Makewaves & digital me partner introduction


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  • Don’t mind admitting I’m excited to be here with you todayTim DM – committed to improving children’s life chances by providing educational activities which prepare them for world of work and encourage them to be life-long learners Developed out of product called MW…
  • Says social learning platform – social school – ‘school in cloud’everything happens in school expect to see on Makewaves - teacher materials – materials from employers – rather than responding with text books respond using the tools we use today web and mobile.. Very important that alongside teacher materials there are materials from employers – because takes teachers, parents AND employers to prepare children for world going to enter after school
  • As well as web mobile Mobile becoming increasingly important today – some schools going completely mobile.
  • As well as web mobile Mobile becoming increasingly important today – some schools going completely mobile.
  • As well as web mobile Mobile becoming increasingly important today – some schools going completely mobile.
  • Idea that’s really taking hold in schools – secret to overnight success is 10 yrs of hard work!
  • Open BadgesOpen Badges are digital images (pngs) with meta data hard baked into them, important stuff like: Who the badge belongs toWhat they’ve done to earn the badgeWho has endorsed the badge
  • They can be displayed anywhere are across the web
  • And a group of people you’ll recognise have got together to create badges which start to recognise all the achievements of young people using Open Badges
  • Hand over to these guys, know more than me, they have been testing, give them a big welcome….
  • Journalist = mastery of skills e.g. Creating media, presenting, communication, interviewing, promoting to an audienceProducer = team working, world of work skills, leadership, problem solving etcCoach = analytical skills, communication skills,
  • Makewaves & digital me partner introduction

    1. 1. The Social Media Platform for Schools
    2. 2. The leading safe social learning platform A fun way to engage children & teachers with video, blogging & digital badgesMakewaves homepagescreenshot Oct 2012
    3. 3. Mobile AppPublishvideo, audio,photos andblogs fromanywhereBroadcaststories tousers
    4. 4. Impact on Young People
    5. 5. Project partners Schools 200 Schools 87 Media stories3,017 Page views 17,500 Page views 20,129 Page views 23,609 Unique visits 10,000 Unique visits 11,408 Unique visits 13,435Some Other Partners
    6. 6. Example Project:Safe – the certificate insafe social networkingPractical activities toteach children the skillsthey need to stay safewhilst using socialmediaOver 1,500 primaryschools reachedInnovative deliveryusing multi-awardwinning Makewavesplatform
    7. 7. Example partnerpage Schools 200 Page views 17,500 Unique visits 10,000
    8. 8. What are Open Badges? Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them
    9. 9. D ISPLAY SIT ES personal web site job sites social networking WordPress / Tumblr profiles
    10. 10. Organisations involved
    11. 11. Digital media + learning competition winners
    12. 12. DigitalMe Badge ProgrammePushed out to Open BadgeInfrastructure and havevalue to a broad audienceQualitative assessment ofskills by peers/leaders3 sets Journalist, Coach&Producer3 levels in each set:Bronze, Silver & Gold
    13. 13. Cliff Manning Tim