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Some Lessons for Startups (ppt)


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My talk at the Stanford Technology Ventures Program on March 6, 2013. I talk about some technical and business lessons from Square, Uber, AirBnB, and the Google Autonomous Vehicle that are applicable to today's startups.

Some Lessons for Startups (ppt)

  1. Some Lessons for StartupsTim O’ReillyO’Reilly Media@timoreillyStanford Technology Ventures ProgramMarch 6, 2013
  2. “The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.”-Edwin Schlossberg
  3. Lesson #1: Do Less
  4. Lesson #2:Get creative with hardware, not just software
  5. Lesson #3:Build “software above the level of a single device”
  6. Lesson #4: Harness network effects in data
  7. ` Lesson #5: Rethink workflows and experiences
  8. Lesson #6:Rethink the possibilities in man-machine symbiosis
  9. The Google Autonomous Vehicle
  10. 2005: Seven Miles in Seven Hours
  11. “We don’t have better algorithms. We just have more data.”- Peter Norvig, Chief Scientist, Google
  12. AI plus the recorded memory of augmented humans
  13. To what extent can reputation systems replace or augment regulation?
  14. Lesson #7: Close the loop
  15. “What I learned from Google is toonly invest in things that close theloop.”- Chris Sacca
  16. Lesson #8: Create More Value Than You Capture
  17. “There’s a wonderful section in Les Miserables about thegood that Jean Valjean does as a businessman (operatingunder the pseudonym of Father Madeleine). Through hisindustry and vision, he makes an entire region prosperous,so that “there was no pocket so obscure that it had not alittle money in it; no dwelling so lowly that there was notsome little joy within it.”And the key point: “Father Madeleine made his fortune; buta singular thing in a simple man of business, it did not seemas though that were his chief care. He appeared to bethinking much of others, and little of himself.”
  18. I call it “the big lie” of modern business
  19. Lesson #9: Work on stuff that matters
  20. Open Source Web 2.0The Maker Movement Open Data Open Government
  21. Lesson #10: Idealism is the best marketing
  22. Why I love hackers