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Doug belshaw and tim riches World Development Forum 2012


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Ho can we design education where learners develop the behaviours they need to solve the problems they face today and when they leave the formal education system? And how can Mozilla Open Badges be used in the design process

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Doug belshaw and tim riches World Development Forum 2012

  1. 1. Learning  Desire  Engines   @triches  
  2. 2. Habits  of  Learning   @triches  
  3. 3. Via  professor  Mike  Sharples   @triches  
  4. 4. Via  professor  Mike  Sharples   @triches  
  5. 5. Via  professor  Mike  Sharples   @triches  
  6. 6. @triches  
  7. 7. How  do  we  design  educa5on  to  develop  the  behaviours  that  ma;er?   @triches  
  8. 8. Content                  Behaviours  
  9. 9. b=mat  Dr.  B.  J.  Fogg  Stanford  Persuasive  Technology  Lab  
  10. 10. Learning  desire  engine    Nir  Eyal:  Desire  Engines  
  11. 11. Learning  desire  engine    Trigger ActionInvestment Reward Nir Eyal Desire Engine
  12. 12. Badges  are  a  visual  representa5on  of  rewards   Nir Eyal Desire Engines
  13. 13. Open  Badge  Project:  
  14. 14. S2R:  UK’s  youth  sports  reporJng  channel  
  15. 15. S2R  changes  young  people’s  lives  through  sports  reporJng.  Encourages  aspiraJon,  teamwork,  resilience  and  creaJvity.  Gives  reporters    a  legacy  of  life  and  job  skills,  confidence,  moJvaJon,  friends  and  fun!  
  16. 16. Ac5vi5es…  Local  repor5ng…    Reporters have interviewed hundreds of interesting people and created over 10,000 reports and blogs
  17. 17. Challenging  na5onal  events..  
  18. 18.  
  19. 19. Overview  Young  people  can  obtain  S2R  ‘Medals’  in  3  sets:  Journalist,  Producer  &  Coach    En  route  to  gaining  Medals  students  will  gather  ‘Achievements’  for  their  contribuJon  to  the  S2R  community  
  20. 20. Community  Achievements  Not  pushed  out  to  Open  Badge  Infrastructure  and  main  value  is  within  community  Granular  markers  of  acJvity  
  21. 21. Medals  QualitaJve  assessment  of  skills  by  peers/leaders  3  sets  Journalist,  Coach  &  Producer  3  levels  in  each  set:  Bronze,  Silver  &  Gold   @triches  
  22. 22. Unlocking  value  for  the  learner  through  badge  display   •   Employment   •   DifferenJaJon   •   Social  status   @triches  
  23. 23. Coding,  science  missions,  ecological  projects….   @triches  
  24. 24. “EducaJon  is  what  survives  when  what  has  been  learnt  has  been  forgoen”  B.F.  @triches