PlaceIQ Product Showcase for American Express Open


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PlaceIQ Product Showcase for American Express Open

  1. 1. Discovering the Consumer Journey through Location Intelligence February 2014
  2. 2. For organizations seeking to understand human behavior, PlaceIQ derives intelligence from activities across time, space and devices, to uncover opportunities to learn about and connect with consumers with unrivaled clarity, quality and relevance.
  3. 3. The PlaceIQ Solution Analytics Discovering the consumer journey Activation Delivering right message, right audience, right moment Audiences Creating audiences from location histories Data Organizing billions of data points Platform 100x100 meter tile structure
  4. 4. Platform
  5. 5. PlaceIQ’s Platform Organizes Hundreds of Billions of Data Points Nearly 1 Billion Tiles USGS 100 x 100 meter tile grid system 27 Time Periods Taxonomy Periods mapped to moments 4K+ categories organize our 40+ data sources
  6. 6. Data
  7. 7. PlaceIQ Ingests a Diverse Selection of Data Sets Consumer Spending Purchase Data from Retail Partners Entertainment Movies, Museums, Parks, Tourism, Bars Residential • Age • Ethnicity • Income • Language • Household Size • Building type • Children • Auto Owned • Life Stage • Auto in Market Retail & Dining Grocery, Clothing, Big Box, QSR, Buffet, Casual PIQ PrimeTime TV Viewership from Set-Top boxes Auto & Travel Dealership Lots, Airports, Hotels, Bus Stations And More… Photos, Social Media Events, etc.
  8. 8. PlaceIQ Leads the Industry in Location Precision Hand-Made Polygons Tile Based Scoring Leading Precision Hundreds of thousands built by cartographers Tiles are scored from 0 to 10 We map to “rooftop” not “driveway”
  9. 9. Audiences
  10. 10. How Do We Use Location to Build Audiences? PIQ Audiences NOW PIQ Audiences Where You Are Now Where You’ve Been • Targeting based on the moment- • Behavioral targeting based on the current time and place • Never more than 100m from relevance the real world • Rich location histories to create robust audiences
  11. 11. Millions of Unique Audiences Demographics Age Income Household Size Education Work Type Renters Life Stage Race Auto Owners Auto Segment Auto Brand Auto Purchased Vehicle Age Auto Quantity Auto Market Value Domestic Autos Entertainment Movie Theaters Nature & Outdoors Beaches Golf Courses Museums Ski Areas Water Parks PIQ PrimeTime Broadcast Television Cable Television Bravo Viewers CNN Viewers Sports Viewers ABC Family Viewers Univision Viewers Retail Auto Big Box Books Clothing Department Stores Electronics Grocery Consumer Spending Frozen Pizza Buyers Makeup Buyers Yogurt Buyers Smuckers Buyers Revlon Buyers Coke Zero Buyers Tide Pods Buyers Dining Breakfast Diners Lunch Diners Dinner Diners Casual Diners Upscale Diners QSR Diners Fast Casual Diners
  12. 12. Reaching Audiences Throughout the Consumer Journey Sports Fan Watches ESPN and Drinks Heineken Audiences who watch significant amounts of sports television and purchase beer at the grocery store People who go to sports bars, purchase beer at grocery stores, and visit stadiums Goes to Sports Bars Audiences who visit establishments such as Buffalo Wild Wings and other sports bars Shops at Sports Authority Audiences who shop for sporting goods at stores such as Sports Authority and Dick’s Currently in an NFL Stadium Golfs Every Month Audiences who visit golf courses frequently Audiences who are currently in an NFL Stadium
  13. 13. Delivering the Right Message at the Right Moment Tune in for tonight’s show! Come in for today’s deals 2 for 1 desserts with any meal
  14. 14. Activation
  15. 15. Connecting Devices to Audiences in Media current location User Opts In Location and ID Mobile Exchange Ad Served past location
  16. 16. Analytics
  17. 17. Analytics Products Measure Campaigns & Consumers Place Visit Rate PreVisit PIQ Analytics Do devices shown Mobile ads visit key retail locations? Where do visitors go before they visit key retail locations? What is unique about the movements, behaviors, and demographics of an audience?
  18. 18. PIQ Analytics: Discovering the Consumer Journey Learning about audiences and how they move through the world
  19. 19. A BRAND’s Customer Consumer Journey More likely to over-index at big box stores versus groceries 120 120 90 60 30 0 89 221 240 90 180 63 20 120 60 0 136 90 160 123 118 400 320 240 160 80 0 311 149 95 126 174 125 100 75 50 25 0 119 87
  20. 20. What’s Next? Connecting Location Histories Across Multiple Screens Device ID IP Cookie Cross Screen Technology Links Mobile to Desktops
  21. 21. Consumer Insights Platform Visualization of real world behavior tied to how audiences move through space and time What can it do? • Define and create audiences • Create and manipulate complex segments • Apply insights to campaign execution Discover: • Who is visiting the desired location? • Where they were prior to visitation? • How are the visitor profiles different geographically? • What is unique about the visitors?
  22. 22. Why PlaceIQ? Data-Driven Consumer Insights Q/A Process Patented Platform Unparalleled Audiences Innovation