Savtira Corporation strikes deal with Richert Funding, LLC                              Richert Funding provides working c...
###Media Contact: Marialuisa Curran, APRSavtira CorporationDirect: 813-440-3847Fax: 813-440-3800MCurran@Savtira.comwww.Sav...
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Richert Funding Partners with Savtira


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Richert Funding Partners with Savtira

  1. 1. Savtira Corporation strikes deal with Richert Funding, LLC Richert Funding provides working capital for growing tech firm, SavtiraTAMPA, Fla. (September 7, 2011) – Savtira Corporation (Savtira), a new provider of B2B e-commerce solutions, todayannounced it has entered into a funding arrangement with Richert Funding, which will provide working capital for thecompany to continue to achieve its ambitious growth strategy.Richert Funding specializes in providing growth capital. Savtira, a developing Software-as-a-Service Cloud Commercesolutions company, covers both digital and physical goods, using e-commerce to sell everything from IP-TV, radio,e/audiobooks, video games, music, movies, and software to an extensive catalog of consumer goods. Savtira also createseStores for clients that are branded and custom-tailored, while their online shoppers receive access to a Digital Lockerwhich allows consumers complete portability of their content from any device (meaning they can access their data, media,and applications from the Cloud with instant start–pause-and-resume capabilities).“We see that Savtira has the potential to garner a significant portion of the enormous e-commerce market; we lookforward to supporting Savtira as the company captures more and more market share,” said Dwight Richert, President ofRichert Funding, LLC. “We enjoy partnering with fellow local Florida-based companies like Savtira, who are experiencingthe same rapid expansion as we are at Richert Funding.”Richert Funding enables startups like Savtira to move quickly when growing and developing internal infrastructures."Much like us, Richert Funding executes extremely fast. Richert Funding conducted thorough due diligence andsubsequently provided funding expeditiously,” said Timothy Roberts, CEO of Savtira Corporation.About Richert Funding, LLCRichert Funding, LLC has offices located in Windermere and Lakeland, Fla. and was founded by Dwight Richert. RichertFunding supports all different industries ranging from technology, manufacturing, construction, transportation,refrigeration, engineering, staffing, printing and more. Richert Funding is self-funded, in turn, allowing for immediatefunding for clients. For more information, please visit or call 863.206.9697.About Savtira CorporationBased in Tampa, Florida, Savtira is in the business of Digital Distribution with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-commerce platform that is a turnkey system for the distribution, marketing, merchandising, and selling of both digitalmedia and physical goods in a single store and a single, unified shopping cart. Savtira-powered stores are designed tomeet the specific needs of retail partners so no two eStores are alike. All Savtira eStores are branded and custom-tailoredfor our partners. Extra features and services are offered on an à la carte basis. Savtira’s next Carrier-Class “EntertainmentDistribution Network” (EDN) streams all digital media from the cloud with a feature-set that eclipses anything on themarket. For more information on Savtira, visit: or call 813.402.0123. Follow us on Twitter at: is a registered trademark. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respectivecompanies.
  2. 2. ###Media Contact: Marialuisa Curran, APRSavtira CorporationDirect: 813-440-3847Fax: