Are badges the future of informal recognition niace 2012


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The web has delivered innovation in many spheres of our on and offline lives. In the area of accreditation, however, there been little innovation or disruption. Open Badges are a new, secure way to recognise a broad range of lifelong learning skills. In this workshop Tim Riches from DigitalMe will provide an overview of Open Badges and an introduction to designing open badges to recognise informal learning.

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Are badges the future of informal recognition niace 2012

  1. 1. MozillaOpenBadges–The$future$of$informal$accredita1on? Presenter:$Tim$Riches$ @triches$#openbadges$$Innovating Learning 4 Dec 2012
  2. 2. What are Open Badges? !
  3. 3. OverviewLearning today happens everywhere. But itsoften difficult to get recognition for skills andachievements that happen online or out ofschool. Mozilla Open Badges helps solve thatproblem, making it easy for any organizationto issue, manage and display digital badgesacross the web.
  4. 4. What if we usedbadges for learning?

  5. 5. Not just digital badges but 
 Open Badges

  6. 6. Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them

  7. 7. Visual representations ofachievements, learning, skills, interests, competencies

  8. 8. They can represent hard & soft skills, peer assessment, and stackable lifelong learning
  9. 9. Open Badges can capture learning wherever & however itoccurs—allowing for innovation
  10. 10. How do we get there?
  11. 11. Through a shared badge ecosystem & infrastructure:
 a universal standard.

  13. 13. after-school program! free online course! government agency!
  14. 14. DISPLAY SITES! personal web site! job sites! social networking WordPress / Tumblr! profiles!
  15. 15. RESULTS! jobs! new " unlock learning! opportunities!
  16. 16. Who’s involved?
  17. 17.
  18. 18. The future.
  19. 19. DesigningOpenBadges (Workshop)
  20. 20. DigitalMeOpenBadgeProject:
  21. 21. S2R:$UK’s$youth$sports$repor1ng$channel$
  22. 22. S2R changes young people’s lives through sports reporting.Encourages aspiration, teamwork, resilience and creativity. Givesreporters a legacy of life and job skills, confidence, motivation, friends and fun!!
  23. 23. Ac>vi>es… Localrepor>ng…Reporters have interviewed hundreds of interesting people and ! created over 10,000 reports and blogs!
  24. 24. Challengingna>onalevents..
  25. 25.$
  26. 26. OverviewYoung$people$can$obtain$S2R$‘Medals’$in$ 3$sets:$ Journalist,Producer&CoachEn$route$to$gaining$Medals$students$will$ gather$‘Achievements’$for$their$ contribu1on$to$the$S2R$community$
  27. 27. CommunityAchievementsNot$pushed$out$to$Open$Badge$Infrastructure$and$ main$value$is$within$ community$ Granular$markers$of$ ac1vity$
  28. 28. Medals Qualita1ve$assessment$of$ skills$by$peers/leaders$3$sets$Journalist,Coach&$ Producer3$levels$in$each$set:$Bronze, Silver&Gold @triches$
  29. 29. Unlockingvalueforthelearnerthrough badgedisplay$ • $Employment$ • $Differen1a1on$ • $Social$status$ @triches$
  30. 30. “Education is what surviveswhen what hasbeen learnt has been forgotten”! B.F. Skinner!! @triches !