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Student Open Badge Design Workshop


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Design workshop with yr 9 / 10 students from Lady Lumley's school Pickering North Yorkshire

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Student Open Badge Design Workshop

  1. 1. Open  Badges  Design  Workshop  Lady  Lumley’s  School  (High  School)  Pickering,  North  Yorkshire,  UK    Tue  11  Dec  2012  Facilitators:  Tim  Riches  &  Lucy  Neale  @triches    @lucydme  #openbadges    
  2. 2. What  are  Badges?  
  3. 3. He  noIced  that  it  helped  the  soldiers  to  develop  independence  rather  than  just  blindly  follow  officers  orders   Robert Baden-Powell
  4. 4. Badges  and  the  web...  Social  &  build  value  over  Ime…  
  5. 5. Not just digital badges but 
Open Badges

  6. 6. Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded intothem

  7. 7. They  recognise  your  skills,  can  be  shared  across  the  web  &  open  new  opportuniIes     •   Employment   •   DifferenBaBon   •   Social  status   #openbadges   @triches  
  8. 8. Case  Study  Challenge:  Become  part  of  our  naIonal  sports  reporIng  team.      Learn  media,  teamwork,  creaIvity,  world  of  work  skills.    
  9. 9. How  did  we  get  here?   #openbadges   @triches  
  10. 10. AcIviIes…  Local  reporIng…    
  11. 11. Challenging  naIonal  events..  
  12. 12.  
  13. 13. An  open,  free    plaWorm  for  creaIng,  earning  and  displaying  Open  Badges  “At  the  forefront  of  educaBon  social  networks”  The  Guardian  
  14. 14. Displaying  S2R  Medals  (Open  Badges)  
  15. 15. Overview  Young  people  can  obtain  S2R  ‘Medals’  in  3  sets:  Journalist,  Producer  &  Coach    En  route  to  gaining  Medals  students  will  gather  ‘Achievements’  for  their  contribuBon  to  the  S2R  community  
  16. 16. Community  Achievements  Not  pushed  out  to  Open  Badge  Infrastructure  and  main  value  is  within  community  Granular  markers  &  rewards  for  acBvity    
  17. 17. Medals  QualitaBve  assessment  of  skills  by  peers/leaders  3  sets  Journalist,  Coach  &  Producer  3  levels  in  each  set:  Bronze,  Silver  &  Gold   #openbadges   @triches  
  18. 18. Co-­‐designing  with  students,  teachers  &  employers  
  19. 19. What  is  a  student  digital  leader?  
  20. 20. Activities
  21. 21. Workshop  –  Designing  badges  for  Student  Digital  Leaders   Activities
  22. 22. Activities Skills
  23. 23. Activities Skills Role
  24. 24. Student  outputs  Students  from  Lady  Lumley’s  are  designing  three  badges  &  mapping  skills  developed  on  a  Imeline…  
  25. 25. How  you  can  get  involved…  
  26. 26. Timeline  Dec  12   Research  &  Design  Jan     Design  Event  Mozilla  Offices  March   Northern  design  event  April   Open  pilot  Sep  13   Share,  refine,  scale  up  internaBonally    
  27. 27. Badgethon  design  event  at  Mozilla  17  Jan  (please  note  we  may  push  the  start  Ime  back  to  allow  for  travelling  teachers  &  students)   Visit   Open  Badges  and  school  –  DigitalMe  blog     Student  Digital  Leader  Network   Email  to  join  Open  Badge  design  mailing  list