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Wayne Jackson's Presentation at RSA 2012


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Wayne Jackson's Presentation at RSA 2012

  1. 1. From the authors of Maven,Nexus, m2eclipse and otherleading technologies. The Sorry State of Application Security Wayne Jackson Chief Executive OfficerUsed by 80,000 organizations worldwide
  2. 2. Central: Where Open Source Lives Sonatype
  3. 3. Ecosystem Lacks Change Awareness WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT WE CAN BELIEVE IN 14,334 Components Were Updated in 2011 On Average, 400 Updates per Day
  4. 4. Component Dependencies are Complex of modern software80% is open source. The global 2000 average more than 1,000 unique components per month
  5. 5. Issues are Viral… 1,447 projects contain the flawed component …the Fixes are NOT
  6. 6. Houston, We Have a Problem! • In the Last Year… • 6,982 Organizations • Crypto Library • Level 10 Flaw • 3 Years After Fix
  7. 7. Event-Driven Knowledge Engine License Detail Update Events Knowledge Project Detail Component Detail Consumption Events Consumption Metadata Events Flaw Update Correlation Detail Reason CreationThe Central Repository Public & Private Component Usage Events Metadata Resources
  8. 8. Delivering Knowledge. In Context. Sonatype Insight
  9. 9. Sonatype: Transforming Software IntegrityStarted – Q3 2010Insight Pre-Launch – Q4 2011Insight Launch – RSA 2012 Already, more than 300 customers
  10. 10. From the authors of Maven,Nexus, m2eclipse and otherleading technologies. Thank You!Used by 80,000 organizations worldwide