Recognising a holistic education using open badges whole education


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Students & teachers from Venture Academy school share their experience of using Open Badges to recognise skills through the DigitalMe Supporter to Reporter (S2R) programme.

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  • Delighted to introduce Venture Academy to you todayThey have been testing an innovative piece tech called Open Badges – new way to recognise skills, and ultimately connect YP with skills to employers, really could have a significant impact on how we see recognition…
  • Open BadgesOpen Badges are digital images (pngs) with meta data hard baked into them, important stuff like: Who the badge belongs toWhat they’ve done to earn the badgeWho has endorsed the badge
  • They can be displayed anywhere are across the web
  • And a group of people you’ll recognise have got together to create badges which start to recognise all the achievements of young people using Open Badges
  • Hand over to these guys, know more than me, they have been testing, give them a big welcome….
  • Talk to you this morning about the Digital Leaders programme – some may be familiar with and a new and exciting way to recognise skills students develop through taking a lead on technology. We’ve been working on Mozilla Open badges with support of DML competition in USA for past year, number of different orgs involved…DigitalMe – Nonprofit – programmes that start with protecting online Safety, through programmes like S2R develop wow skills. Some ourselves, some in partnership S2R with Makewaves, like Digital Leaders wide set partners SSAT, Toshiba, Teachers, and students. Learning through doing or Digital Making i.e. getting us all to think about making rather than consuming the digital world around us, activities that have real-life learning context. Digital Leaders really interesting programme has all of those factors wrapped into it – learning through doing, taking on real-life role teaching others and set of challenges – presenting at events, managing projects or responsibilities in school, or projects outside school What we’re here to achieve to day: Design DL Badges, complete several design steps, from experience up to 3 months, design do today feed into international badge scheme, open schools / after schools groups, maybe homes as well. PAUSE ask – What badges are & difference between digital badges & OBs
  • Recognising a holistic education using open badges whole education

    1. 1. Recognising a holisticeducation using OpenBadges March 6 2013 Introduction: Tim Riches Presentation: Venture Academy
    2. 2. Mozilla!(global non-profit)
    3. 3. What are Open Badges? Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them
    4. 4. D ISPLAY SIT ES personal web site job sites social networking WordPress / Tumblr profiles
    5. 5. Digital media + learning competition winners
    6. 6. Venture AcademyPresentation
    7. 7. Technology and Digital Literacy and Digital badges
    8. 8. Context • Academy of around 600 students • Wanted to create a platform for student voice • Wanted to echo our Academy rewards culture digitally
    9. 9. S2R Medals
    10. 10. S2R Community badges
    11. 11. S2R Medals
    12. 12. S2R Medals
    13. 13. Skills and Achievements • Working as a team with people you would usually mix with • Timekeeping and organisation • Literacy • Confidence
    14. 14. Student Digital Leaders/ Design WorkshopWhere Next? Join a pilot project: S2R, Digital Leaders, SAFECreate own badges