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Scream@theCircleOfDeath, Crummy trial


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Scream@theCircleOfDeath, Crummy trial

  1. 1. Scream@the Circle of DeathTask ResultsScream (behavior) every time you are 5 people joined. Reported feelingin a specific campus roundabout, more relaxed after the scream.i.e.“the circle of death” (trigger) Motivated them to engage in socially deviant and calming behavior.InsightsIt was exciting to actually hear people scream. The biggest surprise was thatwe had participants who weren’t on campus at all but engaged in theactivity using a time trigger. At the same time, it was frustrating to see howhard it was to get people to sign-up for the trial (~4% conversion rate).Next steps include setting up a time and behavioral trigger, i.e. have signsand people already screaming to trigger more users to scream and limit itto the busiest period from 10:50am - 11am. Tim Pusnik Jausovec | stanford university | | @timpj