Slim Down Solutions - Calorie Shifting Diets


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Slim Down Solutions - Calorie Shifting Diets

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Weight Loss Tips Check this ====How are Calorie Shifting slim down solutions Different From Regular Dieting slim down solutions?All slim down solutions depend on feeding the body fewer calories than it uses. It sounds simple,but as you begin to understand the way the body works, it becomes more complicated. In fact itcan become so complicated that it can stop you from losing weight no matter how hard you try.How many calories your body burns in a day can very greatly depending on many factors, sorestricting the number of calories you eat in a day may work for a while, but if your body begins toburn less calories you will stop losing weight and believe me your body can and WILL change thenumber of calories it burns based on many factors.Time PeriodRegular dieting slim down solutions, if there are such a things, are simply trying to eat healthywhile reducing the daily intake of calories below an arbitrary point. Usually this point is set bysome would-be guru in a popular magazine. However, they do not know you, your lifestyle, or howmuch your body really burns in a day.Calorie shifting slim down solutions on the other hand look at reducing calories over longer periodsof time such as a week instead of a day. That way we can shift our daily calorie count around sothat we will eat sparsely on only certain days of the week and more on others while keeping thetotal weekly calorie count reduced.Weight LossRegular dieting slim down solutions usually last about a week and a half and before your weightloss stops. This is because your body has reduced the amount of calories it is burning. This is yourbodys natural response to the daily reduction in calories because your body does not want tostarve and it has no idea that you are doing this on purpose to lose weight.Calorie shifting slim down solutions keeps the body guessing since you are varying your dailycalorie count yet keeping the total weekly calorie count low. Overall, you are still on a reducedcalorie diet but your body never catches on to the fact and you dont stall out your weight loss atall.Boredom and MonotonyRegular dieting slim down solutions can become boring and monotonous because of the dailygrind keeping your calories low. This can lead to you feeling trapped in a never ending world of
  2. 2. joyless eating. This in turn can cause you to give up.Calorie shifting slim down solutions on the other hand, if structured correctly, can allow you toenjoy your favorite foods on a weekly basis while still keeping your weekly calorie count reduced.It can be sort of like saving up to have a blow out day. This keeps you from getting bored, and italways gives you something to look forward to. It makes staying on a reduced calorie diet a wholelot easier.Parties and Special OccasionsRegular dieting slim down solutions can be a major downer during the holidays or other specialoccasions. Trying to stay on a reduced calorie diet at a party is a major pooper. Ignoring the foodis bad enough but trying to explain your diet to everyone who is asking you why is even morefrustrating.Calorie shifting slim down solutions can be structured so that you can eat normally at socialfunctions or during the holidays. Were not talking gluttony, but you will definitely be able to eat in away that no one will even guess that you are an a reduced calorie diet. What a relief.All in all, I think that calorie shifting slim down solutions are the way to go if you are going to diet.Just think of the benefits outlined in this article:No stalling out of your weight lossNo boring long periods without your favorite foodsNo feeling trapped by your dietNo explaining yourself at parties or other special occasionsAll of this adds up to calorie shifting being one of the best doable slim down solutions.One Of The BestRegular diets do work at least for a short period of time but calorie shifting can keep you losingweight longer and with less frustrations. One of the best is the Every Other Day Diet by JonBenson. Why not see what it is all about by going there now!Jon BensonJon Benson, creator of the EODD, is a graduate of MIT in Los Angeles, California and AbileneChristian University, degreed in Human Communications and Philosophical Studies. He hasstudied nutrition at Dallas famous Cooper Clinic. He is currently completing his M.Sc. in NutritionalScience.Christian Walker
  3. 3. Author of this article has been teaching health classes as well as other subjects for over 20 years.He is a self-described repressed health-nut!Article Source: ====For Great Weight Loss Tips Check this ====