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Pure Leverage Business. Pure Leverage is an amazing low cost business set up to specifically get you earning a lot of money quickly. See the comp plan video on the original post ....

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Pure leverage-business

  1. 1. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comPure Leverage BusinessAuthor : Tim LangenPure Leverage Business And Compensation PlanPure Leverage is an amazing low cost business in a box that is set up to specifically get youearning a lot of money as quickly as possible. The 100% commissions structure on the yourpersonal signups and the 50% commissions on those that personally sponsored people bring inand monthly!Over 40,000 members have joined Pure Leverage in less than a month and over a MillionDollars in Affiliate Commissions have been generated already which is a testament to theawesome potential in this business. The Pure Leverage business has an extremely easy 123setup process and the products themselves are top notch and will save you a ton of money offof the cost of services like online conferencing, lead capture, video email, and auto responderservice!Pure Leverage has generated 1 million dollars in the 1st 18 days. And in April Joel Therein,owner of Pure Leverage is giving away a 4 million dollar Ferrari in our contest. Click Here To TryTo Win the Ferrari!The services included in Pure Leverage will save you easily over $100 per month instead ofusing high priced products like Gotomeeting, Aweber ,Iwowee, etc. . It has all of the tools youneed to run a successful business online while earning a monthly residual income.View The Powerful Pure Leverage Compensation Plan Video:1 / 4
  2. 2. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comPure Leverage also provides you with training webinars Tuesday nights and webinars onThursday nights meant to help you recruit by leveraging the owners of the company promotingfor you. We also have a Facebook group that teaches you how to market your Pure Leveragebusiness free on Craigslist and the technique we as a team use to get our ads to stick onCraigslist.Heres What You Get With Pure Leverage :[caption id="attachment_12741" align="alignnone" width="726"]Pure Leverage[/caption]What Does Pure Leverage Cost?The basic Pure Leverage membership level including all you see above is $24.95 per month.You also pay a $19.95 per month affiliate fee which covers the cost of the servers and techsneeded to support this awesome system and allows you to resell the products. There is also a2 / 4
  3. 3. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comVIP member upgrade if you choose which is $97 per month and then gives you access tospecial VIP trainings and special webinar replays.Remember you earn 100% commissions on all of your own direct sales so if you are a VIPmember and you sponsor someone who upgrades to VIP you just earned a $121.95commission. Each month after that you earn a 50% commission for their membership as well asa 50% matching bonus of any sales they make and this continues each month so your incomecontinues to grow on the work of your team!Pure Leverage has a $1 seven day trial! So Whats stopping you? Does Aweber or Getresponse or Gotowebinar pay you 100% or even 50% commissions for that matter? No theydont! Drop those expensive services and start using the awesome tools that easily andprofessionally replace those overpriced services and earn some really cool life changingcommissions at the same time!I look forward to working with you and Welcoming you to my pure Leverage team and gettingyou into our special Facebook support group where youll learn some cool free ways to startpromoting , getting leads and making sales with your Pure Leverage Business!To Your Pure Leverage Success!Timothy Langen3 / 4
  4. 4. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.com484-241-6497SKYPE timlangen47Look Me Up On Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/empoweredsuccessMy short bioPure LeveragePowered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)4 / 4