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Welcome to Apollo Middle Prep's New Library


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Before & after shots of Apollo MIddle Prep, Antioch, TN, new library thanks to donations as part of Mayor's "Limitless Libraries" program.

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Welcome to Apollo Middle Prep's New Library

  1. 1. This was Apollo Middle’s Library before the renovation.
  2. 2. Funding for this amazing idea soon created some major changes.
  3. 3. Guided by some of Nashville’s finest: hardworking contractors, amazing library directors, interior designers, architects, MNPS leaders, IT supporters, school administrators, and project managers.
  4. 4. The space was redesigned with students’ needs in mind.
  5. 5. Colors were brightened…lighting was installed, shelves were painted and revitalized.
  6. 6. New furniture was purchased…
  7. 7. New shelving was added…
  8. 8. A full classroom was created for teaching in the library.
  9. 9. Students got to help choose our vibrant color scheme!
  10. 10. Production rooms were built for collaborative projects.
  11. 11. A self-checkout station was installed.
  12. 12. Student-friendly furniture made the space warm and inviting.
  13. 13. Areas were redefined, such as this one for playing chess.
  14. 14. And this one for quiet reading/study.
  15. 15. A Cyber Café was made for students to eat in the library.
  16. 16. Books found new homes on the shelves…
  17. 17. iPads were provided for students to sign in when they visit the library.
  18. 18. And a MakerSpace was created!
  19. 19. With video production equipment, iMac computers, and lots of supplies for creative discovery!
  20. 20. Both schools also each got their very own 3-D printer!
  21. 21. And though this space is beautiful and impressive on its own…
  22. 22. Using the Charging Lockers for storing devices!
  23. 23. Filming commercials in the production room!
  24. 24. Students browse for books using QR codes!
  25. 25. Relaxing upstairs…
  26. 26. We even hosted a book fair in the classroom!
  27. 27. Complete with garage door, of course!
  28. 28. Our first 3-D printed item!
  29. 29. Yet another MakerBot Creation!
  30. 30. THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who made this library possible! Because of you, middle school students now ask to LIVE in the library. (Trust me, there is NO higher compliment!)