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Tim Riehl - Resume


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Tim Riehl - Resume

  1. 1. TIMOTHY J. RIEHL 1407 KINGSLEY DRIVE ALLEN, TEXAS 75013T JR@tim ri ehl. com 214. 495. 8516SUMMARY Senior level operations management and supply chain professional with expertise in distribution, inventory planning, private fleet, and manufacturing. Background includes multi-site leadership, budget development, P&L improvement, teambuilding, turnaround, service level improvement, startup, and international. Corporate and field experience in several industries in both large and small companies. Served on both the client and provider side of 3PL environments.2012 – present RIEHL CONSULTING SERVICES Allen, TexasIndependent ConsultantProvide service in operations management and supply chain initiatives regarding service level increase, cost reduction, etc. For a 3PL assembling cell phone towers for the nation’s largest provider, improved order management activities, instituted production planning / management / tracking program, improved physical material flow, and bolstered eroding teamwork. For a regional 3PL providing value added services to Fortune 500 companies, provided leadership in bidding work for a global electronics manufacturer. Included facility layout and setup, financial calculations, and client proposal presentation. For the nation’s third largest pet supplies wholesaler/distributor, currently initiating projects to improve replenishment activity, reduce overtime, re-rack the facility to increase throughput and productivity, and reslot the 750,000 sf facility.2011 – 2012 HOSPICE SOURCE – CORPORATE OFFICE Carrollton, Texas Company departure: Private Equity Owners and new CEO replaced multiple positionsDirector – OperationsProvided operations leadership, P&L improvement, and innovative performance improvement solutions for 32 branchesproviding 7,700+ patients in seven States with durable medical equipment such as electric beds, oxygen machines, masks,cylinders, etc. Led branch operations, fleet, refurbishment, central warehouse, customer support, and dispatch operations. Developed and implemented series of new policies reinstating the company’s Accreditation following failed Inspection (hired on the day of the Accreditation Inspection).2011 NEW BREED LOGISTICS – OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Fort Worth, Texas Company departure: Client company forecast volume never materialized and new management, facilities, and equipment displacedAssistant General Manager – Operations SupportLed a 60 person team providing work instruction documentation, quality assurance, process improvement, productionplanning, and industrial engineering support for a 1600 person facility receiving, testing, and dispositioning 50,000 wirelessdevices per day. Created tool to drive capacity planning, throughput and staffing calculation as well as production planning which improved service level, reduced cycle time 15%, increased productivity 20%, reduced WIP 50%, and reduced DOH inventory 50%. Led facility layout design effort to consolidate outside operations into existing facility footprint. Redesigned departmental layout yielding 73% increase in capacity with net zero change in footprint while reducing handlings thereby increasing productivity and decreasing cycle time.2007 – 2010 OPTRICITY CORPORATION – CORPORATE MANAGEMENT Allen, Texas Company departure: Position fulfilled and desire to reenter traditional operations management (remain shareholder)Vice President and Principal – Services and ImplementationLed start-up of company specializing in software development for supply chain optimization. Ensured that applicationscontained market differentiating functionality, mathematically superior results tempered by an executable and commonsense solution, and user-friendly interface. Led project for food client saving $400,000 annually (16x ROI). Case study published nationally. Led project for apparel client realizing 20% replenishment and 30% selection labor savings. Case study published nationally. Led project for electronics client realizing 23% replenishment and 11% selection labor savings. Case study to be published. Led project for international food client realizing 13% replenishment, 1% order selection labor savings, and 51% improvement in retail store product groupings. Company Awards include: Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 (S&DCE, 5/10), Top 100 Technology Solutions (Food Logistics, 12/09), Supply Chain Innovation Top 100 List (S&DCE, 7/08), Top 6 Cool Vendors in SCM & ERP (Gartner, 4/08). Patent Pending for unique Solution approach (will be only patented Slotting and Profiling Application).2002 – 2007 SAFETY-KLEEN SYSTEMS – CORPORATE OFFICE Plano, Texas Company departure: Desire to start new entrepreneurial business with colleaguesSenior Director – Special ProjectsLed teams to collaboratively define improvement opportunities, develop alternatives, and implement best course of action toresolve complex issues across various facets of the enterprise. Manage projects through execution and conflict resolution. Coordinated development and refinement of multi-department comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures. Managed outsourced production issues and successfully mitigated financial impact. Provided consultative collaboration to newly created companywide supply chain organization. Implemented proactive inventory disposition policy improving financial performance. Created new product introduction program to provide coordinated and improved process.Statement of Credentials Page 1 of 3 pages
  2. 2. TIMOTHY J. RIEHL T JR@ t im ri ehl . comSenior Director - Processing and DistributionLed nine logistics facilities, three processing facilities, and two manufacturing facilities comprised of 370+ people and privatefleet consisting of 45 over-the-road vehicles within a $1B hazardous waste processing and disposal company. Managed $78Moperating expense budget and $32M inventory. Member of CEO’s Chief Executive Council, a 25 leader council providing the CEO with expert input. Improved performance for 2005 by $3.1M (8%), and improved performance for 2006 by $992,000 (3%). Improved 2006 OPEX by $1.0M (2.9%) compared to 2005 for same facilities while supporting an 8% revenue increase. Managed three chemical processing facilities contributing $6.0M to FY-2006 EBITDA. Implemented manufacturing insourcing initiatives to salvage component parts saving $384,000 annually. Challenged executive decision to close chemical plant preventing $5.8M one-time and $1.4M annual loss. Justified reorganization of private fleet to insource routes reducing freight expense by $3.1M annually. Restructured plan between facilities to eliminate $140,000 in Permit required facility modifications. Dispositioned $13M of excess and obsolete inventory reducing overhead and storage expense. Managed analysis and execution of companywide manufacturing and reconditioning operations consolidation to enable improved product quality and consistency with no additional operating expense. Insourced refurbishment work with no staffing increase saving $141,000 annually and improving quality. Enforced measures to ensure conformity to ISO-14001 self-certification and Sarbanes-Oxley initiatives.Director – DistributionLed 14 logistics facilities and one manufacturing facility comprised of 250+ people and a private fleet consisting of 50 over-the-road vehicles within an $850M hazardous materials disposal and processing company. Developed and managed a $51Moperating expense budget and $32M inventory. Hired during Chapter-11 Proceedings as turnaround executive and change agent. Improved internal customer service levels and reduced operating expense during 12 month period of Chapter-11 Bankruptcy Reorganization, corporate office relocation, and complete systems conversion. Created, led, and managed Industrial Engineering team supporting company-wide operations. Coached managers, repositioned managers, and replaced managers to improve talent pool. Direct OPEX budget performance first post-bankruptcy year was $6.6M favorable (23.0%). Reduced distribution organization OPEX as percent of sales revenue by 20%. Reorganized work processes to support constant sales volumes with 17% field staff reduction. Dispositioned $20M of excess and obsolete inventory reducing overhead and storage expense. Improved inventory accuracy from 60% to 99%; cut physical inventory from 10 days to 5 hours. Analyzed Logistics network and closed three facilities reducing OPEX $750,000 annually. Relocated distribution center to improve customer service while improving EBITDA $550,000. Reorganized private fleet and partially outsourced transportation saving $900,000 annually. Introduced battery of metrics and trained subordinates to use metrics to manage improvements.2001 – 2002 HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL – FRICTION MATERIALS DIVISION Memphis, Tennessee Company departure: Business unit closureManager - Distribution and LogisticsManaged multiple Third Party Contractors providing warehousing, transportation scheduling, freight payment, and returnsprocessing services for a $700M automotive parts company. Led improvements in inventory planning and purchasing for a$10M inventory of 10,000 SKU. Reduced Inventory $2.4M (22%) in three months while improving service level by 10%. Negotiated freight rates and FAKs with carriers reducing freight expense by $2.0M (15%). Identified freight billing errors resulting in reclaiming $250K in incorrect billings from carriers. Developed strategic logistics plan which, if implemented, would yield $4.5M OPEX reduction.1999 – 2001 DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION – AMERICAS SERVICE DELIVERY Round Rock, Texas Company departure: Reduction in forceSenior Operations Manager - Operations Technology Strategy Developed fulfillment technology strategy with technology ranging from a WMS to integrated dispensing and light directed picking technologies. Project yielded an approved IRR of 48% and an NPV of $15.2M. Interim Project Manager implementing an enterprise-wide financial inventory tracking system.Senior Operations Manager - Finished Goods FulfillmentLed operation staffed by five subordinate managers, an engineer, and 190 production workers. Managed $28M inventoryshipping 48,000 parts per day filling 9500 orders. Annual shipments exceeded $425M value (CoGS). From 4/99 to 12/99: Improved domestic internal on-time shipping metric from 96.9% to 99.1%. Improved international internal on-time shipping metric from 71.0% to 85.0%. Improved cost per part shipped metric by 34% and cost per dispatch metric by 11%. Improved parts picked per hour metric by 31%. Improved inventory accuracy metric by 875% (measured by negative inventory balances). Scaled parts shipped volume increase of 62% with a 37% staff increase (no new technologies applied).Statement of Credentials Page 2 of 3 pages
  3. 3. TIMOTHY J. RIEHL T JR@ t im ri ehl . com1993 – 1999 MCLANE COMPANY, INC. – CORPORATE OFFICE (then a Division of Wal-Mart) Temple, Texas Company departure: Desire to manage distribution operation and establish operations management career pathCorporate Director - Distribution and EngineeringDirected a 14 member team providing industrial engineering, systems, private fleet, and capital asset purchasing support fora $15B company servicing 35,000 customers with 16 distribution centers totaling 5.4M square feet and 900 tractors logging95M miles per year. Team member founding Brazilian 3PL with year one operations distributing US$1.6B product for a Global 50 company. Led project analyzing market potential, including creating foreign partnership, to establish third party services in Argentina. Led consulting project for a Global 50 company’s Brazilian distribution operation making improvement recommendations. Completed the planning and initial construction / expansion / remodel work on ten distribution centers. Led implementation of on-board transportation technology to improve customer service and productivity. Oversaw project to reduce capital expenditure on transportation equipment by 7% while decreasing annual operating expenses and increasing power and performance characteristics of equipment.Corporate Manager - Systems and EngineeringDirected a seven member team providing industrial engineering and distribution systems support for a $12B company with16 distribution centers totaling 5.4M square feet. Designed prototype warehouse constructed with $2.0M capital savings and 10% improved productivity. Managed the rollout of the warehouse management system to 13 distribution centers. Analyzed, justified, and implemented of the company’s first light directed pick system. Led project with IT to develop a productivity tracking and reporting system using scanning technologies. Implemented company-wide slotting software system increasing picking productivity 35%.Corporate Industrial Engineer February 1993 – March 1994Engineered material handling equipment activities and productivity enhancements for five grocery distribution centers.Managed conceptual material handling equipment design, facility layout, contract negotiation, and project scheduling fordistribution center expansion projects. Engineered a 216,893 square foot expansion to a 177,515 square foot facility with $3.9M material handling budget. Engineered a 96,994 square foot expansion to a 156,700 square foot facility with $2.8M material handling budget. Lead Industrial Engineer supporting the implementation of a WMS in two distribution centers.1990 – 1993 GUARDIAN INDUSTRIES CORPORATION – CORSICANA MANUFACTURING PLANT Corsicana, Texas Company departure: Limited career advancement opportunities internallyShift ManagerLed daily activities of a 24x7x365 glass manufacturing facility of six production lines including a 500 ton per day float glassfurnace. Managed five area supervisors and 46 production workers assigned to a 7-day rotating shift as well as 30 peoplewhen shift rotations coincided. Improved crew productivity and morale progressing from ten year record of the poorest performing of four crews to first in overall performance. Improved absenteeism by 47% and reduced safety related incidents by 25%.Project Engineer (Mechanical)Responsible for planning and executing all aspects of engineering related projects. Proposed and implemented solutions toproduction and maintenance problems to increase productivity. Lead engineer in assembly, start up, and initial production phase of a used glass tempering production line procured externally (no drawings or technical documents). Wrote preventive maintenance schedule. Completed project planning for shutdown and refurbishment of a major component of the float glass line.1985 – 1990 UNITED STATES ARMY – COMBAT AVIATION OFFICER (CAPTAIN) Fort Hood, Texas Organization departure: Desire to enter corporate AmericaVarious Line and Staff PositionsCareer culminated with assignment as Brigade Plans Officer in a Combat Aviation Brigade. Developed and wrote detailed Tactical Operating Procedures Manual for an Aviation Brigade. Commanded detachment deployed to the National Training Center and obtained 100% mission success. Submitted 100% error free consecutive monthly status reports, the only of 32 reporting offices to do so. Managed multi-million dollar flight program when deployed to Honduras. Scheduled 900 incident free multi-aircraft missions. Due to this achievement, Unit placed second in Army Aviation Unit of the Year. Assignments: Section Leader, Assistant Flight Operations Officer, Platoon Leader, Headquarters Troop Executive Officer, Company Executive Officer simultaneous with Platoon Leader, Brigade Plans Officer. Awards: Aviator Wings, Parachute Wings, Air Assault Wings, Commendation Medal, Service Medal (with Oak Leaf Cluster). Possessed NATO Collateral Joint Service Secret Security Clearance.EDUCATION M.S., Management Science, Tarleton University (1990), Killeen, Texas. Major, Business. B.S., Engineering, United States Military Academy (1985), West Point, New York. Major, Triple Language.TRAINING Cornell University Food Executive Course; Walton Institute of Retailing; Logistics Institute at Georgia TechStatement of Credentials Page 3 of 3 pages