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A Brief History of Self-Publishing


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Video version of my talk here thx to

Spiel: "The Inter-tubes have ignited a self-publishing revolution due to the decrease in cost of production and the exponential scale of distribution. Online self-publishing gives authors a global footprint without the traditional marketing and distribution costs. No more middle-man.

In this brief presentation using the Ignite format of 5 minutes per presentation, 20 slides and 15 sec per slide, technology evangelist, Tim Parsons, presents a timely perspective on the history of publishing and the self-publishing revolution tipping point, and talks about the book he made."

Note: I'm working with the lovely folk at who not only introduced me to the brave new world of self-publishing but did a cracking job on printing and binding my book, especially the full-bleed photos and the imagewrap binding. Here's another video of me unwrapping it upon arrival !

A Brief History of Self-Publishing

  1. Self Publishing Online The Revolution Has Begun
  2. In the beginning...
  3. ...this was it ! Morguefile image url :
  4. Next came...
  5. Easier, but not as durable Stone Tablet II.0
  6. The big one !
  7. And another !
  8. My favourite! / ds-i -en oid o lar /p 8 /02 00 ab/2 etl dg ga m/ .co ed w. wir w p ://w htt
  9. The Really Big One
  10. So let’s define self-publishing
  11. Self expression
  12. Creative
  13. A convincing “product”
  14. Simple to make lotsa copies
  15. Green!
  16. & I want it to be Beautiful.
  17. Its not this !! (i.e. the publishing industry) writer agent publisher print printer binder broker packer warehouse shipping stock Point-of- inventory shop sale
  18. The really, really, really ...really big breakthrough!
  19. ...thankfully, now its this.
  20. What’s your book going to be about ?