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Converting Your Smartphone into a Video Studio


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a list of a few inexpensive audio and video accessories that will dramatically improve the quality of video filmed with your iPhone, Android.

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Converting Your Smartphone into a Video Studio

  1. 1. The Smartphone Studio @TimWasher
  2. 2. With a rise in demand for video communication and fall in production budgets, all corporate marketers/ communicators should develop DIY video production skills for 2014. Adding a few $10-$20 accessories can dramatically increase your smartphone video quality. Most of these easily fit into any manpurse, so you’ll always be ready when an opportunity presents itself. NOTE: I’m not endorsing any of these products, but they’ve worked for me.
  3. 3. iPhone 5 External Mic $28 Lav Mic $20
  4. 4. Joby Mini Stand for Smartphones JB01279-BWW
  5. 5. WonTube Free Video Converter - CNET Converts iPhone video to MP4, WMV formats
  6. 6. $300 will buy an HD camcorder with external audio port for a lav mic
  7. 7. Search online for refurbished, gently-used gear.
  8. 8. Use a 60 Watt soft light bulb. Hang a piece of translucent shower curtain liner to reduce harsh shadows.
  9. 9. Vidpro K-120 On-Camera LED Video Light Kit
  10. 10. $10 buys a portable monopod. Removing the shakes from your videos make them much easier to watch.
  11. 11. Good luck in the Oscar race.