Barcelona nov 2011 opening speech final deck_mtimmerman


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Opening & Key Note Speech at the Barcelona Talent Management EMEA Summit in November 2011

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Barcelona nov 2011 opening speech final deck_mtimmerman

  1. 1. Opening Speech Marc TimmermanPartner at Axiom Consulting Partners
  2. 2. The PastImpression du Soleil Levant, C. Monet
  3. 3. The Present & The Future ?Moving beyond the past and a “One Size Fits All” approach
  4. 4. What is influencing our HR world ?• HR has a negative Internal Image : We need to re-establish the emotional, economical and social identity of the human being • HR = “Human Relations” • “People are no machines”• Significant Increase in Complexity due to simultaneous pressures : • Ageing population & Baby Boomer exits • New Global Buying Power and individual income patterns • Increase of poverty amongst working population • Complexity of Jobs • Maximum Span of Control • Entry of new generation(s) in management & leadership levels • The need for Gender Balance, Diversity management & Inclusion • Ecological Evolution • Increased impact of Governmental stakeholders• The fact that our HR systems and processes are not yet adapted ! Copyright of Marc Timmerman, 2011
  5. 5. By courtesy of Honoré d’O.
  6. 6. The Shift in Managing People Legal Productivity Guaranteeing Compliance Increase Engagement• Hygienic role • HR planning • Autonomy &• Avoid problems • Control Responsibility• Administrative & • Resources & • People & Relations Legal role Competencies • Many stakeholders• Workers & Employees • Link with Business • Link with Company• No link with business Targets Strategy nor with strategy • Short term focus • Importance of Values• Immediate focus • No security • Longer term focus• Security is Key • Efficiency is Key • Effectiveness is Key• Continuity is needed • Profit is King • Retaining Prosperity WHAT HOW WHY Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Personnel HR Talent Administration Management Management Copyright of Marc Timmerman, 2011
  7. 7. Some Important Global Trends
  8. 8. How Big are the Shoes you have to fill ? Article by Dr Peter Cappelli, 2011 “The real problem (…) is (…) an inflexibility problem. Finding candidates to fit jobs is not like finding pistons to fit engines, where the requirements are precise and cant be varied. Jobs can be organized in many different ways so that candidates who have very different credentials can do them successfully.”
  9. 9. We areWitnessingThe SlowDeath ofa LeadershipModel
  10. 10. The ABC of Economical Recovery or Recession ?U W
  11. 11. The ABC of the Human Condition L hHow would you How would youfeel in Ireland & feel in Belgium & Spain ? Germany ?
  12. 12. Organisations are People-Based A feeling of attachment to Affective the company and its values (belonging, solidarity, and Commitment affiliation)RETENTION A feeling of obligation to Normative serve the company and to Commitment work hard A feeling of necessity to Continuance remain working for the Commitment company as changing jobs would cost too much (economic, effort, social) Meyer & Allen PERFORMANCE ENGAGED EMPLOYEED ARE HIGHER PERFORMING & LONGER TENURED
  13. 13. The Paradoxof TemporaryLoyalty.
  14. 14. The Present ? Restoring from an “Economic Battle Fatigue”© ?o 1 out of 3 key performers is considering leaving their employer in 2010. (Source : The Grapevine, Feb 2010)o 1 out of 4 high potentials is considering leaving their employer. (Source : HBR, May 2010)o The Hudson Talent Engagement Survey Results indicate an average of ‘weak’ contracts between 30 & 50% in Europe. (Source : Hudson)o Multiple external surveys in Europe indicate that there could be an employee turnover as high as between 40- 60% when economies would slowly recover.o The least affected people by “Job Security” are your Top Talents. Copyright of Marc Timmerman, 2011
  15. 15. HR PlaysDefense.
  16. 16. HRPlaysDefense. Reasons for Reasons for HR Retention Leaving Staying Practices 1. Financial Rewards 1. Social Atmosphere 1. Training (64%) (51%) (59%) 2. Career Opportunities 2. Job Content 2. Career Management (47%) (43%) (48%) Source : Vlerick Management School, De Vos & Meganck, 2007. N=70 HR Managers, > 1000 employees Oriented on Defense Offense Defense Alienating from Our Talent ? Line Manager’s Involvement
  17. 17. Corporate Leadership Council(2008)“42% Managers believe in Talent Management but find themselves Ineffective at it.”Question : Are 31 % of our managers schizophrenic Talent Rejecters ?Showing very different behavioral patterns between :• How they want to be treated as a person• And how they treat others as their manager.
  18. 18. BeDifferent.
  19. 19. Turn yourPeople intoSerial…EngagedTalent.
  20. 20. Two KEY Words Leadership Mindset Option Value New HR Systems Customize Flex Careers Competitive Attractiveness Diversity Workforce Planning Value Based Leadership > Engagement Competitive Attractiveness Reputation Pride Sense of Belonging Loyalty runs DEEP Copyright of Marc Timmerman, 2011
  21. 21. The Value of Sincerity“Egalité, Fraternité, Liberté & Sincérit锕 Work is more than a place where you spend most time of your life.• The impact of being credible and authentic is increasing.• Hiring Managers are being judged on their behavior and values.• Corporate Responsibility can not be an excuse for unethical management.• Wikileaks @ company level : It is Here ! Copyright of Marc Timmerman, 2011
  22. 22. We care. We think.We grow. We innovate.We commit. We act. We support.We are responsible.We know what we want.We believe in a better world.We put people first in everything.We want you !
  23. 23. We NeedMore Pain.
  24. 24. It is not the strongest of species that survive,nor the most intelligent,but the most responsive to change.Charles Darwin Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Stephen Hawking