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  1. 1. oo A. Countable Noun a,antwo, three, four, etc. two tables, three pencils Countable Nouns 2 1. Common Nouns ( city, baby, man, desk, ect.. 2. Collective Nouns ( herd, flock,bunch, etc. Collective Nouns family, group, committee, class , jury, cabinet,etc..... unit) (individual) The committee has agreed on a plan.( The committee have not agreed on the plan.( Collective Nouns Common Nouns an army of soldiers ( a bunch of keys(grapes) ( a band of a heap of stones ( musicians( a team of football- a crowd of people ( players( a staff of teachers ( a flock of sheep ( a shoal of fish ( a set of cards ( a series of books ( a pair of shoes ( a fleet of ships ( a group of boys (
  2. 2. a gang of robbers ( a herd of deer ( a cluster of stars ( a basket of fruit ( a hive of bees ( a tribe of people ( a bouquet of flowers ( a range of mountains ( etc. B. Uncountable Nouns article the 1. Mass Nouns ( material nouns) quantity) number) water , air, meat ,coffee ,sugar ,salt, pork, ink, chalk, paper, butter,flour, rice,etc. Mass Nouns a) article She drinks milk every morning. Water is neccessary for life. b) a bowl of ------- rice , sugar a bottle of ------- ink, milk, water, beer a cup of ------- tea , coffee a bar of -------- soap ,chocolate a jug of ---------water , milk a tube of -------- toothpaste a tin of -------- jam a jar of ------- jam , water , honey a sheet (piece) of ------ paper an item of ---------- news a piece of --------- news , furniture , information a slice (piece) of --------- bread , ham
  3. 3. a loaf of -------------- bread a kilo (pound) of -------- sugar , cheese , steak, etc. ? s , es of" two pounds of sugar five pieces of paper c) much , a lot of, plenty of, a great deal of, little , a little There is plenty of cheese in that shop. much salt little rice a little tea a lot of coffee a great deal of steak2. Abstract Nouns ( a) state) poverty , richness, pleasure , etc b) quality) beauty , honesty, kindness , cleverness, etc. c) action) movement , flight , revenge , etc. article the 1. a) Air is neccessary for life. b) The air in this room is fresh. 2. a) Books are good friends. b) The books in the librarywas all new.
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