Keeping Yourself Healthy And Fit By Eating Right


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One of the main reasons for obesity is the intake of unhealthy foods. It is undeniable that these ready-to-eat and fast food items are delicious and low-cost; unfortunately, they also are calorie-dense and have higher concentrations of sodium, saturated fat, and fast-burning carbohydrates.

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Keeping Yourself Healthy And Fit By Eating Right

  1. 1. Natural Ways To Lose Weight And Detoxify Your SystemJuice Page 1
  2. 2. One of the primary factors that contribute to obesity is theconsumption of convenience foods. There is no denying that fastfood offerings and convenience foods are moreish andinexpensive, but they are also more likely to contain high levelsof sodium, saturated fat, and simple sugars compared to otherfood choices. These food items are also often heavily processedand thus are contaminated by various ingredients deemedunnecessary for human life like flavor enhancers, food colorings,and artificial preservatives. Aside from contributing to weightgain, unhealthy food choices can result to diseases of affluencelike high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and even certaintypes of cancer.Making healthier food choices will help you lose weight and assist in detoxification. You do not have to go on long fasting periods, or load yourself with medicines, or adhere to fad diets that can do more harm than good. What you can do instead is to start the habit of eating wholesomefood choices. Instead of junk food, snack onveggies and fruits, and incorporate plant-based protein sources,such as nuts and legumes, and healthful dairy choice such asyogurt in your diet.Be more selective of your carbohydrates as well. For instance,instead of buying that white loaf, buy brown bread becauseespecially those that contain whole grain to introduce more fiberin your system. In addition, you should replace saturated oil withunsaturated ones as the latter can contribute greatly toincreasing your blood cholesterol. Eating healthy would alsoJuice Page 2
  3. 3. include eating raw fruits and garden veggies, such as those youdtypically find in salad green and juices. Since processing is keptat a minimal, you can get more cell-protective antioxidants fromthese food items.Juicing is long recognized as a wayto lose weight naturally anddetoxify your system. Adherents ofthe juicing practice believe thatnutrient absorption is often muchfaster when taking in the juicesbecause the material does not staytoo long in the gut since it isalready in liquid form. If youjuicing appeals to you, it isrecommended to retain some ofthe plant or fruit fiber in the juicebecause this can aid in makingyou fill full. Do not forget to check the calorie content of fruitsand vegetables though as some of them are known to pack a lotof calories. There are also juicing regimens which entail fastingfor a week or so, the Master Cleanse program for example. The Master Cleanse regimen requires you to only have a cup of laxative tea in the morning, and six glasses to a dozen of freshly squeezed lemon juice for the remainder of the day. There are no in depth research conducted to verify the claims made by proponents of the Master Cleanse program though, and some nutritionists have also voiced concerns that the prolonged fastinginherent to this regimen can leave you dehydrated and at risk forJuice Page 3
  4. 4. electrolyte deficits. As we have said a while ago, you dont needto fast to drop the excess pounds. You just have to be moreprudent about your eating.Still, adhering to the proper diet is not enough; you have toexercise regularly as well. Spending 300 minutes in a week doingmoderate intensity aerobic exercises like brisk walking, andperforming resistance training on at least two days of your week,can help you achieve your ideal body weight more effectively, andkeep the weight you have already lost from coming back.Juice Page 4