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De Luxe San Diego2011 Event


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DeLUXE San Diego is a new yachting and lifestyle event launched as a world-class destination for yacht enthusiasts, charter clients, and luxury lifestyle connoisseurs.
This exclusive showcase event will celebrate the yachting lifestyle with a line-up of yachts from leading companies. Along with presentations from top-marque automobiles and private aviation companies, event attendees will experience jewelry, watches, and fashion from leading companies.
DeLUXE San Diego will provide a unique opportunity for companies to showcase yachts and luxury brands at a venue that is close and convenient to a significant market of qualified ultra-high-net-wealth consumers who appreciate the ultimate in luxury.
DeLUXE San Diego will be located in the heart of downtown San Diego at the Fifth Avenue Marina providing an exclusive venue with immediate access to the major downtown hotel properties.
With an expansive waterfront, San Diego’s offers an unrivaled venue to exhibit exceptional sailing, expedition and cruising yachts for current and prospective owners, as well as to charter clients. With it’s unique location as a strategic gateway to the Pacific, San Diego also supplies all necessary support services essential to the global yachting world.

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De Luxe San Diego2011 Event

  1. 1. 14‑16 april 2011 The MosT excepTional YachTs. The world’s MosT desirable brands. The deluxe evenT. DeLUXE San DiEgo offers a new and unique event opportunity connecting those who appreciate the finest in yachts, automobiles, aircraft, jewelry, fashion, watches, wines, and travel with those leading luxury brands. With a focus around 100-foot- plus motor and sailing yachts, the products and services that complement the owner, and the yacht charter lifestyle, the event will give invited guests and attendees an opportunity to interact and experience one-on-one with participating brands. Internationally known as one of the most desirable destinations in the United States, San Diego combines great natural beauty with a near-perfect climate. As California’s second largest city and the United States’ eighth largest, San Diego offers a luxury lifestyle that is captured by its vast waterfront, 70 miles of pristine beaches, a vibrant downtown area, and surrounding resorts and spas that offer the most discerning guests an experience to match the event itself.
  2. 2. cruise iT. drive iT. wear iT. FlY iT. live iT. when: 14 – 16 april, 2011 Thursday: Opening Evening Reception Friday: Preview & Experience Day / Charity Reception Saturday: Public Day / Yachts After Dark Reception where: FiFTh avenue landinG & Marina In the heart of downtown San Diego, California 32o 42’ 16” N / 117o 9’ 41” W sTYle: YachTs / cars / planes / waTches / Fashion & More Learn more, visit | For event and sponsorship information, call: +1.818.706.3814 ©2010 e v e n t s i n t e r n a t i o n a l c o m p a n y. c o m