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TerraCORE Lightweight Stone Wall Cladding Panel System for your next design project. Our lightweight aluminum honeycomb engineered panel system is the best solution for many inherent issues associated with dimensional solid stone wall cladding systems. TerraCORE Panels can be designed and installed for any interior or exterior application.

TerraCORE Panels are lightweight (less than 5-7 lbs. per SF), incredibly strong and can be installed easily by carpenters, glaziers and masons. The panels will include interlocking clips and a rail attachment system which allows for reduced install time and labor costs as compared to dimensional stone, brick, or cast stone. Our panels include factory mitered returns and corners designed to look thicker and seamless compared to dimensional stone. The reduction in weight allows for additional savings in structural requirements and framing costs.

The TerraCORE Panel System is thoroughly tested by CDC (Curtain Wall Design Consulting) and is fully warranted and preferred by most structural engineers and building envelope consultants. Our engineered lightweight stone panels have been successfully installed on buildings around the world for over 40 years. If you have an active or planned design project and would like to receive a cost estimate, please send me a PDF or DWG file and I’ll have our design engineer provide you an estimate.

Please take a look at our website; http://www.terracorepanels.com

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TerraCORE Panels Presentation

  2. 2. D’Iberville City Hall
  3. 3. Crystal Towers, Orange Beach , AL
  4. 4. War Memorial, South Texas Lexus Showroom, NH
  5. 5. Aurora
  7. 7. La Costa Spa, California
  8. 8. Disneyland, California
  9. 9. The Nines Hotel, Portland, OR
  10. 10. D’Iberville City Hall
  11. 11. Crystal Towers, AL Herman Miller Showroom, Dallas, TX
  12. 12. SPECIALTY
  13. 13. Eight Avenue Place Telus Tower, Canada
  14. 14. New York Canterra, Canada
  15. 15. Elevator Floors
  16. 16. A Thin Stone Water Jet Etched, Arizona State University
  17. 17. Hilton University of Houston Thin Stone Touring Bus
  18. 18. Premium Natural Stone in Beautiful Colors •Granite, Marble and Limestone •Kitchen Countertops •Showers •Tub Decks •Flooring •Back Splashes •Vanity Tops •Natural Stone Tile •Stone Wainscoting •Shaped Trims •Interior Stone Veneers •Elevator Floors
  19. 19. Buckhead, GA
  20. 20. Bella Luna, Orange Beach, AL Smyrna, GA Bella Luna
  21. 21. JW Marriot, San Antonio Buckhead, GA
  22. 22. Alpharetta, Georgia Swabia, Atlanta
  24. 24. FABRICATION •Blocks of stone usually 5’(W) x 9’(L)x 5’(H) are cut in quarries from around the world and transported to our factory. •Stone blacks arrive at the factory •Ready for gang sawing •Stone blocks are placed under a sawing machine that cut the block into multiple stone slabs.
  25. 25. Cont..2 •Rough edges of the slabs are trimmed •Washed •Dried •The honeycomb backing , fabricated from very thin sheets of aircraft quality aluminum waiting to be epoxied to thin sheets of stone. •Weighs only few ounces per square feet. •Honeycomb is reinforced on top and bottom of the slab stone by using High Strength Epoxy. •Under extreme high pressure, moved to the press for assurance of complete bonding.
  26. 26. Cont…3 •Right from the center, slabs are split into 2 pieces using large diamond tip radial saw. •After cutting is complete , panels go for surface finishing. •As per the requirement of the job, panels are honed or polished.
  27. 27. Cont…4 •Finished panels are then cut into final part sizes, determined by shop drawings. •Interlocking channels are anchored to backside of the each panel •Finished panels are marked and numbered based on the shop drawing and are ready to load into crates.
  28. 28. SHIPPING • Pieces are labeled by drawing numbers Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 • Grouped together by floor, unit or color (your choice) • Custom crates are built for shipping to project site. • Crates are numbered. • Packing list is created detailing crate number, contents and unit. • Crates are loaded on the shipping container. • Packing list is detailed by container number. • Customer gets a copy of the packing list for each container, detailing crate numbers contents, units and quantities.
  29. 29. INSTALLATION A lightweight stone installation crew can typically install 25 to 50 panels in a single day. By comparison, a typical dimensional stone crew may only be able to install 5 to 8 stone panels in a day.