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The Revolution of Remote Training - Insights that Ignite No.6


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Revolutionise Retail Training. Radically Reduce costs.
a unique approach to remote training using IP store cameras to link retail personnel with centrally located training specialists.
manage widening geographical store portfolios
group & train stores by skills-need not geography
control consistency with franchise partners
reduce field expense, travel time & costs
deliver instruction with cost-effective compliance
educate efficiently with ongoing informal training
bridging the gap between essential training and the necessity to reduce costs

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The Revolution of Remote Training - Insights that Ignite No.6

  1. 1. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6another blue-touch paperfrom VM-unleashed! Ltd
  2. 2. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6Revolutionise retail training, Radically reduce costsStore Geography, Diversity& Retail DynamicsThe three fundamental reasonswhy on-going store basedtraining is becoming the mosteffective and practical way oftraining staff.VMRemote makes this trainingoption viable by ensuring trainingis more dynamic, more focused& more customised than ever,whilst significantly reducing cost.The VMRemote Process1. Analyse store training needs2. Grade & Cluster storesby training needs3. Develop & adapt trainingmaterials for remote training4. Define new training roles,responsibilities & processes5. Revise field training &compliance team structuresWhat is remote training?• Remote training uses store cameras to link the sales personnelin the store directly with centrally located training specialists.• The cameras are equipped with 2 way sound systems whichallow real-time interactive training sessions.• Cameras can be focused on important areas of the store fortraining, and with wide fields of view and zoom facilities forstore-wide compliance and maintenance• Training modules are developed and are tailored to the needs ofindividual stores and store clusters, fully interactive & hands-on.Which kind of training?• Remote training is ideal for all store based disciplines• Store personnel are trained whilst on their own shop-floor.• All training is therefore absolutely relevant and actionable.• Visual merchandising skills, disciplines & practices• Visual merchandising store layout awareness training• Visual Merchandising store moves & monthly, weekly,daily product changes• Visual Merchandising compliance and correction• Communication & Demonstration of new productinformation, features and benefits• Store operation tasks, procedures & processes• Customer service skills training & demonstrationsWhy the growing importance of store based training?1. Store based training has become more practical & cost effectiveas store portfolios have grown more dispersed and storedemographics and assortment grading more diverse2. In modern retail, high speed consumer & product dynamicshave made formal, classroom based training cumbersome andquickly outdated, whilst ongoing informal training has becomemore efficient and relevant.3. In this diverse, dynamic market – “education & informal training”has become more effective and successful than“rigid instruction & compliance!”Paradoxically as it becomes harder to communicate to, andcontrol, a wider variety of store situations, it has becomemore important than ever to do so, to create brandconsistency and increased commerciality across them.VMRemote - Bridging the gap between essentialtraining and the necessity to reduce costs
  3. 3. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6Training through Technology & Compliance through ScienceCompliance through ScienceFull store visibility from headoffice with discrete dome cameras.Compliance cameras not onlyoffer viewing angles up to 360o“fish-eye” views but have remotetilt, zoom & swivel to compare realdisplays with store plans,planograms & VM guidelines.Training & Compliance in stores up to 400sqm• One wide-view camera for whole store compliance• Two audio-cameras for departmental trainingThe cost of installing VMRemotefor training & compliance*The cost of installing VMRemotefor training & compliance*Training through TechnologyStrategically located camerasallow 2-way audio training inimportant areas of the store.Store entrance and departmentthresholds with combinations ofwall and floor situations allowfor all training possibilities, andproduct scenarios.First 1/3rdof the store is anessential training locationTraining & Compliance in multi-departmental stores• Fish-eye cameras for whole store compliance• Strategically located audio- cameras for departmental training
  4. 4. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6“On-the-Job” to “On-the-Edge” training1. Effective, Efficient & Relevant Training1. Training received in situ – in sales personnel’s own store2. Totally relevant to individual store needs3. Tailored by store, or store grade, needs4. Informal, team specific & interactive training5. Bite-size modules – 30 mins to 2 hours6. Training timings built around store daily tasks7. Training duration built around staff with busy lives8. Whole store teams exposed to training9. Raising expertise of every staff member10. Training as an effective store team building process11. Removes the risk of Chinese Whispers information12. Stores becomes training centres for field VMas well as the permanent store staff2. Building into serious Retail expertise1. Remote training as part of a “Training Academy”2. Building towards a recognised “Training Certificate”3. Ongoing, dynamic and building into real expertise4. Modular approach with recommendations bystore managers for individuals to take modules5. Modules requested by individual store personnel6. Tailored for staff progression7. Energise the role of “VM guardian”8. Effective tool in building staff loyalty9. Effective tool in reducing fast staff turnover3. Efficient use of technology1. One VMRemote set-up available and appropriate for manytraining purposes across different internal departments2. Facility for central trainers to train several storessimultaneously3. Facility for “instruct, leave, assess” hands-on training4. Cameras also suitable for standard security5. Cameras also suitable for traffic counting6. Cameras also suitable for introduction of shopping behaviouranalytics, dwell measurements etc.4. Massive cost-saving potential1. Smaller costs for training instead of huge cost for compliance2. Rationalisation of field VM teams3. Massive reduction in travel, accommodation costs4. Massive reduction in travel to/from formal training5. Savings on relocation costs and disruption6. Huge time efficiency improvements7. A refocus of expertise into head office,and into crucial store based specialistsThe average annualcost per store in fieldtravel, accommodationfor national chain****VM-unleashed! average based onretailer research & field experienceThe cost of installingVMRemote fortraining & compliancein a 400 sqmetre store**regular shape with good overall visibilityChinese Whispers TrainingThe main problem with historicalon-the-job (OTJ) training is thatbad habits are passed on. Everylayer of field personnel adds tothe risk of “Chinese Whispers”practices, rules and training.Even good store staff becomeisolated from new practices andprocesses.In a chain of stores its easy forbreakaway clusters to form.VMRemote takes the best ofboth worlds by allowing staff totrain on their own shop-floor butbe trained directly from headoffice by expert trainers.“On-the-Job” to“On-the-Edge” training
  5. 5. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6Store training clustered by skills needs and not dictated by geographyTraditional Geographicalbased Structure- Time-consuming- ExpensiveInstruction &CompliancemodelVMRemote Skills-needbased Structure- Time-efficient- Cost-effectiveTraining &EducationModel- Success of training dictatedby head-office adjacencies- Head office very remote- Necessity for many fieldpersonnel & layering- General field manager skills“jack-of-all-trades”& “master of none”- High risk of “ChineseWhisper” information training- Stores with different trainingneeds clustered together- Store training clusters notaligned with store grading byassortment & demographics2. General skillfield personnel3. Geographical,mixed gradestore clusters1. Proactive headoffice with specialistsby store cluster3. Stores clusteredby same skills andtraining needs2. Rationalisedfield complianceor multi-storemanagers- Success of training related to commercial and strategicimportance of each store cluster.- Head office directly involved in stores training- Only light field compliance team or multi-store managers- Specialist training & compliance managers allocatedstrategically to each store cluster and based in head office- Ongoing “on-the-edge” training- Stores clustered by same training needs- Specialist VM Guardians trained in every storeThe “VMSelling Tool-kit!”Assessment will channel storetraining into the most important& productive areas:-- VM product display techniques- Store layout & space allocation- Window & mannequin dressing- Store process, rules & regimes- Managing store relays andcomplying to VM guidelines- Understanding and conveyingdynamic product information- Delivering the Retail Calendar- Starting a “Training Academy”- Introducing and managingSales Incentive Schemes- Instigating store refurbishment,fixture and brand refreshment- Collaborating on assortmentbuying & merchandising- Customer recognition skills- Customer service skills- Team management skills- Customer satisfaction1. Remotehead officeAssessing the Skills-needsof individual storesOne solution does not fit all whenit comes to store skills training.It is an important part of thetraining process to assess whichskills will actually deliver highersales, profit, efficiency and brandequity.Every store should be assessedon its:- service approach- store manager influence- sales personnel hierarchy- experience, skills and “passion”- assortment complexity- store design and evolution- fixture efficiency & compliance- delivery & replenishmentefficiencies- customer expectations.From proper assessment, storescan be clustered for training.
  6. 6. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6Do you measure the new store KPIs?Do you have the ability to measure thestrengths & weaknesses of your storesand analyse store initiative ROI.- Store Traffic & Conversion- Attraction of store areas & displays- Dwell times at displays- engagement rate of displays- Dwell conversion rates- Conversion rates by displayDo you have “The Perfect Store or the Perfect Storm?”Store SellingStrategyStore SellingFundamentalsVM Selling ToolkitStoreImplementationAnalysis of storeimplementation“The Perfect Storeor The Perfect Storm?”“The Perfect Store” for theretailer is always the result ofcorrectly aligned strategy, sellingprinciples, tools and supporttraining.“The Perfect Storm” arises whenthe strategy, principles andselling tools are simply notcorrect, uncoordinated, poorlyresourced and often the result ofpoor and outdated retailawareness, perceptions,education and training.Do you know what your correct approachto service and non-service selling shouldbe based on your product proposition,store skill-sets, customer demographic,geographic culture?Do you grade stores by Selling Strategyand do you train your staff accordinglyand appropriately?Do you get your store VM principlescorrect based on your Selling Strategyand customer proposition?- Assortment structure & segmentation- Display densities & store capacities- Store layout, locations & adjacencies- Product display techniques- Retail calendar & promotions- Visual communication & branding- Store design and customer experienceDo you have the correct VMSellingToolkitto support your store selling strategy?- VM Product Display Book- Seasonal VM Guidelines- Dynamic product communication- A Training Academy- A Retail Calendar- Sales Incentive Schemes- Store design & refreshment actions- Buying & Merchandising SupportDo you have the correct skill-sets in yourstore teams, support and train them toimplement and maintain “Perfect Stores!”- Basic VM skills & awareness- Product knowledge & brand passion- Store space awareness- Store operational disciplines- Daily/weekly rules & regimes- Customer & market awareness- Customer Service SkillsVMGlueTraining from “Boardroom toStockroom” creates verticallycoordinated retail teams andprocesses, building an awarenessand a VMGlue between buying &selling, head office and stores.VMTraining & VM Remote fit into the wider picture of retail strategy,store selling strategy, store selling principles and the variety of “sellingtools” that a retailer can use to drive sales and profit through its stores.“A Fish Rots from the Head”Remember a fish rots from thehead! Training and education isnot just for the seller on the shopfloor but from the CEOdownwards.To stay ahead of current bestpractice, latest thinking and bestpractice tools, processes andtechnique a retailer needs….Training & Education from“Boardroom to Stockroom”
  7. 7. insights that ignite: blue touch-papersfrom VM-unleashed! Ltdremote training:blue touch-paper no.6VM-unleashed unlocks the multi-channel profit potential of retailers byintegrating the buying, visual merchandising and selling functions, fortraditional stores and on-line channels.which product?how much of it?how to segment and group it?how to display and communicate it?how to promote and sell it!...and how to make it happen in your company?Space planning & allocationmaximising sales/profit productivity per sqm., space density and storecapacities – store grading, square metre to linear metre conversion,store & web space allocation, fixture capacity and design flexibility.Assortment structure displaySegmenting the assortment for customer ease-of-shop, balancingproduct story types, defining construction of options within stories,planning the flow of goods to construct and fragment stories.Store layout & web architectureSegmentation, architecture and intuitive navigation, sightlines andfocal point planning, best seller merchandising, “contact points” tostimulate impulse purchasing, cross-merchandising.Visual MerchandisingCommercial display with optimum option and unit densities, creativedisplay for maximum rates of sales, integration of actual and plannedbest sellers, image makers, high & low margin product.Retail Calendar, Events & Promotionssales promotion strategies and calendars, price & promotionalcommunication, stimulating the assortment, controlling store & webspace, time and graphic communication, dynamic promotionallayering, window strategy & display, store & website promotionaljourney, e-newsletter delivery.VM tools & processes, team structure & trainingdeveloping guidelines & manuals, space plans & zoning, developingstore regimes and routines, instilling a culture of visual merchandising“from boardroom to stockroom!”, improving visual merchandising skillsin-store, developing & delivering training programmes.…for more information please call Tim Radley+44 (0)7967 609849.delivering your store selling fundamentals- making the most of what retailers haveVM-unleashed is a retailspecialist consultancy workingwith clients throughout Europeon training & implementation.Tim Radley is the founder andManaging Director and hasbeen working with best practiceEuropean retailers for over 20years including:-.All Saints, Camper, Boots,Carrefour, Primark, OttoVersand, Cortefiel, Oviesse,Coin, Springfield, Motivi,Adidas, Sonae, Alessi, Aena,Marks & Spencer, KappAhl,Imaginarium, Porcelanosa,Clarks, Aldeasa, Pepe Jeans,Trucco, Sony, Koton, Oltre,GasNatural, Orange…
  8. 8. VM-unleashed Ltd!11 Moat FarmRoyal Tunbridge WellsKent TN2 5XGUKTim RadleyManaging Directortim.radley@vm-unleashed.com07967 609849www.vm-unleashed.compinpointing & delivering ROI opportunities in physical & online storesfrom VM-unleashed! Ltd