The added value of well-managed design


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Design only delivers value when it is managed very well.
This was the message to 50 Honorary Consuls form all over the world, 20 Austrian entrepreneurs and Dutch design agencies. Tim Selders, director at PARK, gave this lecture during the Design Week 2009 in Eindhoven (NL).

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The added value of well-managed design

  1. 1. the added value of design Tim Selders Design Week Eindhoven, 2009
  2. 2. the added value 40 Honorary Consuls & design? 20 Austrian entrepreneurs & design? of design Dutch designers and design?
  3. 3. the added value of design
  4. 4. the added value 10x design promotors 11x design values of design 1x prerequisite 3x tips
  5. 5. good design Tom Watson Jr. is Former CEO of IBM good business
  6. 6. an easy-to-fill-in shipping form of Federal Express a waiter who serves salads singing like Placido Domingo in his role in ‘La Boheme’ just as important for a product of 29 cent as for a product of 29.000 dollar a 20 year old sweater you are attached to everything that literally takes your breath Tom Peters the guts to stop selling a product that sells well if you have another better idea Management guru dull perfectionism with passion in this time of telephone, fax and e-mail a handwritten letter of somebody the apple in the logo of Apple the lacking of ‘over-design’ the sound of a closing door of a Mercedes
  7. 7. Philippe Starck Star designer
  8. 8. Alan G. Lafley CEO of Procter & Gamble
  9. 9. design TimTim Selders Selders Director at PARK advanced design management management
  10. 10. Philippe Picaud service Design director of Decathlon design
  11. 11. Tony Blair former Prime Minister
  12. 12. Wally Olins Country Branding Identity specialist and chairman of Saffron
  13. 13. ‘Business development and strategic planning Jørgen Knudstorp are ‘design’ problems CEO of LEGO rather than merely ‘logic’ problems.’
  14. 14. Larry Keeley Larry Keely design founder of Doblin & innovation advisor thinking
  15. 15. STOP
  16. 16. the added value of design
  17. 17. the added value of design
  18. 18. the added value of design
  19. 19. research
  20. 20. ‘Companies that manage design effectively and efficiently attain better performance than those that do not.’
  21. 21. the management of design
  22. 22. the added value of well-managed design
  23. 23. STOP the added value Well-managed design is a great way to build of well-managed back to reality competitive advantage for companies, organisations and design even countries.
  24. 24. Tip for Honorary Consuls: Include the promotion of the management of design when promoting design... STOP the added value Tip for Austrian entepreneurs: Professionalize the management of well-managed back to reality of design to increase the return of investment in design... design Tip for Dutch designers: Only work for companies that manage design well to work more profitable in a more sustainable relationship...