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Reasons Why Printed Banners Are Excellent Advertising Tools

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Reasons Why Printed Banners Are Excellent Advertising Tools

  1. 1. The Pros Of Using Outdoor Banners As Marketing Tools1 | Banners
  2. 2. In spite of the increasing popularity of Internet marketing, printedbanner advertising remains a popular marketing tool. It is safe tosay that, banner printing is still perceived as an effectivemarketing strategy by businesses, regardless of size and industry.There are many advantages to using printed banners. For one,they are inexpensive to produce. You can produce a banner formuch less than what you would pay to record the simplest of radioads. If you know how to use desktop publishing suites or imageediting software, you will pay substantially less. If you feel yourartistic skills are just not up to par, you can also have bannerscreated for you. There are numerous shops online and offlinewhich you can commission to make your banner signs. Theplenitude of these shops guarantees that prices for such servicesare kept competitive. Also, printed banners allow you to do targeted marketing. For example, when you place your banner at a trade event, you are guaranteed that the people who will see your advertisement are potential clients. By doing so you are guaranteed that thepeople who are looking at your ads are potential customers, andthat you are not throwing away time and valuable resources tryingto entice customers that do not find your product relevant to theirpresent needs.Banners are also more effective than broadcast advertising. Thisis due to the fact that once your commercial has aired, it is donepromoting your company, and also most television viewers aredistracted by many things, and are likely to miss your ad when itis shown. In comparison, printed banners continue to re-introduceyour brand and reinforce your message every time they are seen.2 | Banners
  3. 3. If they are installed in places frequented by your potentialcustomers or in high traffic areas, you can market your companyand offerings in a cost-efficient manner. For instance, there areplenty of companies that place banners on several lamppostsalong busy streets or hang them from fixtures at the subwaystation.Many printed banners may be used more than once that is ofcourse if the prints are still vivid and the message is still relevant.This reusability makes banners more cost-effective than otherprint advertisements which in most instances are discarded aftera single use. Shops that produce banner signs with UV-cured inksare no longer uncommon these days. UV-curing creates bannersthat look shiny, are resistant to scratches and chemical damage,and able to retain their color and quality despite months of use. They are also very versatile. You can have them printed in any size, with a full range of rich colors. They can be hung from existing fixtures, mounted to a wall, or placed in retractable display stands. They can be hung from skyscrapers, or towed by blimps. Two- sided and three-sided banners are also notuncommon. These multi-sided banners can be mounted on arotating stand or folded open as a triptych.3 | Banners