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Ten Surprising Things You Will Learn from The Professional Marketer


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Ten fun and interesting things you will learn frim my book, here for free.

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Ten Surprising Things You Will Learn from The Professional Marketer

  1. 1. #1 – WHY IS IT CALLED A ‘BOILERPLATE’? ‘Boiler plate’ originally referred to the small metal plate that identified the builder of a steam boiler. The term was borrowed by the printing industry, where plates of text for widespread reproduction, such as advertisements or syndicated columns, were cast or stamped in steel (instead of the much softer and less durable lead alloys used otherwise) ready for the printing press and distributed to newspapers around the United States. They came to be known as ‘boilerplates.’
  2. 2. #2 – HOW TO MARKET VODKA IN RUSSIA Pyotr Smirnov, father of the now-worldwide Smirnoff vodka brand, used word of mouth marketing to popularize his nascent product. In 1872, he hired a small group of men to fan out in Moscow, enter every pub they could find, and ask for Smirnov vodka. If it was not available – which was most of the time – Smirnov’s agent would cause a scene, demanding to know why such a fine pub did not serve the Smirnov brand. Orders started coming in from pubs the very first week. When the men had saturated Moscow, they took to the trains, repeating the ruse at every stop.
  3. 3. #3 – HOW PR FLACKS CAME TO BE After the “energetic” movie publicist George Flack, and nothing to do with shrapnel or criticism.
  4. 4. #4 – IS IT LEAD OR LEDE? The first sentence of a press release, it can be spelled lead or lede. The spelling ‘lede’ was supposedly created to distinguish it from the heavy metal lead type used by typesetters.
  5. 5. #5 – HOW TO YOU DEFINE ‘BRAND’?
  6. 6. #6 – THE CURVE BEFORE THE CHASM Geoffrey Moore and his chasm are well known. Everett Rogers? Not so much. Yet he’s the man who created the technology innovation lifecycle curve. For microchips or mainframes? Nope. Corn seed.
  7. 7. #7 – WHERE DID THE FUNNEL COME FROM? From Arthur Peterson’s Pharmaceutical Selling, Detailing , and Sales Training: “The progression through the four primary steps in a sale, i.e., attention, interest, desire and action, may be compared to that of a substance moving through a funnel.” To ‘detail’ a doctor is to give that doctor information about a company’s new drugs, with the aim of persuading the doctor to prescribe them.
  9. 9. #9 – THE FIRST PRESS RELEASE WAS A TRAIN WRECK. LITERALLY. The New York Times reprinted Ivy Lee’s 1906 Pennsylvania train wreck press release verbatim. Ah, those were the days…
  10. 10. #10 – HOW DO YOU PAY THE CHANNEL? • As discretionary grants, known as market development funds (MDF) • As a percentage of product sold, known as contra-revenue funds • As cost sharing, called co-op funds
  11. 11. #11*– HOW TO BUILD A SALES PLAY * Did we say ten? This book goes to eleven! Get one