Professional branding on social media


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Professional branding on social media

  1. 1. Self Branding on Social MediaClass Notes for x551 Career ManagementPhoto by Steven Depolo
  2. 2. Why brand yourself?• Helps you to achieve your goals• Shows your expertise• Displays what makes youuniquePhoto by: TMAB2003
  3. 3. Create a place to live online• Personal Website• Personal ProfilePage
  4. 4. Personal Profile PageThis profile page links to all of his social profiles
  5. 5. Direct people to your home onlineThis Twitter bio links to a profile page
  6. 6. Direct people to your home onlineThis Twitter bio links to a website and blog
  7. 7. Twitter• Twitter is your business poetry. Use it toprovide helpful, educational or interestinginformation.Link to video
  8. 8. Blogging• A blog is your personal newspaper– Establish yourself as a subject matter expert– Show off your workThis marketingconsultant blogsabout dentalpracticemanagement. Healso uses varioussocial profiles toestablish his brandidentity.
  9. 9. LinkedIn• LinkedIn is your online office– Showcase professional accomplishments– Share industry information– Network
  10. 10. Social Job SeekersYour ability to be super social will createopportunities (click to view)
  11. 11. Social Media Tools to Use• Hootesuite – schedule tweets to FB, Twitter• Feedly – compile and manage feeds from varioussources on the web• Evernote – store links, pictures, notes, everything• Wordpress – blog publishing platform• Tumblr – blog publishing platform• – personal profile page• – personal profile page