Fms Training Center presentation in simulation seminar


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Presentation in Intelligent machines cluster program simulation seminar 10.1.2012 Tampere

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Fms Training Center presentation in simulation seminar

  1. 1. FMS- Training Center Timo Rainio Hermia Ltd.
  2. 2. FMS system explained in 3 minutes
  3. 3. FMS Training Center• “Real Life” learning environment (Learning by doing)• System development together with FMS Training Center community• Theory over the Internet• Training using FMS-simulator• FMS Training Center in Second Life• FMS Driving License –community (
  4. 4. FMS Training Center
  5. 5. FMS Training Center – life size FM-system FM-systemDeburring cell •Fundamentals•Basic use •Basic use•Robot programming •Advanced use•Deburring process training •Design of FMS •Maintenance Tool presetting •Tool presetting training Machining center •Basic use •ProgrammingMachine vision Automatic data collection•Machine vision training •Production analysis•Environmental testing for vision system
  6. 6. Virtual - FMSMan-Machine Interface in real life Virtual FMS
  7. 7. Virtual - FMS
  8. 8. Wiki –based learning material
  9. 9. FMS Training Center in Second Life
  10. 10. FMS Driving Licencecommunity- Back to the Future
  11. 11. Machine Vision InternationalFMS Training Center Maintenance cooperationCommunity Driving Licence -community ADC (Automatic data colection) eLearning Packages FMS Driving Licence –services / products Shared Calender Virtual FMS 3D Visualization TC in Second Life Grand Opening 2nd Generation of TC 1997 2003 2011
  12. 12. Training Center v3
  13. 13. Training World 2014 • Virtual FMS –self learning Future Visions • VirtualFMS + visualization with layout configurator • Capacity simulation and analysis Virtual Factory –Training System • New channels and gates to Virtual Factory – Training System 2013 • CSM -hotel methodology • VirtualFMS + visualization with • Business Game Connections fixed layout • elTRIO, technology industries learning • Open content eLearning material netword rebirth 2012 system (PDM –analogy, multiple builders, approval routines) • Harmonized eLearning material package (self • eLearning package translated learning, lecture material, • Finalized driving lisence program exercises, exams) (A,B,C,D,E) 2013 • Intelligent robot sensors learningToday environment / test bed• VirtualFMS • CSM Hotel learning• Learning material environment package (self learning based) • Business Game Concept• A, B, D -driving lisence training in use • Learning by working 2012 Today • Stand-alone machine • Material handling system vision and intelligent • MMS5 –control system (New system sensor learning control generation) environment • Machining center (DMG, Siemens840D) • Robot learning • Deburring cell (Fanuc RJ3iB) environment upgrade FMS Training Center • Integrated presetting of tools • ADC – Automated • Fadector – Automated Data Collection Data Collection (Production information & statistics)
  14. 14. elTRIO – concept Coordination pedagocical & IT support Industry STUDENT Controll & IT Welding Mobile working machine networkingMachine Vision Learning- material Education FMS systems databank organizations etc.. Development groups
  15. 15. CSM-Hotel –MCPC 2009 Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing Hotel Provided Eco-plant Cooperative Business model Provided Sustainable systems Provided open ICT platform Provided Team work facilitiesR. Tuokko: Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing Provided training Systems Integrator Quality System Affordable sustainability for SMEs Acceptable to be placed close to workforce even in urban centre Supporting competences and 4R possibility New Business Model for System Integrators 15 Department of Production Engineering
  16. 16. Business Game ERP Bank Business environment Business tools ERP Bank Platform to simulate and develope real life business concepts like CSM -hotelManufacturing Business tools
  17. 17. Learning by working
  18. 18. Timo Rainio Hermia Oy +358 500 7366 05 http://www.eltrio.fi