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Soccer Games For Kids


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Soccer Games For Kids buy Soccer Accessories

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Soccer Games For Kids

  1. 1. Soccer Games for Kids Soccer Games for Kids
  2. 2. Soccer – or football as it’s also called – is the most popular sport in the world. Soccer is the perfect game for developing young bodies for any athletic endeavor. The first stages of athletic advancement entail creating body awareness, strength and fitness. Soccer is the world's most popular sport probably because it is a lifestyle sport that people can play their entire lives. Many adults play soccer as a fun, social way to get regular exercise with some playing well into their sixties or even seventies.
  3. 3. Soccer develops agility, speed and stamina, and also teaches children the importance of teamwork, so it can play an important part in your child’s physical and social development. Soccer is one of the easiest sports for kids to learn and can be played at almost any age. Not all kids will grow up playing soccer their entire lives, but it’s a great sport to introduce kids to athletics. Below are a few benefits of soccer for kids.  Great Exercise  Highly Social  Easy to Learn  Team Sport
  4. 4. Health benefits Soccer can be a great workout and lots of fun. The health benefits include:  Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health  Lowers body fat and improves muscle tone  Builds strength, flexibility and endurance  Increases muscle and bone strength  Improved health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting.
  5. 5. Other benefits There are many other benefits from playing a team sport like soccer. For example it:  Is generally a non-contact sport  Teaches coordination  Promotes teamwork and sharing  Teaches you to think on-the-go  Helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence and self-discipline
  6. 6.  Is a great way to meet people and exercise with friends  Can provide an opportunity to increase your confidence and self-esteem, and help to reduce anxiety  Requires very little equipment so can be played in the backyard or park  Is relatively easy to learn, so beginners can easily join in on the fun and play basic soccer for recreation  Is an international sport.
  7. 7. Welcome to Soccer Time Kids! We teach children aged 1-5 soccer in a fun and educational way. Soccer Time Kids is a leading educational kids soccer activity in Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is for students from Soccer Time Kids to have experienced a fun environment that provides them with the confidence and skills to succeed at school with their sporting aspirations.
  8. 8. We believe fitness activity is essential for preschoolers and children to develop gross motor skills. During our kids fitness activity programs, children will learn basic soccer skills, practise socialising in a positive environment and develop cognitive skills such as shape, number and colour recognition. Our programs are designed for preschoolers and have an emphasis on educational development through soccer specific activities.
  9. 9. Soccer Time Kids is a great preschool exercise activity to help introduce kids to an active lifestyle and the benefits of fitness. Our coaches take the time to focus on the specific needs of each student to help them learn soccer skills, promote teammate interaction and ultimately succeed in a positive environment. Parents have the opportunity to participate in classes and be a part of their child’s own developmental journey.
  10. 10. Address: EL MONTE, CA 11853 Valley Blvd El Monte, CA 91732 Phone: 626-444-1608 Email: Website: