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SGVCUE presentation: Online Learning in the Traditional Classroom


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Learn how you can take some simple steps to begin to transform your traditional classroom into a blended learning environment.

Published in: Education, Technology
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SGVCUE presentation: Online Learning in the Traditional Classroom

  1. 1. Online Learning and the Traditional Classroom SGVCUE Tech Fair May 7, 2011 Timothy McKean Presentation Website:
  2. 2. Online Learning ExperienceTwo online classesOne was one of my favorite classesThe other was one of my least favorite What was the difference?Interaction between student and teacher.
  3. 3. Online Teaching Experience How I got started with online ● Individuals from teaching: other areas ● Skype ● uStream
  4. 4. 10 WeeksContinue Teaching
  5. 5. Online Teaching Components● Digital Delivery of Instruction These are the components that we● Class Website see being used● Video Tutorials today in online teaching.● Chat Rooms● Threaded Discussion Boards● File Sharing● Email● Video Streaming● Virtual Classrooms● Online Forms● Video Conferencing
  6. 6. Technology should alwaysallow you to be more Efcientor Effective as a teacher.
  7. 7. If these tools can allow me tobe an effective teacher 6,000miles away from my students,how much more Efcient andEffective would the sametools allow me to be when Imactually there.
  8. 8. Categories1.Instructional Delivery2.Communication/ Interaction3.Assessment and Feedback
  9. 9. Streaming videoUstream Producer Demo
  10. 10. Streaming videoUstream/ Ustream Producer iWebcamera iOS app
  11. 11. Virtual Classrooms
  12. 12. Virtual Classrooms Adobe Connect Pro Elluminate Live
  13. 13. SkypeSkype Demo (Maybe) timothymckean
  14. 14. Learning On Demand Video Podcasting Tutorial Class session review video
  15. 15. Class Website
  16. 16. Class Website Google Sites
  17. 17. Formal Communications Group Email Lists Blog Posts
  18. 18. Informal Communications Individual emails (quick response) Social Networks
  19. 19. Redundant Communication
  20. 20. Student Interaction
  21. 21. Assessment and Feedback Wikis / Discussion Board Drop Box Public or Shared Folders Embedded Forms in website Quizstar Poll Everywhere
  22. 22. Get Started Tomorrow1.Set up a class website2.Establish an email list for parents3.Post lessons and class notes4.Begin recording and posting lectures (audio or video)
  23. 23. Closing ThoughtsTechnology should always maketeaching and learning moreEfcient or Effective.
  24. 24. Closing ThoughtsOnline and Blended learningshould provide a more personalexperience for students, not less.
  25. 25. Questions
  26. 26. Contacttimothymckean@gmail.comTwitter: timothymckeanBlog: