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Content Marketing Retreat: Content, Keywords, Analytics


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This presentation discusses the importance of balancing customer needs with business and marketing goals through best content strategy and measurement practices. Optimization techniques for keywords and phrases are discussed, as are approaches for getting the most out of an analytics package.

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Content Marketing Retreat: Content, Keywords, Analytics

  1. 1. Content Marketing RetreatContent, Keywords, Analytics Tim Frick January 26, 2012
  2. 2. Create content that adds value. • Use keywords to inform content. • Use keyword metrics to inform content strategy.
  3. 3. KEYWORD STRATEGYKeywords inform everything
  4. 4. KEYWORD STRATEGYBroad Term vs. Long Tail Broad Term “MP3 Player” Long Tail “iPod Touch 3G”
  7. 7. KEYWORD MEASUREMENTIs your content performing?
  8. 8. Poor keyword performance? Target new ones.(but give them some time first)
  9. 9. UXKeywords Analytics
  10. 10. TRANSLATED UX WebMarketing Marketing Team
  11. 11. Case Study: B Lab
  12. 12. CERTIFIED B-CORPORATIONB Corps use the power of business tosolve social and environmentalproblems.
  14. 14. B LAB’S PROBLEMContinue to build awareness with smallbusinesses or focus on end consumers?
  15. 15. B LAB’S HYPOTHESISConsumers want to learn about B Corps.
  16. 16. B LAB’S ANALYSIS
  17. 17. B LAB’S ANALYSISUsed analytics over time to shift focus: • Keyword report • Pageviews report • Traffic patterns
  18. 18. B LAB’S RESULTS
  19. 19. B LAB’S ANALYSISCross-referenced analytics data with: • Incoming calls • Questions • Other offline data sources
  20. 20. RESULTSNew direction for website and outreach: • Establish a number of solid B Corps • Transfer marketing to consumers • Education outreach
  21. 21. Thank twitter: @mightybytes