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Benefits of Joining Race with Purpose


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Benefits of Joining Race with Purpose

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Benefits of Joining Race with Purpose

  2. 2. Benefits of Joining Race with Purpose • Marathon runnerTimothy Higgins participates in Race with Purpose to raise money for worthy organizations while pursuing his love for running.To date, Timothy Higgins has raised funds for childhood obesity charityTeam for Kids as well as several other children's service organizations.
  3. 3. Benefits of Joining Race with Purpose • Through Race with Purpose, runners enjoy training in a dedicated and welcoming community while raising money for worthy organizations.When a runner joins Race with Purpose, he or she is placed into a training program that includes expert coaching, nutrition and hydration tips, and a calendar to keep the runner on track. Under this proven training program, close to 2,000 runners have run successful races.
  4. 4. Benefits of Joining Race with Purpose • Race with Purpose runners also have the opportunity to partake in group training events where possible. Furthermore , all runners, regardless of location, can participate in an online community that offers support and encouragement as they prepare for race day.As they train, runners also gather sponsorship for such children's outreach organizations as Healthy Directions and Marathon Kids, which encourage healthy living and education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.