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  1. 1. EARLY LIFE• Full name: William Henry Gates III• Famous for: Richest man in the World, co- founder of Microsoft, and for being one of the worlds most generous philanthropist• Gates details: Born - October 28, 1955• Admitted in school known for its intense academic environment• Teamed up with Paul Allen at Harvard University and spent many late nights tinkering with the schools computer system.
  2. 2. MICROSOFT HISTORYAltair 8800MSDOSWindows 1.0/2.0Windows 3.1Windows NTWindows 95Windows 98Windows 2000Windows MEWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8
  3. 3. MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY BILL GATES "In all of our activities, we take a long-term view." - Bill Gates Concentrate your effort on a market with huge potential but few competitors Get in early and big Strive to become the industry leader Set the industry standard to become the industry leader Make your product the best Make your product the most useful Make your product the cheapest Establish a proprietary position – own what you sell – and protect this position Make your customers and strategic alliances offers they cannot refuse Continually invest in innovation to improve your products and services
  4. 4. BUSINESS STRATEGIES OF BILL GATESBill Gates had nurtured the vision that software will one day rulethe world.Identify a potential market for a productNo need to invent this great product yourselfGet this product and buy it for a good priceThen sell it in large volumeThen make it better and bring them again to sellThen make it better, change his name and sell it again Repeat the above steps and still sellingUse premises as a “new,” improved “,” latest technology “,” greatersecurity “,” faster “,” enhanced features “, etc. and bring themagain to sellIf you criticize your product, use it as an excuse to offer a newproposal and still sellingNever stop selling, people always like the “new”
  5. 5. ACHIEVEMENTSRichest man on earthPhilanthropistBill Gates Receives a KBE (Knight Commanderof the Most Excellent Order of the BritishEmpire)
  6. 6. UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT BILL GATES• QDOS or CP/M-86(by Tim Paterson)• Piracy• Anti-Con
  7. 7. QUOTES OF BILL GATES"In all of our activities, we take a long-term view." - Bill Gates,Microsoft Corporation founder"If you possess the market, you eventually possess the profits." -Bill Gates"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source oflearning."- Bill Gates“In this business, by the time you realize youre in trouble, its toolate to save yourself. Unless youre running scared all the time,youre gone.” - Bill GatesIts fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed thelessons of failure. - Bill Gates