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Savtira PR 4 03 09-11 America's Center Set-top box


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Savtira Corporation To Build Set-Top Box for America’s Center

Published in: Technology
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Savtira PR 4 03 09-11 America's Center Set-top box

  1. 1. Savtira Corporation to Build Set-Top Boxfor America’s CenterTAMPA, FL, March 9, 2011 — Savtira Corporation, a new provider of B2B e-commerce solutions, is proudto announce they have entered into an agreement with America’s Center to build an Internet Protocolset-top box.Savtira Corporation has been engaged by America’s Center of Belleville, IL, to build an Internet Protocolset-top box for their key markets in Georgia and North Carolina. The set-top will help provide digitalentertainment technology for consumers to browse, play and save digital content.Americas Center works with Broadband Operators and private communities to deliver enhancedservices and a higher level of customer satisfaction. Their last-mile-to-the-curb network currentlyreaches 20,000 homes, growing to 500,000 in the near future. Savtira is pleased to have been selectedto be a part of this growth initiative to deliver the best in entertainment services.“We are delighted to be working with Savtira on this project and can confirm that our joint effort will bedeployed to the customers of America’s Center as soon as it is available,” commented Harry Norton,CEO of America’s Center. “Our feature-rich triple-play service along with Savtiras solutions will be madeavailable to all of our customers, enabling more customer features, better set-top performance andenhanced Over The Top video services.”“Savtira is working with many devices to extend our Savtira B2B turnkey platform, too,” remarkedTimothy Roberts, CEO of Savtira Corporation. “We are excited to have the opportunity to build an
  2. 2. advanced services set-top box which allow consumers a broader catalog of content with advancedtechnical features such as DVR in the cloud and the ability to start applications such as video games andbusiness software with 1-click / no download or install, and complete portability of their application orgameplay state to other devices.”About SavtiraSavtira is in the business of Digital Distribution with a first-class Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) e-commerce platform that online and bricks-and-mortar brands can use to market, merchandise and selldigital and physical goods in one unified shopping cart. Each Savtira eStore is custom-tailored andbranded for each client. Clients may use the platform as the distribution channel for their own contentand/or opt-in to use Savtira’s Digital Catalog and Physical Goods API (Application ProgrammingInterface). Savtira is also building the next Carrier-Class “Entertainment Distribution Network” (EDN) tostream all digital media from the cloud with a feature set that eclipses anything on the market.Based in Tampa, Florida, Savtira Corporation was founded in 2010 by a stellar executive managementteam with entrepreneurial as well as mass market experience in High Speed Network Infrastructure,Cloud-Based Software, Digital Media, Finance and Product Management. After 25 years of experience inthe infrastructure world and the last 8 years in platform and backend development, we have resolvedcurrent problems in digital distribution and arrived at a final set of blueprints. ###Contact: David AlecockSavtira CorporationPhone: 813-402-0123Fax: 813-440-3800
  3. 3. Email: pr@savtira.comWebsite: