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Timmons&Company - Red Book

  1. 1. M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T We are a marketing SWAT team. fast-moving, We are a well-trained, strategically-oriented group of creative marketing professionals. We quickly assess our clients’ marketing objectives, create a strategic plan, recommend tactics, produce Madison Avenue quality creative , and implement the plan, on time and on budget. Timmons&Company T H E M A R K E T I N G S W A T T E A M™ 3 7 9 5 R O U T E 2 0 2 , D O Y L E S T OW N , P E N N S Y LVA N I A 1 8 9 0 2 T E L 2 1 5 . 3 4 0 . 9 0 9 0 • FA X 2 1 5 . 3 4 0 . 5 8 6 1 • w w w. t c s w a t . c o m
  2. 2. J U S T T H E FA C T S Who We Are Marcom Market Analysis Strategic Planning Since 1974, Timmons&Company has been building brands and helping Corporate Identity Brand Identity businesses succeed through integrated marketing communications, Logo Development advertising, and public relations services. Over the years we’ve grown to Positioning Advertising a 15-member team with $9 million in capitalized billings. Today we Collateral Development provide a unique blend of cutting-edge tactics and personal service to Direct Mail Trade Show & Event Services a broad range of industrial and consumer clients. Technical Writing Media Planning Newsletters Annual Reports Photography What We Do New Media & Video We concentrate on effectively positioning our customers and their Website Strategy & Development Video Production products through research and understanding coupled with extensive E-Commerce strategic and tactical experience. Strict adherence to budgetary controls Banner Advertising HTML Email Campaigns and award-winning creativity support every communication campaign we produce. To ensure that we deliver the highest quality products with Public Relations Press Release Programs excellent service from start to finish, we have been strategically aligned Press Kits Personnel Bio Sheets for many years with printers, web hosting facilities and trade show Article Writing management houses. White Papers Case Studies Editor/Client Press Conference Community Relations Crisis Management Polling ClientLink Fulfillment Lead Management Telemarketing Database Management List Rental Digital Printing Warehousing
  3. 3. HERE’S WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY “Rich, you’re team is fantastic! We are really looking good. Vince “I hope this email finds you doing well. I wanted to let you know is incredible, very knowledgeable and always helpful. The designs that I spoke with Liz from VWR this morning and informed her have been great. The writing is very good. We love the new YOE that I was very, very pleased with all aspects of our relationship stuff! My staff likes working with Vince, Neil and Joey. They have with Timmons. Further, I let her know that I felt we had finally added so much expertise that we were lacking. I continue to be identified a long-term marketing partner exceptionally capable excited about future projects and possibilities as we continue this of exceeding our expectations. Thanks again!” partnership. It's amazing how God leads us....so happy to be Trish Piontek, working with you again. Director, Retail Marketing AmerisourceBergen Corporation “All in all, I would unreservedly recommend your company to others. By the way maybe you’ll get more work from Magellan! “The whole secret is trust. I trust that whenever I do business with Also I think you all will really like working with the new Sheila. Rich I will have something to be proud of. We work very fast at I’d like to bring her up to see your place and meet you all soon. Scott, and I see the same thing happening at Timmons. That’s I will be winding down as we finish the rebranding and moving why I started calling them the SWAT Team. They move in and things on to Sheila. You’ve been a big help with this transition make things happen.” as well. Anyway, thanks for asking!” Tom Barford, Brenda Boorse, Vice President, General Manager Scott Medical Products Regional Director Access Services “You listen closely to our needs and consistently come through “I continue to be extremely impressed with the work that with creative and cost effective solutions. The most valuable your team produces and am especially impressed with Frank. benefit of dealing with you and your agency is your “up-front” Frank is always incredibly professional and works extremely involvement in our planning and strategic marketing thought hard to ensure client satisfaction—always going beyond the process. Your intuitive understanding of the sales process and call of duty! He redefines the terms ‘account management’ the experience you bring from such a wide range of client and ‘client satisfaction’. Look forward to catching up soon industries are assets we appreciate.” and do appreciate your attendance in August.” Jim Wetzel, Tricia N. Piontek Director, Marketing Manager North American Dräger Marketing Services AmerisourceBergen Corporation “This letter is to let you know how much I appreciate the “My sincere thanks to the team at Timmons&Company for effort you have put forth. Whether we’re facing tight dead lines, this recommendation. Mark, Justin and I really appreciate it. creativity necessary to sell one of our less exciting product lines, new advertising ideas, or marketing assistance, you never fail to “By the way, I’m extremely happy with how you are working get the job done—accurately as well as on time.” with us! You have a great team and we’ve had several excellent conference meetings recently. Your ‘marketing dynamic’ is very Melanie Snyder, evident and your guys aren’t afraid to push back when they Marketing Manager Specialty Minerals need to. Neil continues to go deep and really is quite an asset “I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at to the whole creative and strategic process. Timmons&Company for providing us with a solid presentation “I am particularly delighted with Vince Caperelli. He represents package for our trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany. [It] was a you very well. He’s articulate, responsive, quick on his feet, and huge success much in part to the creative and technical just ‘gets it’. He also has a sense of command that you need to performance of your company.” be a good account executive.” Bob Gustafson, Rick Campana, Vice President Sales & Marketing Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. Director of Marketing OPEX Corporation “Thank you for your fine work for our bank. The marketing and “We needed a cohesive branding program to help tie our different public relations work your firm has performed for us has been services and divisions together. You gave us a great brand image instrumental in our bank achieving twice its projected sales with the flexibility to allow it to speak to all our audiences.” growth. Many of our customers, shareholders and directors have Tom Shaffer, made complimentary remarks to me regarding the quality of Director of Marketing Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation your advertising, direct mail, image and public relations work on behalf of FirstService Bank. We greatly appreciate the fine “A quick note to let you know I spoke with Liz from a distributor partnership we have with you.” of scientific products and supplies—sorry, I didn’t write down John C. Spier, the name of the company and can’t remember it. Based on her President & CEO FirstService Bank questions, I stressed that Timmons works hard, turns things around quickly and is up-front about what things cost. All “On the new website—a real professional look and feel. A very good things. Just wanted to let you know.” good impression for anyone viewing Bio-Imaging for the first Leanna Anderson, time via the web. Please express my gratitude and compliments Marketing Communications Manager for a job very well done to all those who planned and executed Siemens Large Drives Applications the design.” David E. Nowicki DMD, Chairman, Board of Directors Bio-Imaging
  4. 4. H E A L T H C A R E AmerisourceBergen AmerisourceBergen is the leader in healthcare distribution, services, and solutions.
  5. 5. AmerisourceBergen (continued)
  6. 6. MTF Sports Medicine MTF Sports Medicine is a division of the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation— a non-profit provider of bone, tendon, ligament and skin for transplantation. MTF Sports Medicine’s new look needed to be fresh and poignant while complementing existing corporate branding. This branding initiative includes logo development, corporate materials, product catalog, presentation templates, individual product brochures, surgical techniques and trade show graphics.
  7. 7. MTF Sports Medicine (continued)
  8. 8. Derma Sciences, Inc. Derma Sciences, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer, marketer and supplier of products for wound and skin care. As an innovator in the health care field, Derma Sciences brings innovative products to market that advance wound care by promoting new technologies, empowering caregivers, and focusing on the unmet needs of patients.
  9. 9. VWR International VWR International is a global laboratory supply and distribution company with worldwide sales of $3.5 billion. Timmons&Company coordinates copy acquisition, layout, and production of VWR’s Life Science Magazine which is distributed to 35,000 subscribers three times a year. Life Science Magazine is North America’s premiere laboratory supply magazine for Genomics, Proteomics, Cell Biology, and Microbiology.
  10. 10. Myoderm Myoderm is a leading supplier of comparator pharmaceuticals and supplies for clinical research for more than 20 years.
  11. 11. Thomas Medical Products, Inc. Thomas Medical Products, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer that designs and develops Class II and Class III single-use devices for OEM customers. Wolters Kluwer Health Wolters Kluwer Health and its publishing house, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, are a premier international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians and students.
  12. 12. Core Essence Orthopaedics Core Essence Orthopaedics creates medical devices that help surgeons leverage existing techniques to more easily perform minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures. Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. As the world’s largest independent and dedicated provider of medical image management for clinical trials, Bio-Imaging supports the pharmaceutical industry with accurate and complete studies for regulatory agencies.
  13. 13. Bio/Data Corporation Bio/Data Corporation is a leading manufacturer, marketer, and worldwide distributor of thrombosis, hemostasis, and platelet function instruments, reagents, controls, accessories and disposable products. The company is also a licensor of its internationally recognized Microfiltration technology for pre-analytical sample preparation.
  14. 14. N O N P R O F I T Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to advancing the science and practice of bone, tendon and ligament transplantation.
  15. 15. Access Services Access Services empowers and serves people with special needs in eight southeastern Pennsylvania counties. The non-profit organiozation provides Residential Services including community homes, supported living, and companion and family living programs. Their Support Services help people with disabilities build bridges to living and working in their communities. Children’s Services provides a safe environment for children with emotional and behavioral concerns. Clinical Services help children and adults with counseling and medication management.
  16. 16. T E C H N O L O G Y & M A N U F A C T U R I N G Siemens Energy and Automation Why would the world’s 20th largest company entrust significant marketing challenges to Timmons&Company? Because we have the ability to distill complex technical information down to the essential message that compels a prospect to want to know more.
  17. 17. OPEX Corporation OPEX Corporation is a recognized global technology leader in high-speed mailroom automation and document imaging.
  18. 18. Marotta Marotta controls flew with Chuck Yeager when the sound barrier was broken. They landed on the moon with Armstrong and Aldrin. From spacecraft, to the International Space Station, to fighter planes, and ships and submarines—actuators, controllers, and complete systems from Marotta mean control. XL Group XL Group provides custom productivity application solutions to companies like Ford and IBM. From Mobile Sales Force Automation to Customer Relationship Management, Incentive Solutions, and Automated Testing, XL Group creates actionable productivity platforms.
  19. 19. CRC Industries, Inc. CRC is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for the maintenance and repair professional, serving automotive, marine, electrical, industrial, and aviation markets. Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing Co. Vulcan has pioneered constant force and variable force spring designs resulting in a position of international leadership and numerous international patents. The company also manufactures PULLBOX ® product security devices, plastic scrolls for informational displays, counterbalances for beverage truck doors, and the revolutionary SmartSpring™ for simplified inventory control.
  20. 20. Streamlight The world’s best rechargeable flashlight. Streamlight makes tough, durable, long-lasting lights. And they support them with an equally strong warranty. SunGard SunGard’s success hinges on their ability to anticipate and meet changes in technology and customer demands.
  21. 21. S P E C I A LT Y C H E M I C A L S & C H E M I C A L P R O C E S S I N G Specialty Minerals, Inc. A division of Minerals Technologies and a leading worldwide producer and supplier of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), SMI also mines and processes high quality lime and limestone and exceptionally pure talc for use in building products, paints, coatings, ceramics, polymers and automotive catalytic converters. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Air Products serves customers in technology, energy, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of products, services and solutions, providing atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials and chemical intermediates. The company has annual revenues of $7.4 billion, operations in over 30 countries, and nearly 20,000 employees around the globe.
  22. 22. Scott Specialty Gases The world’s pioneer and technological leader in the production of specialty gases and liquid mixtures. Scott also produces the most comprehensive family of specialty pure gases available in the world today. Scott gases are the standard for calibrating critical instruments including US Space Shuttle fuel systems, medical and research spectrometers, as well as on-line production analyzers for manufacturing processes. Scott Medical Products Scott Medical Products is a leading producer of specialty medical gases and related gas handling equipment for the healthcare industry.
  23. 23. Alconox, Inc. Alconox, Inc. of White Plains, New York is the leader in critical cleaning solutions for scientists and engineers. From labware to solar panel fabrication, restaurant equipment cleaning, and medical device manufacturing, and 1,000s of application around the world, Alconox takes on the toughest challenges.
  24. 24. C A P I T A L E Q U I P M E N T & C O N S T R U C T I O N Fres-co System USA, Inc. Fres-co System USA, Inc. manufactures high-performance flexible packaging systems and also provides flexible packaging materials such as foil laminates and barrier solutions. The company commands over 60% of the retail coffee roaster market in the U.S. and is poised for major growth in dry foods, liquid foods and industrial markets. Fres-co hired Timmons&Company to redefine its brand and positioning as well as create a new website, collateral materials and tactical vehicles for its ongoing expansion into new markets.
  25. 25. Ferag Americas Ferag Americas is the western arm of the global giant, Ferag AG. For more than 40 years Ferag has engineered and manufactured premium post-press and print media equipment for the newspaper, magazine, and illustrated printing material industries. United Drilling United Drilling travels the eastern half of the U.S. drilling hydraulic cylinder holes for elevators shafts in places like the Pentagon, The Guggenheim and Smithsonian Museums, Harvard University, and the Trump Taj Mahal.
  26. 26. Gallus, Inc. Gallus Inc. is part of the Gallus Group—the worldwide leader in production equipment for the tag and label industry. Gallus systems provide solutions for the flexible application of individual or combined printing and processing methods.
  27. 27. Pembroke North The Razak Company hired world-reknowned architect Robert Venturi to design a 54-unit, three building, luxury condominium in Wayne, PA. Then they hired Timmons&Company to match the project’s creativity in a variety of marketing materials. The challenge, of course, was developing collateral and a website without a product to show. The resulting oversized brochure and online resources communicate effectively by focusing on the lifestyle choices and the values associated with the project – its architectural importance, its status as an environmentally conscious LEED project, the location and surrounding community, and the quality of the exterior and interior materials. Ultimately the marketing design matched the innovation of the project itself and successfully communicated with prospective owners before construction even began.
  28. 28. Allaire Haverford Allaire offers luxurious condominium residences in an exclusive community. The project’s website, advertising, and collateral mailings reflect the high-end quality of the building design and construction materials. Taking a cue from the name which has roots in the French language, the design incorporates fonts and design elements that reflect an understated European sensibility and style. Nelson Construction Nelson Construction is an extremely successful builder of retail environments and their collateral provides the same kind of drama that their clients demand. From the gatefold opening, the ornately designed logo, and the subtle use of gold accents, Nelson Construction clearly sets themselves apart in a highly specialized marketplace. Individual information sheets fill the interior with information that is flexible and customizable.
  29. 29. F I N A N C I A L S E R V I C E S The Keane Organization, Inc. The Keane Organization, Inc. provides corporate compliance and enterprise risk management solutions to the world's most successful corporations, mutual funds, and financial institutions. Timmons&Company was hired as agency of record for Keane following a competitive search involving leading agencies in the Philadelphia metropolitan region.
  30. 30. First National Bank of Newtown The oldest commercial bank in Bucks County, established in 1864, now has twelve branches and is distinguished for having never closed a branch throughout its entire history of continuous operation. Milestone Bank What differentiates MileStone Bank from its competition is our emphasis on hiring and training employees to understand and demonstrate our commitment to deliver the highest quality banking experience for our customers.
  31. 31. HomeTowne Heritage Bank HomeTowne Heritage Bank opened in the summer of 1999 in the central Lancaster area. With a variety of innovations directed at serving Lancaster’s two distinct cultural communities, HomeTowne Heritage has made significant inroads with both agricultural and business interests. Penn Street Advisors Penn Street Advisors, Inc. serves as an economic and investment advisor, combining fundamental analysis, diverse research, sector allocation modeling, and tax impact expertise to develop wealth strategies individually tailored to each client’s risk tolerance, tax exposure, current assets, and personal goals. FirstService Bank Timmons&Company helped launch FirstService Bank. From its denovo launch through its final acquisition by National Penn Bank, FirstService was one of America’s fastest growing new banks.