Savtira September Newsletter


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Savtira September Newsletter

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Savtira September Newsletter

  1. 1. To view this in a browser, click hereSeptember 2011 Follow us: A Note From Our CEO August had us on the move... literally. As the month began, our office looked like a sardine can with employees sharing desks and crammed into every available corner we could find. Growing this rapidly is a great problem to have but we needed more space and we needed it fast! The great news: there happened to be another building right next door that had plenty of room for us to expand. Problem solved and we now have overflow space to continue our expansion. The local news here in Tampa was also excited about our expansion and they sent a crew to film our big move into our new office building. Theres no telling how long it will be before we outgrow our new office and have to move again! In other news, weve been aggressively signing content acquisition partner agreements ranging from digital media content (eBooks, music, and movies) to pet supplies and beauty products. Weve also strategically partnered with numerous technology companies to allow Savtira to grow both technologically and financially. Were very excited about every one of our new partners and our ever- expanding partner network. As always, I extend a special thanks to our investors, our business partners, and our Savtira team who make this all possible.
  2. 2. Sincerely,Tim Roberts, CEOAnd Away We Grow...We just Added Internet TV ChannelsThis past month, Savtira selected Vivicast Media LLC as thecompanys content aggregator for subscription-based Internetchannels. Vivicast is a leader in linear content for multipleplatforms, adding to the features of Savtiras platform.Vivicast allows Savtira to deliver a suite of subscription linearchannels to multiple user devices like tablets and smartphones.Vivicast has distribution rights to networks ranging from full-time3D, music, professional sports and unique lifestyle channels tovaried and robust packages of international programming. Clickhere for more details.And Health & Beauty Products...Supermarket Distributors of America (SDA), a national wholesalerof health and beauty products recently entered into a distributionagreement with Savtira. Countless health and beauty products willbe added to Savtiras catalog for resale on our partners eStores.The best products at the best rates - and continuously opening thedoor to a wider range of clients, customers and resellers. Click herefor more details.
  3. 3. We added 15,000+ Pet Supplies to CatalogA pet dog is part of the family to 78.2 million Americans while 86.4million Americans have a cat as part of their family. At least 39percent of all U.S. households have a pet. Thats a lot of bones tochew. For consumer retailers, this exemplifies the demand in petsupplies, which is why we partnered with TopDawg Pet Supply, Inc.tapping into 15,000+ pet supplies. Click here for more details.Glenn Cummings, Country Music ArtistSavtira is backing country music artist, Glenn Cummings, indistribution and contract negotiations by connecting him with OMEMedia Distribution, Savtiras newest eStore client, and by retainingnoted entertainment attorney, Orville Almon, Jr. Click here formore details.Major Infrastructure ExpansionSavtira commenced a significant network infrastructure expansionvia a multi-million dollar lease facility increase with strategicpartner, Data Sales Co. This asset-backed lease line allows Savtirato retain a significant amount of equity while growing the business,versus using funds from venture capital or private equity. As partof this strategic alliance, Data Sales has acquired an equity interestin Savtira. Click here for more details.Getting Connected on a Multi-Platform LevelSavtira selected Oakwood Systems Group, Inc. as its primecontractor for multi-platform, client-side development to extendthe Savtira store-fronts to a range of devices and operatingsystems including smartphones, tablets, browsers, connected cars,computers, smart TVs and media tables. As a part of this
  4. 4. partnership, Oakwood is making an equity investment in Savtira.Click here for more details.Local Mayor Interviews Savtira for TV ProgramLocal Tampa Bay Mayor, Bob Buckhorn, and local celebrity/mediahost, Jack Harris, bring the camera crew in for "The Mayors Hour"program to interview our CEO, Tim Roberts.Local News Stations Talk About Our GrowthLocal news stations, ABC Action News and Bay News 9 made a visitto Savtira as they taped our teams moving from one building toanother. In the meantime, local government officials stood-by insupport of the economic growth.Welcoming Our Growing ExecutiveStaffWe would like to introduce two prominent players of our growingteam: Attorney, Paul Roecker, as General Counsel and LauraJ. Mayo as Executive Vice President of Sales and BusinessDevelopment.Paul RoeckerMr. Roecker began his legal career nearly three decades ago,starting out as a Naval Judge Advocate General. His specialtiesinclude environmental law, insurance law, products liability andcivil litigation.
  5. 5. Laura Mayo Ms. Mayo also brings nearly three decades of industry expertise to Savtira, focusing on global sales and alliance leadership. Maintaining countless executive roles in highly-acclaimed technology companies, Ms. Mayos roster includes more than $500 million in proven revenue growth.This communication is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any securities transaction in any state or jurisdiction where such an offer or solicitation is unlawful. Savtira Corporation 2101 East Palm Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 Office: (813) 402-0123 • Fax: (813) 440-3800 Email: •