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Jump hr workshop marc timmerman_final version_2014-04-01


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The impact of gender equality on HR and Talent management practices and vice versa.

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Jump hr workshop marc timmerman_final version_2014-04-01

  1. 1. Axiom Consulting Partners Europe Marc Timmerman Managing Partner JUMP  FORUM   April  1st  2014   HR  Seminar   How  does  a  Gender  Equality  prac8ce  impact  HR  and  Talent  Management  ?     and  vice  versa  ?  
  2. 2. 2 Gender     Equality   Human  Resources   Management   Diversity     &  Inclusion  
  3. 3. 3 The  Dilemma  of   the  Mosquito   and     the  Nudist  Camp  
  4. 4. Report on Equality between women and men, European Commission, 2009 “An  equal  par8cipa8on  of  women  and   men  in  decision-­‐making  processes  is  a   democra8c  and  economic  necessity.     In  the  current  economic  situa8on  it  is   all  the  more  important  to  mobilize  all   talents.     This  is  not  the  8me  to  waste  skills  and   produc8on  poten8al  because  of   outdated  percep8ons  of  women’s  and   men’s  roles  and  leadership  abili8es.”   JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, Marc Timmerman4
  5. 5. We need to Change the Way we develop, retain and promote Female Talent 1978 Women university graduates 2010 Women in exec committees 2008 Women university graduates 2040 Women in exec committees Sweden 61% 17% 64% 18% France 41% 7% 55% 9% Spain 32% 6% 60% 11% Germany 32% 2% 55% 4% Data Source : McKinsey’s Women Matter 2010 5
  6. 6. Why  change  will  happen   Old Boys Club Thinking The Path to Gender Equality Equality Regulations Lack of Leaders Economic Impact of Gender Balance Female Leadership Qualities Keep it AS IS The Dominant Coalition My Legacy as a Leader New Generational Thinking Women have Buying Power Value Based Leadership Attractiveness as Employer Downsizing New inhibitors
  7. 7. WHEN  WILL     IT     CHANGE  ?  
  8. 8. Male Leaders will need more Pain ! The  only  human   being     looking  forward     to  be  changed   8
  9. 9. The “baby boomer” Desire to Clone oneself
  10. 10. 10 High  level  of   Commitment   Shows  willpower   Makes  sharp   remarks   Phenomenal   Energy   Strives  for   con8nuous   improvement   Vibrant  sense  of   crea8vity   Broad  thinker   Very  8me   conscious   Puts  the  job   before  all   High  Intelligence   Sources:  OrganizaEonal  Dynamics  (1986),  Human  Resource  Management,  (1998),  NaEonal  ProducEvity  Review  (1989),  Journal  of   Management  Development  (2003)   Published  in  “High  Poten8als  :  The  Compe88ve  Edge  within  Your  Organiza8on”,  Marc  Timmerman  &  CharloXe  Sabbe,  2007   Part  of  the   Dominant   Coali8on   Most  used  criteria  how  execu8ves  choose  their  successor  
  11. 11. Initiative Introspection Problem solving Derailment is often caused by: • Cold heartedness • Arrogance • Self-glorification Negotiation skills Sensitivity to others Team builder Strong relationships Interpersonal skills Good reputation EQ Assertiveness Thoughtfulness Energy Early Career characteristics High performance & IQ Mid Career characteristics Avoid  Crea8ng  your  own  Louis  XIV   11
  12. 12. Leadership   EmoEonal   Intelligence   Logic   Experience   ExperEse   Cultural   Intelligence   Available   Role   Models  &   Context   Your   Learning   Agility   Leadership = IQ + EQ + LQ + CQ
  13. 13. 13 HR  Leader   Diversity  &   Inclusion   Leader   Main   D&I  Council   with  Business   Leaders   CEO  or   Execu8ve   Sponsor   Local  D&I   Councils     with  Business   Leaders   •  Talent  Acquisi8on   •  Talent  Development   •  High  Poten8al  Programs   •  Succession  Planning   •  Comp  &  Ben   •  Performance  Reviews   •  HR  Policies   •  HR  Business  Partners   Comm’s   Leader   •  Corporate Buy-In •  Leadership Alignment •  Corporate Budget ?? •  Local Buy-In •  Alignment •  Localization •  EVP •  Technical alignment •  HR Budget •  Synergies •  Conflicts •  CSR JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, copyright of Marc Timmerman
  14. 14. 14 Gender   Equality   Changing  Role   PaXerns   Promo8ng   Women   Work-­‐Life   Harmony   Equal  Reward  &   Condi8ons   Focus in Best Practices Axiom CP Europe Research : Based on the analysis of 150 best practice organizations in the European Union and 70 best practice initiatives in Belgium (2013-2014) Risk  of  stereotyping   without  changing  the   role  paXerns  and  making   it  available  to  all   •  Risk  of  retaliaEon  of  the  male   populaEon  :  lower  buy-­‐in,   taking  over  the  network,  …   •  Slowdown  due  to  new   reErement  policies   Trap  of  conEnued  Male-­‐ Female  PolarizaEon:   •  Lower  Talent  availability   •  DisconnecEon  with  the   Millennial  generaEon   EssenEal  to  fundamental   change   Equal  opportuniEes  is  no   guarantee  for  an  equal   outcome   High Low
  15. 15. A negative impact of “Working Longer” Quote based on the impact of the change in Retirement Age “The waiting room for hipo’s becomes longer... and if the pension age further increases, to an unmanageable level of a waiting period for top people” “In this case for the next 5 years every promotion to senior management should be a woman in order to establish a better gender balance.” Organization with 10000 people, Belgium 15 Gender Battle amongst HiPo’s Reduced Male Buy-in Slowdown of change @ top level
  16. 16. Striving for Gender Equality Examples of Positive & Negative HR Influencers Increase  Re8rement  Age  versus  Promo8ng  Women   Resistance  of  Men  to  quota/targets   Lack  of  Development  Budget   Elderly  Care  vs  slow  changing  role  paXerns   Kiss  of  Death  on  selec8ng  High  Poten8als   HR  decisions  based  on  Gender  KPI’s   No  Age  limita8ons  on  Talent  detec8on   Competency-­‐based  HR  decisions   Fact-­‐based  Talent  Review  CommiXees   New  Way  of  Working  for  ALL   Equal  Reward  &  Condi8ons   Formalized  Mentoring  Programs    
  17. 17. Flexibility in Work & Career Gender Biases Equal Pay Key Drivers to Improving Gender Balance & Equality Raising Awareness Cultural Consistency Management Objectives & Targets Gender Representation Indicators in Recruitment, Promotion, Development Attrition Rates by Gender Maternity Leave Transitions Leadership Development Networking Mentoring & Coaching Programs Working  Towards   Improved   Gender  Balance   Cultural Change Gender Diversity Indicators Women’s Development Programs HR Processes & Policies Sustained C-level Commitment Management Alignment & Participation Cultural Change Blue  =  Key  Drivers  for  Effec8ve  Change   Networking Green  =  Key  Ini8a8ves  /  Ac8on  Elements  
  18. 18. Some Best Practices in Cultural Change on Gender Balance    Gender  Indicator  measurement  tools  and  audit  tools            Ensuring  that  each  locaEon  has  a  focus  on  gender  balance  related  issues      Diversity  strategy  included  in  BU  People  Plan  and  included  in  the  KPI’s      Make  it  a  regular  point  on  the  BU  Management  MeeEngs      Gender  Balance  &  Inclusion  as  integral  part  of  the  Employee  Survey      Awareness  trainings  for  all      Specific  Awareness  trainings  for  all  leaders      Specific  Awareness  and  Bias  trainings  for  all  hiring  managers      Yearly  conferences  to  monthly  keynotes  :  keeping  the  topic  alive   18 C-­‐Level   Commitment   Gender   Diversity   Indicators   JUMP, HR Seminar, Marc Timmerman
  19. 19. Some Best Practices on Talent Attraction   Hiring  Managers  need  to  be  role  models     Involve  Female  role  models  in  the  hiring  process     Building  External  Talent  Pools     Social  Media  differen8a8on  :     •  Specific  segmenEng   •  Diverse  Employee  Value  ProposiEons   •  Female  Leaders  as  Role  Models  and  ConversaEon  Managers     Other  Important  Guidelines  :    MoEvaEng  girls  to  choose  for  male  dominated  studies    Mandatory  Gender  Mix  in  the  recruitment    MulE-­‐channel  Sourcing    ExperEse  of  recruiters  and  awareness  of  diversity  issues    Monitoring  of  recruitment  data    Monitoring  the  reasons  for  women  joining  and  not-­‐joining    Targeted  graduate  recruitment    “Equal  Pay”  underlined  !   19 HR  Processes   &  Policies   Gender   Diversity   Indicators   Cultural   Consistency   JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, Marc Timmerman Management   Objec8ves  &   Targets  
  20. 20. an Example of ‘Best In Class’ in Using Social Media Integrates  various  forms   of  social  media  and  offers   several  ways  to  get   special  deals   Amazon  posts  deals,   product  informa8on,   sweepstakes  informa8on   and  daily  ques8ons  to  users   Easy  to  apply  to  Amazon   jobs  without  leaving  the   Facebook  site   JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, copyright of Marc Timmerman
  21. 21.     An  example  on  how  to  differen2ate  your  recruitment  targets.   Amazon’s Facebook page demonstrates a way to actively target ex-military candidates JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, copyright of Marc Timmerman
  22. 22. Best Practices in Talent Development   Introduc8on  of  Formalized  Mentoring  Programs    Separate  Mentoring  Programs  for  Female  Leaders  and  HiPo’s    Formalized  Trainings  for  Mentors     In-­‐company  Women  Networks  including  Male  Leaders     Inter-­‐Company  Women  Networks       Inter-­‐Company  Mentoring  Programs  for  Female  Leaders       Specific  Leadership  Training  &  Coaching  Programs  for  Female  Leaders     Cultural  Sensi8vity  and  Awareness  workshops  for  X-­‐border  Leaders     Securing  a  good  gender  mix  in  visible  stretch  assignments   22 Women’s   Development   Programs   JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, copyright of Marc Timmerman
  23. 23. Women  don’t  take  enough  8me  for  their  boss   With  their   leaders   With  direct   reports   With   colleagues   Men   30%   45%   25%   Women   15%   70%   15%   Source : Trends June 9TH 2011, Vlerick Research, prof.dr. Katleen De Stobbeleir 23
  24. 24. The  Func8ons  Of  Mentoring   Career  Func8ons   Sponsorship   Coaching   ProtecEon   Challenging  Assignments   Exposure  and  visibility   Psycho-­‐Social  Func8ons   Role  modeling   Counseling   Acceptance  and  ConfirmaEon   Friendship   “The  most  conspicuous  difference  between  star  and  nonstar   women  is  access  to  a  supporEve  mentor.”  prof.  Boris  Groysberg,  Harvard   Source: Mentoring at Work, prof dr Kathy Kram
  25. 25. Some Best practices on Career Management   No  age  differen8a8on  in  iden8fying  Talents  with  growth  poten8al     Define  a  specific  competency  profile  for  high  poten8als     Challenge  nomina8ons  and  non-­‐nomina8ons  through  a  Talent   Review  CommiXee,  using  the  competency  profiles  for  Growing   Talent     Offer  Flexible  Career  Speeds  with  easy  re-­‐entry     Customized  Career  Paths     Long  term  Career  Planning     Increased  visibility  of  Female  role  models     Respect  for  Flexibility     25 Women’s   Development   Programs   JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, copyright of Marc Timmerman
  26. 26. Some Best Practices in Work-Life Balance   Awareness  Trainings     Management  Considera8on  for  8ming  of  mee8ngs     Maternity-­‐Leave  Programs   –  PreparaEon  Workshops   –  Keep-­‐in-­‐Contact   –  Re-­‐entry  programs   –  Even  BeXer  :  Paternity-­‐Leave  Programs     Time  Flexibility  for  ALL  :  NWOW   –  Work  at  Home   –  Home  at  Work   –  Extra  holidays  during  Summer  period     Logis8cal  Services   –  Baby  Care  centers  (own  or  rented)   –  “Flying  Nannies”   26 HR  Processes   &  Policies   Cultural   Consistency   JUMP, HR Seminar, 2014, copyright of Marc Timmerman
  27. 27. Seek Out a Mentor Participate in Coaching Network Plan your Career Path Make a long-term Plan Talk about your ambitions Discuss the unwritten rules Make your results known Make sure you get the credits Advice  from  Top  Women  to  HiPo  Women  
  28. 28. HR  &  Talent  Management  should  include  the  Diversity  &  Inclusion  reflex  in   all  its  consideraEons  and  decisions.   Diversity  &  Inclusion  benefits  from  a  strong  integraEon  inside  HRM  but   needs  to  keep  its  independency  and  works  best  in  a  matrix-­‐mode.   Gender  Equality  has  a  major  posiEve  impact  on  Talent  Management.     The  posiEve  impact  of  Talent  Management  on  Gender  Equality  is   extremely  important,  but  not  a  given.   Diversity  &  Inclusion  will  have  to  analyze  and  learn  how  to  deal  with   opposing  interests  between  its  target  groups.  
  29. 29. Short Work Session 15 minutes in smaller groups •  One  thing  that  8ckled  your  brain  ?   •  One  burning  ques8on  or  remark   29
  30. 30. Marc  Timmerman   My  coordinates  :     Email:   TwiXer:  @marcEmmerman   Mobile:  +32  496  291383   Website: