. 54. Water Meters• Read the Meter• View or Pay the Bill• Compare the Usage to the Local or National Averages• Look for areas of Savings
    55. 55. My Water Usage• Smart Metering• Change my practise
    56. 56. Environment• Advice and Tips on Money• Energy• Recycling (locations of Centres)• Refuse• Water• Energy Design
    57. 57. Bring Banks App
    58. 58. Parking• Select County• Select Zone• Select Price willing to pay?• Where is the Cheapest
    59. 59. Tourism• History• Old Maps• Business Interests• Tourist Sites
    60. 60. Traffic• Maps• Plan a Route• Feedback• GPS• Accidents• Salt• Weather alert
    61. 61. Roadworks• Link to System – Online Road Works Control (OLRWC)• License for Road Opening• Cost of Reinstatement (Local Authority Usage)• License for any Street usage.
    62. 62. Planning Applications• View Applications• Get notified of Changes• Make Comments• Make a Submission• Notify Local Authority of Issues?
    63. 63. Check the Register• Map the Polling Stations• Where is the Nearest• Map the Route• Check the Register
    64. 64. Blue Flag Beaches• Location• Nearest• Water Quality• History• Tides• Weather• Things to do…
    65. 65. Sports• What is available now• How do I get there• What if I have to Cancel• Pay for it now
    66. 66. Parking• Select County• Select Zone• Select Price willing to pay?• Where is the Cheapest
    67. 67. Tourism• History• Old Maps• Business Interests• Tourist Sites
    68. 68. Opportunity - Unfinished EstatesQR Codes for Public Participation
    69. 69. QR Codes
    70. 70. But all of these are static….. But… would you cross the road based on 5 min old information
    71. 71. Where next - Augmented Reality Bring together Big Data, Visualisation, GIS, GPS - A problem that needs cloud to work…
    72. 72. What is Augmented Reality?
    73. 73. Water Meter
    74. 74. Water Meter
    75. 75. What do Clouds currently not do?• Anything subject to compliancy – Includes PCI-compliant applications• Apps that call back to performance sensitive services in your data centre• Apps that require tight coupling between instances• Sensitive Data• Large applications that don’t fit inside VMs Is there anything they can’t do?
    76. 76. Cloud conclusions• Government cannot ignore cloud• Public Cloud and Big Data• Public Cloud and Open Data• SLA needs to be more Open• Future is Cloudy