Case: @ IMC Helsinki


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My presentation on 5th October 2011 at IMC Helsinki event with on their success factors of performance-based marketing in Europe.

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Case: @ IMC Helsinki

  1. 1. IMC Helsinki 5th Oct 2011 Timo Ronkainen Alexia Arrizabalaga Managing Director, TD Account Manager EMEA
  2. 2. • TradeDoubler – why do we exist • Expedia Inc and • Affiliate Programme • affiliate business EMEA facts & figures • affiliate business Finnish facts & figures • Key actions and initiatives for a successful programme • Secret for a great network – advertiser partnership • Actions and Recommendations • Initiatives and actions to push to the next level • Next Steps • Q & A What we will cover in the next 45mins 2
  3. 3. • Performance-based digital marketing company – established 1999 • Public company headquartered in Sweden • 18 local offices, 130.000 publishers, 2000 advertisers & 550 professionals • Some of our clients Our Business 3
  4. 4. Our Business Model
  5. 5. How does it work? 5 1. Advertiser ad is displayed on a publisher site using TradeDoubler tracking 2. Customer clicks on an advertiser ad and a cookie is dropped 3. Customer completes lead/sale and the confirmation page pixel is served 4. Cookie validates the confirmation pixel 5. The publisher is awarded the lead/sale and commission TradeDoubler Advertiser TD tracking server Advertiser
  6. 6. Where’s our future focus 6 Interest-basedGeotargeting Retargeting MOBILE
  7. 7. Co-operation with 55%+ 134%+ 7
  8. 8. Expedia Inc +90M visitors a month +30M travel opinions on TripAdvisor +$21B annual gross bookings +5M cars rented +5M activities sold +60M roomnights booked +25M air tickets +35M calls with customers What does it mean for our partners? Financially stable partner - steady and reliable cash flow Enviable product inventory will give YOUR customers a great choice, improve conversion and encourage repeat visits Largest talent pool of experience and expertise to ensure you have all the support you need TripAdvisor reviews influence where travel shoppers book their trips
  9. 9. Expedia Inc – 4 major consumer brands • Broadest product offering of any travel site • Broad customer mix: multiple segments • Largest number of visitors per month and highest brand recognition of any online travel site • 19 global points of sale; #1 or #2 in main geographic markets fully served • Third largest ecommerce site in the world - second only to Amazon & eBay • The hotel experts, for everyone from the browser to the power booker • Broad customer base, with heavy mix of drive-to customers • Large number of offline sales via skilled telesales reps with destination expertise • 30+ global points of sale • Focused on discount shoppers • Well suited for customers with schedule flexibility • The largest site for unbiased reviews of hotels, resorts and vacations • #3 worldwide travel website in the world – 36M unique visitors/month across its brands • Over 35M unbiased reviews and opinions updated every minute, everyday by real travelers
  10. 10. 20092008200720062004200320021991 UK US Poland Russia Middle East Thailand Malaysia Ukraine Slovakia Croatia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Turkey Czech Republic Greece Hungary Iceland Argentina Chile Israel Venezuela Taiwan South Africa Singapore Portugal Philippines New Zealand Mexico Korea Japan Hong Kong Brazil Central America China Colombia Switzerland Sweden Spain Norway Netherlands Italy Ireland Germany France Finland Australia Austria Belgium Denmark 2011 Vietnam Indonesia Canada 2005 – Expanding footprint in 60+ countries
  11. 11. 11 Affiliate Programme
  12. 12. Destination specific help sort through the options Deals sites push hotel promos to new users Email Affiliates extend our database Employee benefit sites: B2B targeting Meta and mapping pre-qualify users The Affiliate Value Proposition Performance: Low Risk CPA Channel with lots of tools available to promote Tactical: Opportunity to promote specific regions & hotels, specific promotions through niche players Reach: Our seasonal promotions with high impact deals (48h sale, Autumn Sale). In 2010 we recorded 4,024,341 UVs and an average conversion rate of 3% in EMEA •Affiliates & partners provide the opportunity to increase our shop window to expose breadth of product
  13. 13. Affiliate Programme EMEA RevenueGenerateinUS$ EMEA - GBV in US$ 2011 2010 2009 Month to Date Year to Date Jan - Aug 2010 2011 113% p
  14. 14. 14 Affiliate Programme Month to Date Year to Date Jan - Sep 2010 2011 87% p Revenue in € 2010 2011
  15. 15. 15 Affiliate Programme KEY MILESTONES • Prepare Xmas and January sales – negotiations with affiliates for visibility • January Sale and Intensive promotion • March – Affiliate Incentive +Voucher codes • July – Incentive and Flash Sale Promotion Month to Date Year to Date Jan - Sep 2010 2011 86% p Monthly Transaction 2010 2011
  16. 16. The Finnish Affiliatestammi.10 helmi.10 maalis.10 huhti.10 touko.10 kesä.10 heinä.10 elo.10 syys.10 loka.10 marras.10 joulu.10 tammi.11 helmi.11 maalis.11 huhti.11 touko.11 kesä.11 heinä.11 elo.11 Recruitment focus in Finland Publishers Generating Sales Active Affiliates Month to Date 2010 2011 Year to Date Jan - Aug 2144 2828 32% p Active affiliates Jan - Aug 199 313 57% p Sales Affiliates
  17. 17. in TD market share Affiliate Mix • Good mix of affiliates including content, voucher, loyalty and price comparison sites • 64% more affiliates generating sales in the program – Q2 2010 vs Q2 2011 vs Competition on Tradedoubler • All competitors are well known hotels suppliers/OTAs • Similar affiliate commission offerings Competitor 1 13 % Competitor 2 19 % Competitor 3 13 % 55 % Market share Q2 2011
  18. 18. 18 New Tools and Initiatives
  19. 19. Hosting Affiliate tools & feeds: Our new merchandising tools are available via the TD interface - easy to access & implement • Full database product feeds (xml/csv) • Customisable tools: • Destination deals feeds • Deals content widgets • Search form generator • Deeplink generator • Pre-populated tracking
  20. 20. Easy customisation of our tools helps affiliates access our breadth and depth of product & increase relevancy of content Deals widgets (output) Features top 100 deals in top 50 destinations Localised content for 22 POS and & 13 languages Features top 100 deals in top 50 destinations Option to restrict/select all deals Supports Tradedoubler tracking Dynamic url means deals are automatically refreshed on affiliate’s site Option to pre-define any destination Option to add or remove fields Search form generator Widget Generator
  21. 21. Initiatives and Actions to push affiliate programme and promotions 72 hour sale and Seasonal Promotions Co-funded Voucher Code campaigns to reward affiliates promoting our deals and promotions In order to activate inactive affiliates and get new affiliates into the programme – we have a welcome incentive rewarding affiliates 1st sale with extra commission Advanced Relationship Management with our top publishers on the programme Strategic recruitment and Innovative integrations with affiliates
  22. 22. Communications to promote 22 Affiliates read and want to know about: • Our monthly campaign updates • Our offline plan summaries • Our regular communications about incentives, deals, promotions and rewards
  23. 23. Key takeaways Work hand-in- hand with TradeDoubler and affiliates Understand your affiliates Communicate openly with TradeDoubler and affiliates Make the most of TradeDoubler
  24. 24. Thank you! And do yourself a favor and book a holiday 