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The Secret To A Great Youth Soccer Season


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The Secret To A Great Youth Soccer Season

  1. 1. The Secret To A Great Youth Soccer Season
  2. 2. Want a great season? Of course you do. So what's the secret? Getting your side to gel through teamwork.
  3. 3. Successful teams are a mix of good technical players, talented individuals, hard working players, good passers, strong players, quick individuals and, most of all, teamwork. Now you are extremely fortunate to have all of these traits in your squad but you don't have to have them all to have a successful season. However, if your team doesn't bond into a team then you could be in for a tough time.
  4. 4. Your team gelling could even be the difference between an average season and a great one. So, what can you do to help develop the chemistry required to produce teamwork?
  5. 5. By teamwork I'm not only talking about what happens on the pitch. It is how players interact with each other whenever they are together; • at the game, • in training • and in the locker room But it is not only how they get on amongst themselves, but also with you, their coach.
  6. 6. Ideally, what you should be aiming for is the following: • All players get along with each other, working easily together, looking out for one another and willingly following your instructions • Respect amongst your players towards each others contribution to the team cont…
  7. 7. …cont. • An atmosphere that is conducive to players feeling able to express their views without fear of disrespect or ridicule • Loyalty together with pride in being a member of the team squad • An understanding among your players that grows into a type of second sense where players instinctively know each others moves
  8. 8. They may take a little time to gel, but the sooner it happens the better. So here are a few tips to help the process: • Get the players to choose a team mate that they feel has made the biggest contribution during the training session or match. Then get them to say exactly what that player did to deserve the nomination. Be careful that it isn't the same player all of the time, or that players are being excluded. Everyone must feel part of the team. cont…
  9. 9. …cont. • Get the whole team to say what they like to do in training and why. Also, what they don't like doing and again why. • Get your team to events that are not necessarily soccer related. It could be an End of Season Party, or bowling or paintball, or arranging to go to professional soccer match. Just make sure it is something that the players would enjoy and can get involved in together. Any time that the players together where they are enjoying themselves is time well spent in gelling a team together.
  10. 10. • The more you get your players to have a say in what goes on the happier they will feel. Encourage your players to give their opinions on training and styles of play. Now I'm not saying you should do everything they say as their reasons may not be sound in the bigger scheme of things, but, if you bring in some of their suggestions you will have them on your side and willing to do what you ask.
  11. 11. My teams have benefitted from the above but you may find that not all of the suggestions work with your players. What you need to remember is that you will know your players really quite well after a few weeks, so just work out what they respond to and tailor your team building sessions accordingly.
  12. 12. You do not want eleven individuals doing their own thing on the pitch, no matter how good they are. If you fail to get your team to gel you will find it hard to get consistently good performances from your team.
  13. 13. My website Soccer Training is full of hints, tips, drills and techniques to improve your team's performance and increase your knowledge as a coach. Why not take the opportunity to sign up for my free five day mini course specifically designed for people like you, the brand new soccer coach.