S2R medals & open badges Efquel eif2012


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Presentation to the EFQUEL 2012 conference sharing working progress on DigitalMe's Mozilla Open Badge project S2R Medals. Exploring the potential to encourage learner behaviours & sustainable online communities through badge rewards.

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S2R medals & open badges Efquel eif2012

  1. 1. S2R Medals & open badgesPresenter: Tim Riches@triches #openbadgesTim.riches@digitalme.co.uk
  2. 2. Q: Can we change learnersbehaviour using badges asrewards? #openbadges @triches
  3. 3. Q: Will recognising onlinementors lead tosustainable, independentlearning communities? #openbadges @triches
  4. 4. How can we as educatorsuse the web to develop:• behaviours want to see in our learners• effective, sustainable learning communities• new ways for learners to benefit from theskills they have demonstrated
  5. 5. Supporter to Reporter (S2R):youth sports reporting channel
  6. 6. Open Badge Project:
  7. 7. Activities…Local reporting…
  8. 8. Challenging national events..
  9. 9. www.makewav.es/s2r
  10. 10. 635 young people trained so far in this outstanding, award-winning media project across 9 regional hubs1900 young people reached in schools via the Makewav.essocial media network
  11. 11. We have interviewed hundreds of interesting people andcreated over 10,000 reports and blogs
  12. 12. S2R changes young people’s lives through sports reporting.Encourages aspiration, teamwork, resilience and creativity. Givesreporters a legacy of life and job skills, confidence, motivation,friends and fun!
  13. 13. Badging theprogramme
  14. 14. OverviewYoung people can obtain S2R ‘Medals’ in3 sets:Journalist, Producer & CoachEn route to gaining Medals students willgather ‘Achievements’ for theircontribution to the S2R community
  15. 15. CommunityAchievementsNot pushed out to OpenBadge Infrastructure andmain value is withincommunityGranular markers ofactivity
  16. 16. MedalsQualitative assessment ofskills by peers/leaders3 sets Journalist, Coach &Producer3 levels in each set: Bronze,Silver & Gold #openbadges @triches
  17. 17. Skills
  18. 18. JournalistLevel Medal Requirement Skills Demonstrated Community Achievements Journalist Bronze & Silver Creates consistently high quality Medals reports Producer Gold Medal Builds and maintains an audience 5 Featured reports Can lead and pass skills to others Journalist Bronze Medal Creates reports of better than average quality 1 Featured report Can promote content to an audience 10+ Likes on a story 3 reports accepted to S2R Technically able and motivated Creates reports of acceptable quality
  19. 19. ProducerLevel Medal Requirement Skills Demonstrated Advise and support other students to Can support and manage a team Research and prepare for reporting from a sporting event Responsible Take a leadership role in helping other Reliable in high pressure/high profile situations students to report from a sporting event Professional interpersonal skills Attend more than one sporting event and Self motivated create and publish your own reports Can set and manage own real world tasks and deadlines Has consistently applied and developed journalism skills in a real world setting Research and prepare for reporting from a Attended a real world event sporting event Can work as part of a team Attend a sporting event and work with others to create a report Has learnt and applied journalism skills in a real world setting Worked to a deadline
  20. 20. CoachLevel Medal Requirement Skills Demonstrated Community Achievements Coach Bronze & Silver Trusted community leader Medals Actively supports others Producer Gold Medal Can pass skills to others 100 liked comments Coach Bronze Medal Is responsible and can be trusted Senior Reporter Status Can approve and moderate content produced by others 50 ‘liked’ comments 1 report accepted to S2R Technically able and motivated 25 comments by other Has a positive reputation in the users community
  21. 21. Displaying S2RMedals (OpenBadges)
  22. 22. Unlocking value for the learner throughbadge display • Employment • Differentiation • Social status #openbadges @triches
  23. 23. Technology
  24. 24. Mozilla OpenBadgeInfrastructureOpendbadges.org
  25. 25. The safe socialplatform forchildren to sharetheir videos,photos and blogs“At the forefront ofeducation social networks”The Guardian
  26. 26. Mobile
  27. 27. Get work selected & featured Give and receive feedback Complete offlineCreate multimedia challengesblogs and reports Student Profile Other OBI badges
  28. 28. Challenges & Conclusion1. Cultural shift for learners & educators2. School timetable3. Endorsers4. Recognition
  29. 29. How you canget involved…
  30. 30. PilotsWanted
  31. 31. TimelineJuly Research & DesignAug Technical BuildSept Schools PilotNov Review and RefineMarch Share and scale up
  32. 32. Visit our website for moreinformation on ourprogrammes.Contact us if you areinterested in collaboratingon new educationalprojects
  33. 33. www.digitalme.co.ukTim.riches@digitalme.co.uk@triches